God’s Favorite

John 17:23 is one of the most astounding statements in the whole Bible. Jesus is praying to the Father and He says, “Father, I pray that the world may know -that You love them” —those disciples—“in the same way You love Me” (Jn. 17:23, paraphrased).

I’ve heard Mike Bickle say: “Imagine the angels saying, “What? I mean, OK, we’ve settled that God loves them as His own children. Though we don’t fully grasp it, we’ve settled it. But that the Father could love these fallen, sinful human beings with the same intensity and in the same way that He loves You, Jesus? Come on?”

And if you’re a believer, sincere in your pursuit of Him, that is how He feels about you. If you’re not a believer, He is yearning with tears and desire that you would turn to Him and accept His death on the cross for your sins, so that can can begin a relationship that will save you from eternal punishment, to heavenly joy and the overwhelming embrace of God forever.

Because of this verse, when we pray we can say to God, in His infinite heart, ‘here I am, your favorite one.’ He relates to each of us in a place in His heart that is only for us, no one else. There is a place just for you, in the heart of God, where Psalms says He has more thoughts about you then there are sand grains on the beach. You can really come to Him and know that you are His favorite, and that changes everything.


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