Joy in Prayer 3

So many Christians have a lacking prayer life, simply because the find the Bible boring.  There are real spiritual veils keeping them from connecting with God.  It is the Holy Spirit who will lead us into truth and open us the Word to us, and remove those veils.

God is glorified when we choose to take everyday moments and redeem them with our pursuit of Him.  There is so much distraction and lesser pursuits at our fingertips, but to lay it all down and go after God time after time, is so much more rewarding.  Satan would love to have a Christian keep his/her heart weak and fully occupied with the things of this world.

In Psalm 119 we see David’s love for the Word.  My Prayer life was radically changed when I began to pray, inspired by the Psalm, for God to change my desires to make my delight in the law, in the Scriptures.  This really changed everything for me.  The bible was no longer boring and things began to click and make sense.

There is a transition where we are weened off satisfying ourselves with the world, as is was nature, to finding supreme Joy in being connected with God.  It’s that experience of Holy Spirit revelation and love that ruins us for the lesser things.


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