Being truly ‘sent’ pt 3

If we get sent people will bend! For real, we have been so used to seeing no one bend at the gospel. We should contend for the high vision, God says the high vision is you being sent before the throne. As in ‘voices preceding from the throne.’ I want to be a voice that precedes from the throne! I want to be a sent one! “There was a man sent from God his name was John.” A Real human being, a real vessel containing Him. Bore witness to the light that all might believe.

I have nothing to give. I have no neat networking idea, no neat ingenuity, way to reach anybody. I can’t do anything. And He wants to drive that reality down more, and more, to us, until it strikes us at our core. That is where true prayer begins to give birth, a creative prayer that awakens something in heaven and causes Him to entrust Himself. We need God and God alone.

It’s Christ in you. Christ manifesting through you. It’s Christ. That’s the high vision. I tell you another abortion going on right now, another affair, another divorce, more and more injustices right now. It’s not ok. It’s not ok that I live on the fringes of this religious system and I haven’t got wounded, that I haven’t cast myself upon the wisdom of God, on the God who restores and forgives us.


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