Signs of the End-Times?

Earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars, and more is coming.  Jesus said the endtimes were like birthpangs, pregancy contractions, that start far apart and then get closer and closer together.  The Lord is shaking everything, not so we will go to church and be more religious and then feel good about our selfish lives.  He is shaking everything because He wants a wholehearted relationship with us.

In Isaiah the Lord is shaking things and it’s really intense but the ‘why’ behind the what of the judgment is Isa 54:5 “Your maker is your husband.” Isaiah is saying He really really loves you and wants you to say yes to Him and respond to Him!

He is shaking the world so we will turn to Him with abandonment. The church is preoccupied with money and comfort and prosperity and matt 25 says they are foolish virgins who will miss the bridegroom!!  We must repent of our prayerlessness.

the end times are not a clash of good vs. evil.  it’s a good God giving people opportunity to get out of evil before He utterly destroys it.  It’s not okay that we are not a people who do not wait on the Lord.  He is a jealous God and He will not let us have idols before Him for long.

If you can sit before Him and a regular way He wants to spend time with you, and reveal Himself to you, and root your heart in His love.  and for some there’s healing rejection and brokenness that needs to happen, so you can stop turning to man for comfort and acceptance.  but even if your heart is strong you were created for relationship with Him!

Jesus is shaking the earth to cause us to turn to Him with abandonment, so that as He returns we can be with Him and not against Him and His ways.  Life is so much more than eating and clothing and entertainment, and overindulgence in these over prayer is disobedience and grieves the Spirit.  We must walk in the Spirit (gal 5), by continually talking to Him, praying without ceasing (1thes 5:17) and resisting the desire of the flesh.

God uses these pressures as instruments to kick out the props that allow both the Church and the unsaved to be dependent on wrong things. God is determined to help the Church be purified and grow in love, and He is determined to bring the lost into receiving His amazing love.

In His mercy He has made prayer the neccesary response to crisis, as any one can do it, anyone can pray Scriptures and ask for help.  Yet many resist and are too distracted to hear what the Spirit is calling them to.  We are praying for these nations that have been shaken, asking Him to turn hearts fully to Jesus, have mercy, restore the nations.  But there is no reason the Judgment didn’t come to America, and yet even will come.  We are in a time of birthpangs.  The stage is being set for the unity tolerance prosperity religion the harlot of rev 17.  Then the antichrist, then seals trumpets, the 7th trumpet of rapture and then the bowls Jesus will pour on the antichrist and his armies.

In the end time scenario of famine pestilence and earthquakes (matt 24) the church that hasn’t fallen away will seek God and do great miracles like the Old Testament (mic 7:5).  He will guide and lead those who really know Him.

  • This is a great resource on prayer to encounter God and get the Word alive in our heart. and this is a great place to worship with the Word.  Whenever Jesus talked about Himself in the end times He called Himself a Bridegroom and He called the church a bride, the Spirit is calling us to this identity so clearly in this hour all over the world, more here.

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