Being truly ‘sent’ pt 1

From Corey Russell messages:

He said to his disciples, The harvest is truly plentiful, but the laborers are few, therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers to His harvest.” Mat 13:39. From Heaven’s perspective what does it mean to be a laborer? Who of the church today would the Lord say, this is a truly a laborer sent by Me. What does it mean to be a true laborer and trusted with something from heaven?

I want to tell you that there are few laborers in the earth right now. There are few laborers in the earth right now. Few people in the earth that when a man or a woman comes into a city, the city is trembling underneath the weight of the power of the Word. The few that are, are turning the world upside down.

Few that as Paul was in 1 Thes 2:4 “approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel.

It’s not a fanciful idea. God is restoring this ministry. God is restoring this Apostolic Ministry in our day and in our time. Those that turn the world upside down that preach it to the king and they preach it with signs and wonders and they go to lengths and the depths of love. That walk as He walked. He is doing through communities of people living lifestyles of prayer and fasting, the prayer movement.

Let this thing strike down on your ideas on how anointed you are. How many things you have going for you. Let this strike you to core, to where all it is, is you hear His words scream to you, “There’s few from Heaven that I can trust Myself to. There’s few from heaven’s perspective that I can take the deep mysteries of My heart and give them to human vessels and let them manifest My son in the earth.” That’s a holy thing. The laborers are few. What an indictment in our day when we have churches on every corner, ministries on every radio station, TV station, people everywhere, and there are few who are really standing in the place to be counted worthy to be a laborer.

This is a very sober and weighty thing to be trusted with the gospel and it’s not a light thing that God just hands out. I don’t think we understand the holiness and the awesomeness and the fear that God puts upon His mysteries, that God puts upon the gospel. This is a holy thing and I tell you God just doesn’t throw it around to any passerbyer . These are the mysteries hidden within Himself, it’s the very mystery of Christ. And I tell you He wants to reveal and manifest it into real human vessels. He wants to grip us with Christ. This is about human vessels being the embodiment of Christ in the earth. That’s what this thing is about. Christ manifesting through His body which is the Church. There is one plum-line there is one doorway into being a laborer. There is one occupation, there is one qualification, there is one place to where a laborer, is born, is nurtured, and matures into: It’s in the place of prayer. He says, “pray.”


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