Todd Bentley Restoration

So many are saying on wordpress here that Todd Bentley shouldnt be restored, because he married the woman his wife left him over, though he didn’t have an affair with the other woman while he was married. When we judge others in the church it is out of necessity, not pleasure. That so many would spend so much time criticizing and agreeing with the accuser of the brethren is sad. How many times can you call someone a false prophet and an adulterer and not feel bad about it? When Jesus called people out, He was God, He could do that, and His holy anger came from His burning heart for the sheep, not self-righteous indignation or hatred for the bad shepherds.

I don’t think he is a false prophet or that the healings weren’t real. Even if he had committed adultery Mat 7:12 says many will raise the dead and preach Jesus in a right way, but not go to heaven because of a lack of relationship. (BTW Often sin is the root of the lack of relationship.) I really trust Rick Joyner on things like this, like restoration.

John Paul Jackson, said he shouldn’t be restored because restoration requires trust and he isn’t worthy of trust. Now this is such a hard situation and I have more questions than answers. I know being in agreement with the Word and Jesus the living Word is key, having his heart. John Paul should know that where Scripture isn’t clear we should seek His heart.

Its interesting, do you think God trusts him now if he is fully repentant? I believe he is fully repentant, not going to do that sin again. Does God trust you after you repent? If we are repentant we have His righteousness before God. Jesus’ blood will cover this sin.

Was David not king anymore after he adultered with Bathsheba and had her husband killed?

Why did the prodigal son get a signet ring, as soon as he returned to the father?, (today’s equivilant would be family checkbook.)

Matthew 13 talks about ‘blasphemy of the Holy Spirit,’ isn’t it “calling God’s works and revival ‘of the devil’?”

Just some thoughts.


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