Child-like Faith

Pride comes before a fall.  We must realize that the only good thing in us is our hope in Him.  We need a resolve to fight the enemy, but also the knowledge that it is only by His power that we have the victory.  Many trust far too much in their own integrity, wisdom or decision making skills and in the end-times to come that can cause them serious errors.

It’s dangerous to become ‘experts’ in the faith and loose our teachablility, for God is always moving a different and new ways.  The learned teachers of Jesus’s day didn’t see God in Him, but beggars did.

If we can remain childlike in our faith, we can avoid many of the enemies traps and keep following the Lord.  The council of the world and the enemy would have us dangerously self-reliant and exposed.  We need the Lord’s help and cannot succeed in our calling without it.  We must do our part in staying focused and resolute, yet continually led by and relying on the Lord.

“But He has delighted to choose the foolish things of the Earth, for in His great and unfathomable wisdom He knew that those who realize that they are the most undeserving will be those who have fully embraced the fact that without His love they are completely unqualified.” –Wendy Alec’s word


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