The Wine of the Word

Song of Songs preface, please read “Bridal Paradgim” page above if unfamiliar with traditional view non-marital of Song of Soloman.
Let him kiss me with the kisses of his Word, for your love is better than wine.> (Son 1:1)

The Song of Solomon in this context should not highlight any truths not already found in the book of Romans or New Testament.  It is the theology of Romans and Matthew 25 set to poetry.

We say to the Father, ‘let Him.’ He desires to kiss us, but must restrain until we ask. The holy, sacred invitation in the Song of Songs here is to feel what Jesus feels for us through revelation in our spirit. With the kisses of the Word we beckon the Holy Spirit to bring us to the place of intimacy where the Heart of God in the Word is experienced in our heart and we are wooed away from the ‘wine’ and drunken delusion of the world and into a new heavenly identity. It is from this place that we are fully equipped to walk out our calling of meekness and complete surrender to the will of God throughout the storms of life.

We enter into bridal fellowship and experience the longing in His heart for us as believers. There are many dwelling places in the heart of God to where each of us has one, where we individually we are His chief interest and primary focus. In spending time in this place we find the overcoming gaze of Jesus on our person. We were made for His embrace to be our sustenance and entering in to this overtakes us like the most potent of wine. Only to find that He is equally overcome by our gaze on Him!

There’s something about being romanced as a beloved one of the Lord that causes the soul to respond in like passion. We touch the fire of eternal love and we are caught aflame and there’s no depth we won’t want to go to to match Him in passion. So, in this we see the cross and crucified lifestyle in a new light. When we realize the eternal significance His love fully expressed in the cross will have for us, we see that the day to day expression of our deep love will forever have significance to Him.

There is a certain tenderness and passion in the human spirit that we were made to enter into that I think is only unlocked in prayerful meditation of this book. I feel like its revelation is especially reserved for this generation, the one who will see the return of Jesus. There is a unique call on us to endure until the end, the most dynamic events preceding His coming, in such a way that we are found completely blameless as we enter into the fullness of our destiny, a pure and spotless bride. Eph 4 says He gives us the fivefold ministry until one day we are unified in the place of fullness, where we lack no gift, but are fully transformed into His image, and going deep in His love is key for this.

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  1. Posted by will knight on December 20, 2007 at 5:55 am


    I didn’t know that about that Stephen Baldwin bit. Awesome!!!

    It’s good you’re getting into SS. It’s what we all need B. Lately I’ve been rehearsing his tender mercies toward me by reminding myself(by telling Him) He loves me. Get that, I rehearse it to Him. It’s like He say, “tell Me how I feel about you.” And I bless Him by telling Him and enjoying His love. He is good.


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  3. Posted by Kelsey on September 12, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    Great article. I am pursuing this as well.


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