Heresy Hunters

God chooses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; And the weak things to shame the strong.{1Cor 1:27}.

Often the Lord offends the mind to reveal the heart. He wants there to be hunger there. Many times people say ‘that’s not God’ without really praying or consulting God. Most Jews persecuted Jesus instead of receiving them as their Messiah. In John 3 we read of Nathanial not believing Jesus to be the Messiah initially, say ‘can anything good come out of Nazareth.’ So many cases of this happening you would think more theologians would recognize that this is how God works. Some times He does questionable things, so that we will question Him!

He does things that we wouldn’t expect Him to do, so that in our reaction, we reveal our true hearts.
like letting Lazarus die but telling mary the sickness wasn’t unto death or that He would later raise him
like holy laughter (though there is some wildfire)
like reforming the church through luther’s 95 theses
like using Paul who churches critiqued as weak in person
like having Scripture reveal the wisdom of speaking in tongues

even current awakening/revival services, inspiring worship leaders to do goofy songs like “no more shackles” which I know I have a hard time with and has caused some people to leave. There are older folks who have witnessed multiple revivals will tell you when God comes it’s often not clean, nice and packaged. In acts 2 they thought the disciples were drunk! And that is one of the best Scriptural examples of a move of the Spirit. Yet so many still remain ignorant of how God works, and still, are waiting for God to come on their terms in a way that requires very little faith or seeking of Him on their part. Or even more have rationalized God away to the point where “He has moved only in the cases recorded in the bible, and now only moves through peoples words.”

We should be wary of those using manipulation and cults, and false prophets who deny Jesus. Not to say there aren’t prophets who are only building their own name or apostles who aren’t really apostles or lots of wildfire that’s not God inspired. But lets look at religious persecution in the bible. Matthew 12 has has Pharisees telling Jesus that God isn’t moving through Him by His Spirit but by a demon. Jesus responds by saying they are blaspheming the Holy Spirit and it will never be forgiven of them. They wouldn’t ever repent because what has happened is Heb 3:12 through the deceitfulness of sin, they have become completely unresponsive to God in their lives and hardened their heart to Him. This is the real danger of unrepentant sin in our lives, it cuts us off from God. There is fresh grace for His mercies are new every morning and the chains of sin are broken quite easily by our pleading His blood over them. What it then takes it a fiery resolve to stay close to God and quick repentance upon any stumbling.W


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