Mike Bickle on the Book of Revelation

Mike Bickle: “People need to get hold of this understanding. It is really critical. Right now most of the body of Christ looks at this kind of stuff and says, “Kind of interesting, but kind of weird, to be honest.”

We are getting closer to the coming of the Lord. It may be some decades away—this is my conviction—but it could be still within the lifetime of people alive on the earth right now. It is close enough not to be ignored, but far enough to where we can go deep and really prepare the next generation. It cannot be ignored, it is too close.

Beloved, there is an army of young people—thousands, millions of moms and dads in the Spirit—whom we have to teach about what is happening, so that we can train tens of millions for the end-time drama.


There is no document that has more clarity as to the details of the end-time drama—the action plan itself—than the book of Revelation, the end-time book of Acts. And there is no book more ignored by the body of Christ, even by the prayer movement. That is going to change as we get closer and the decades unfold. I am not at all worried about this. It may be sooner than I think, it may be sooner. I may be off on that, but I know this, the sooner we get to it, the more this thing will grab the multitudes and millions worldwide.

This book will become so relevant and so important. You need to be able to have answers and clarity. You need to be familiar with it, when the great need of the hour will be to answer the question, “What does all this mean?”

“I have been a Christian for forty years. I never really got into it.”

“You never got into it? We are in the transition of the ages and this is our battle plan. You don’t know what it is?”

“Well, our church taught us that it really was not important for today.”


There is no book more important for the generation in which the Lord will returns than this action plan. That is why we are teaching on it. It is ever so simple. Twelve sessions, twenty-two chapters. You almost cannot qualify that as teaching on it. This book is so much deeper than that.

I sometimes hesitate saying I am teaching the book of Revelation. I look up and say, “Lord, You know that I know, that I am hardly teaching on it.” As long as you guys know that.

This little outline is just to get you a little bit familiar with it so that you can spend hours and hours studying it. It is really straightforward: it means what it says and says what it means.  There is a more comphrehensive teaching on my website.

One of the great things we need to shift is our perception, our paradigm of the Great Tribulation. The Great Tribulation is not something done to us, it is something released through us against the Antichrist. The primary theme of the Tribulation, the primary theme of the book of Revelation is the judgments of God against the Antichrist empire released by the praying church under Jesus’ leadership.


Yes, it is true, there is a secondary theme, but it is not the main theme. It is an important theme, it is very important, but it is not important in terms of the amount of time and of text. It is nothing equal to the theme I just mentioned of releasing the judgment of God against the Antichrist.

There is a secondary theme which is very dear to God’s heart and very important. It is the theme of the martyrdom and the suffering of the church.

It is like the book of Acts. The main theme of the book of Acts is the acts of the Holy Spirit

through the apostles. There was martyrdom in the book of Acts, but no one thinks of the book of

Acts as a book about martyrdom. It did happen, but it is a secondary theme. It is an important

theme, but it is not the theme of the book of Acts. The theme of the book of Acts is the acts of

the Holy Spirit, and the theme of the book of Revelation is the acts of the Holy Spirit.


Some people are waiting to be raptured, to escape the Tribulation, but Jesus is waiting for the church to grow up to loose the Tribulation. It is exactly opposite. They are waiting for the rapture to happen any day, any minute. Beloved, you are not going up any day, any minute. You need to grow up not go up, any day and any minute, because God is waiting for us to grow up to loose His zeal against darkness and drive evil off the planet, related to the second coming of Jesus.

I realize some of you—I do not want to be sarcastic or demeaning in saying this—you need to find out with your own eyes, your own Bible, and the Holy Spirit, what the Bible says about these things I am saying, not what your background taught you. Get out your Bible and see if what I am saying is true. If we are going to be here to loose the battle plan, we need to know it.

If we are going to be out of here in a moment, keep the book of Revelation closed. Then it is just an interesting book to have debates about. If it is the actual, canonized action plan, then there is no book more important, in terms of the strategy for the church, than this book—in terms of the strategy of bringing the gospel forth and confronting darkness. It is canonized so that the body of Christ in the world can be unified and we can all go in the same direction.


We don’t need to fear that we are powerless victims trying to escape it. We are under His leadership releasing it. That is what it means in 2 Peter 3:12 (paraphrased) where it says,

“Looking for and hastening the coming of the Day of the Lord.”

