The Wisdom of Giving to His People I

Give to Revive Israel!

To this regard we at Revive Israel have sought to support worthy and strategic kingdom projects, both with finances and with manpower. Youval Yanay, Ann C. and Shani Orfani have done a great job overseeing our investment in these projects. Here are some examples of what your gifts and prayers have helped us to support in 2006:

  • Messianic Israeli University Students Fellowship – a great hope for future revival.
  • Katsir Youth conferences – in cooperation with several ministries, overseen by Eitan Shishkoff, our team is fully involved in all aspects of these conferences that have been vital in touching the Israeli Messianic High School students.
  • Palestinian Evangelism – outreach primarily to Moslems in the West Bank area.
  • Local Messianic Start up Businesses in Israel – some of them under persecution from orthodox Jews because of their faith.
  • Lebanese Christians – many dealing with attacks from Moslem extremists.
  • Evangelism at festivals and concerts – not only direct sharing but also cooperation across the Body in Israel.
  • Widows and Orphans Ministry – two Messianic organizations that help single mothers and their children.
  • Yeshua Ministries – prayer and outreach in Ashdod.
  • War Victims – help to the needy after the Hizballah bombings this summer in northern Israel.
  • Makor Ha Tikvah – Messianic Jewish day school in Jerusalem for grades K to 7.
  • Negev Shelter Project – new Messianic ministry for helping needy children.
  • Soldiers Fellowship – an inter-congregational fellowship to encourage Messianic soldiers serving full time in the Israeli army.
  • Worship Album – new modern Israeli album for both outreach and congregational praise.
  • Good Neighbor – food for the needy in Jerusalem area.
  • Scholarships – for Messianic University Students seeking professional training, including a new law student and a doctoral candidate.
  • Beit Netanel – local open house sharing the gospel with both sabra Jews and Arabs.
  • Beit Yeshuah – a Messianic drug rehabilitation and discipling ministry in Jerusalem.


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