Seeker Angels

The Lord has been giving me ‘blueprint plans’ as far as strategy for the intercessors of the ‘Revolution’ church I’m on the leadership for.  Today He spoke to me about ‘seeker’ angels which help bring the eph 1:18 enlightening to the eyes of the unbelievers.  The release revelation to them, bringing the knowledge of God to their Spirit.  They are called seeker because just as Jesus in His first coming came to ‘seek and save the lost’, their job description is the same.  So cool.

Update (02-08-08):
Well the other night, I felt led to pick up Paul Keith Davis’s Books of Destiny, one of many books I’ve bought but not yet read. I opened up the book randomly and was right at page 60 which spoke of Roland Buck’s record of angelic encounter:
“Buck was also informed of Heaven’s concentrated efforts to bring workers into the Kingdom in preparation for great harvest. He was shown how angels are assigned to labor together with the saints; when believers pray earnestly for loved ones’ salvation, angels-working in cooperation with the Holy Spirit- are empowered to awaken the lost.”


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  1. Posted by Rob on February 2, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    Can you explain to me how you hear the Lord on this? What is it like? Is it a voice? Is it an inner realization? I’m not trying to be antagonistic, just wanting to understand how this works.


  2. Based on Jesus’s warnings that His sheep heed only His voice (John10) and Paul’s teaching that all can prophesy (1 Cor 14), I have sought out to seek the voice of the Lord. It’s similar to a thought, but I’m usually pretty aware it’s not coming from me, it’s addressing me. It has a familar quality that is stirring. He usually confirms it as well, see the update.

    To hear God one’s inner code must be daily rewritten to His native tounge, the word of God. It’s living and active and fine tunes our frequency to His channel, so to speak.


  3. Thanks for the response. I’ll chew on that a bit.


  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Fred.


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