Hearing God

No one wants to make mistakes and hurt people. If, however, we have to have everything lined up perfectly before we step forward in ministry, we will most likely miss the move of the Holy Spirit. We must be willing to go forward in the midst of not knowing how. We must go forward and leave room for God, and seek what He is doing. Jesus said He just did what He saw the Father do.

God wants His soldiers to be carriers of resurrection life. He wants us to move in ways that help people be saved, healed, and delivered. Who did that best? Jesus, of course. God sent Jesus to reach people in ways that they could relate to. To the fishermen, He talked fish. To the field people, He talked crops. To the tax collectors, He talked money. To a woman with a pitcher, He sat by a well and talked water. He was able to walk alongside anyone and speak his or her language. God is relational, and He trains His soldiers to be like Him.

There are questions we should ask:
–Am I asking Him to open my ears so I can hear Him?

–Do I trust the nudges that He gives me?

–If I get part of a picture, do I ask Him for more?

–Have I asked the Lord to give me dreams in the night?

–Have I told Him I am on call any time of the day or night?

–Have I asked Him to wake me in the middle of the night to hear His voice and learn from Him?
We learn by doing. We will give revelation simply by asking for it. The more we do it the more we strengthen our ability.


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