The Holy Romance of God

I really like the Song of Solomon. I am a guy and actually consider it a favorite thing I do in life, asking for, and talking to Jesus about, the things in the that book. I consider myself pretty masculine and others do as well, but being romanced by Jesus is beyond cultural or even earthy definitions of how we should relate to God. It’s biblical. I’m convinced that God just wants to do this to the final generation, woo them away from sin and worldliness and into facination with His beauty (Isa 33:17) and His love (Eph 3:16-19). If this is foregin to you, read the “Church as a Bride” page above.

C.S. Lewis has said that God is so masculine that we are all feminine in relationship to Him. Thus in the Song of Solomon, taking the approach outlined above, the King is a picture of Christ our Lord and the Shulamite maiden pictures the believer who is seeking a closer, more intimate relationship with Jesus.

I liken the book of the Song of Songs to love letters written from a soldier away at war to his wife. It’s the love letters from Jesus to us as He is on the throne and we are on the earth. They connect us with His heart and the embrace of His love through the Spirit. To be a man and just write off the book as too flowery is to miss out on the deepest part of relationship with God, intimacy, deep friendship and fascination. It’s all about going deeper in love with God.

The love of God is crucial. We all know if we do things for God but have not love we are like a clashing cymbal and our works have no merit (1 Cor 13:1). Therefore feeding our hearts on His love to grow our love is absolutely paramount. Paul said that he was compelled by the Love of Christ to do things like go return a city that rejected and stoned him nearly to death to have it happen again. To the degree that we embrace and pursuit the knowledge of the Love of God burning on our heart, is the degree that we will be compelled by it to lay down ones life for the gospel.

Basically I look at it like this, it’s just words. Words that happen to be flowery, but also happen to be amazingly powerful for experiencing the affections and embrace of the Holy Spirit. Each phrase, through prayer and the Spirit, is concentrate firey love of God.

It is the experience we were made for and the experience that we will embrace forever, as from the wedding supper of the Lamb on our main identity is the Bride of Christ.


more from me on the song here


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  1. […] the Lord, and through the Holy Spirit within. Start in John 14-17 or through the Song of Solomon more info here. Those are good places to get a hold of the love of […]


  2. […] the Lord, and through the Holy Spirit within. Start in John 14-17 or through the Song of Solomon more info here. Those are good places to get a hold of the love of […]


  3. You might want to check out this book because it fulfills eveything you have written on your website especially the part saying your sons and daughters will prophesy, apparently the key of David=[56 knowledge,113] is the divine language=[113] of the numbers=[113] of prophecy=[113] and this guy says in the sign of the prophet Jonah ebook now everyone can know how to prophesize


  4. Love all that you wrote! Goes along with my book I am writing! Please check it out. and


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