Getting the Word into your heart

Thy word I have hidden in my heart

Memorization only puts the word in our head.

Obedience with out relationship is merely religiosity.

As helpful as study is, we need personal revelation by the Holy Spirit. It’s not our inheriatance to have a relationship with a bible, there is a living person inside us called the Holy Spirit and the Word is anointed for Holy Spirit activity in our inner man or ‘soul.’

The Solution:
Praying the Word in a form of meditation that is dialouge with God.

Letting the written word take us into the presence of the Living word.

Take a verse and take it to the Lord, saying it slowly, turning it into prayer.

A verse is usually something to obey or something to seek revelation on.

-thank for
-Meditation on Singing it saying it praying it
-as for empowerment
-make Holy Resolutions to obey

-thank for
-Meditation on Singing it saying it praying it
-as for revelation
-make Holy Resolutions to obey

The “measure of the Father’s loving affection and enjoyment” of Jesus is the standard of the Son’s affection for us .

“As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you…”(Jn. 15:9)
“Lord reveal to me by your Spirit the depth of this love you have for me, This love that is as great as the Love of the Father for you, open my heart to recieve it etc.”

“…that the world may know that You have…loved them as You have
loved Me”. (Jn 17:23)
“…that the love with which You loved Me may be in them…” (Jn 17:26)

I don’t know why, but singing the Word to the Lord is the most powerful way to get more on fire for God.  The more you do it, the greater your ability to be moved by it grows, so give it a serious month of trying it, you won’t be dissapointed.


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