Jealous Love

The Lord is very jealous over the saint who has abandoned all to Himself. He will not let the believer have any pleasure outside of Him. (p47 Guyon, Experiencing the depths)

I’m seeing this more and more. He is hedging me in, where I can only desire Him and Him alone… I’m trying to get where all who I encounter; I love through Him, all that I do; I enjoy through Him. Trying to keep my eyes on Him and not leave His side. Meditation on the Word is key, a verse at a time… at the end of the work day I feel closer to Him and full of life…not empty like before.

But I can see His jealousy through this. This is intense. For when my heart wanders to fleshly endeavors, or others around draw me into.. um, lets call it ‘talk which does not profit’, I can see Him with eyes of fire desiring me to turn! turn away from that which grieves Him and return to Him, and yet He holds back and simply waits, drawing me with whispers..and then sometimes when that doesn’t work He allows circumstances and such to awaken me and cause me to come running back from well.. that which does not profit.

He is not passive or indifferent, He fervently desires me and all of me, all of the time. I’ve had to ‘sign back up’ to pursue Him wholeheartedly so many times, anyone in their right mind would have given up on me and yet I see his passion for me has not wavered in the slightest. He is so patient and kind and forgiving… I know He loves each of us with an infinite love of course… it’s so easy to say ‘infinite love’, but this love is probably the most powerful thing ever. It literally consumes Him, His burning passion for His chosen redeemed and yet, in the mystery of God He treats us individually like we’re each an only child.

I had this revelation where He gazes on us in one ‘moment’ and becomes so filled with passion that He is overtaken by love-sickness, like doubled over…. this is an experience which is one powerful thing if you’re human, but when you’re God… this is desire beyond comprehending..

I like how Corey was writing in his book that the Lord woke him up with a whisper and he though he was supposed to intercede or get some new revelation…and after waiting, notepad in hand, went back to bed..but later the next day realized that Jesus just wanted to spend some time with him, as a friend.


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