3 Stages of Victory

In Song of Solomon 1:5-6 the bride cries out before the Lord her two-fold confession that is the “the paradox of grace.” She says, “I am dark in my heart,” she is understanding the weakness of her flesh, “however, I know that because of Jesus, I am lovely to God.”


There are three stages of victory.  A lot of people only count victory in overcoming sin in the third stage, and therefore are upset and feel like failures for a long time until they get there, if they get there.  There are three stages of victory in Christ, for the sincerely repentant.

The first is the first stage where say “yes” to the Lord to obey him in that area.  Victory begins with a ‘yes’ in our spirit.  The yes didn’t come from the devil, obviously.  It did not come from our flesh.  It came from God the Holy Spirit.  That is a part of victory working in our Spirit.  God esteems and values our saying yes to Him and desire to be His.  He is pleased in this and we must see this.  The Lord sees every movement of our heart toward Him, and He delights in it. He
honors it, He remembers it, and He rewards every movement of our heart toward
Him.  This is what makes every moment of every day alive and real because it matters to Him.  It makes every day important and every day exciting.

There is an area where we have a sense of transformation in our heart, but there is a continual war.  We have a breakthrough whatever it is, our physical or emotional passions, our pride, our time management, or gossiping or lust.  There is some breakthrough happening in our emotions but we still war against continual urges and desires.  Many people give up right here thinking they are a failure.  We must war, speaking the Word over ourselves and asking for grace and empowerment and strength.  The Holy Spirit has a lot to say about how to walk in obedience, but we must ask and listen.  Ask Him to change your desires.

But the third victory is the only one most people count which is the area of substantial breakthrough, where our desires are substantially transformed in that area.  They only count victory when it gets to this stage so they are always living in defeat.  They need and paradigm change and a commitment in there hearts to really war and sense where they are in a period of temptation and need to war against sin and ask for strength.


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