Wise and Foolish Virgins (Matt25)

Mat 9 How can the friends of the Bridegroom fast when He is with them? but the days are coming when He will be taken from them, and then they will fast.

Few commentaries exegete this properly, it needs the light of another NT Bridegroom reference by Jesus, to be understood.

Matt 25 Wise Virgins

They don’t just get enough oil for the day in prayer before work like the foolish virgins, they also carry oil in their vessels.  These people love oil!  If you hang around them you will get sloshed on. The love the Living Word, Jesus, and to experience Him through praying scriptures and seeking Him.  Their main focus isn’t a big bank account or comfort or even for people to like them, but to obey and experience God.

You will need this wisdom, this Spirit of Prayer (Zech 12:10), to stand in the end times.

Well they have the Bridegroom revelation or the Bridal paradigm that the church will have at the end of the age (Rev 22:17), and that is why they……fast.

The bridegroom fast is to fast for real, as fasting without praying is just dieting. But they will pray Scriptures to pursue God, friendship and closeness and intimacy with Him.

Not like the books and preachers say today in the american gospel, where you only fast if you’re in trouble and really need direction, though that is wisdom.  But matt 5 in the sermon on the mount, which is Christianity 101, the Christ lifestyle, says: When you fast.  Not if you fast.  Like once a week here at Ihop, twice even.  That positions you in the place to receive such revelation and such oil.   Please believe me, it’s soo worth it, and much scarier than it sounds.  More on this later, google for a free book, mike bickle’s rewards of fasting.


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