The hastening means the speeding up of the coming of the Day of the Lord. If we can speed it up, the intended implication is that we can slow it down. Peter understood that. When he said that we can speed up the coming of the Day of the Lord, he also meant we could slow it down because the condition for the body of Christ related to Jesus—to His heart, and His plan—is that He will not do it apart from us.


The Lord is not going to wave His hand and unfold the book of Revelation any more than He would have said to Moses at the burning bush in Exodus 3, “You know what, why don’t you just stay here Moses. I will wave My hand and Pharaoh will fall over and everybody will walk out of Egypt. You can meet them right here at the mountains. Save the trip. You are going to come right back here anyway.” That is ludicrous.



A.            Revelation gives us the most information on the End-Times in Scripture. Revelation emphasizes the Day of the Lord which refers to the unusual positive and negative events related to Jesus’ Second Coming. Much information in Revelation is straight forward yet most have been told that it is too difficult to understand because of all the wrong teaching that symbolizes everything, or makes it too complex in order to make it palatable.  There are only seven key symbols, which are clearly interpreted by Scripture.  The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants–things which must shortly take place. He sent and signified it by His angel to His servant John… (Rev. 1:1)

 For the testimony of Jesus (the unveiling of His heart) is the spirit of prophecy. (Rev. 19:10)

Rev. 1, John is commissioned to reveal Jesus’ majesty and beauty.

1.              Revelation is called the revelation of Jesus and it reveals His leadership. This is why the Revelation is not an optional subject for the Church. The Gospels (89 chapters) give us a record of Jesus’ miracle power at His first coming to accomplish redemption. The end-of-the-age (with over 100 chapters in Scripture) tells us about Jesus’ miracle power in taking leadership over the earth.

2.              We understand much more of Jesus’ beauty as we see His wisdom and power in His leadership in His dramatic plans for the End-Times as He combines human free will, satanic rage and God’s sovereignty to produce the Great Ingathering of souls and victorious Church without violating Divine justice or man’s free will. We must never reduce its message to charts and time tables.

B.             The first extreme will be a Great Day of the Lord for the responsive. The greatest revival in history is yet to come. In other words, the Church’s greatest hour is soon coming. We will see the miracles recorded in the book Acts and the book of Exodus combined and multiplied on a global scale.

C.             The second extreme will be a very Terrible Day of the Lord for the rebellious because they will experience trouble from four sources. First, they will experience the most severe judgments of God in history. God brings tribulation against the people in the Antichrist’s empire by the 3 numbered judgment series which are three groups of judgments (7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 bowls; Rev. 6; 8-9; 16). They describe 21 judgments on the Antichrist that continue through the final 3½ years. Second, they will experience the rage of Satan through the Antichrist’s reign of terror who will bring tribulation to the saints using his worldwide government (Rev. 13). Satan destroys and perfectly hates his own worshippers and even the demons who serve under him. Third, the actions of evil people will bring tribulation on both believers and unbelievers (murder, sorcery, immorality thefts; Rev. 9:21). Fourth, by convulsions in nature (earthquakes, storms, etc) will bring tribulation to the nations. The negative part of the Day of the Lord is called the Great Tribulation.


A. The greatest revival in history with a victorious Church full of God’s glory (Eph. 5:26-27; 3;19; 4:13; Mt. 16:18; 22:37; Jn. 17:21-26; Rev. 7:9; 12:11; 15:2; 19:7-8; 22:17). It will include miracles seen in the book Acts and the book of Exodus that will be combined and multiplied on a global scale. It will be the greatest outpouring of the Spirit with great power (Joel 2:28-32).

B. The Great Ingathering of souls of probably over 1 billion (Mt. 24:14; Rev. 5:9; 7:9, 14; 14:6).

A great multitude…no one could number of all nations…out of the Tribulation… (Rev. 7:9, 14)

C. The spirit of prophecy will rest on every believer (Acts 2:17; Jer. 31:9; 23:8-20; Dan. 11:33-35; Isa. 26:9; Rev. 11:3-6; 18:20; Mt. 17:11; Mal. 4:6; Jn. 14:12).

I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and daughters shall prophesy… (Acts 2:17)

D. The bridal paradigm will be established in the Church resulting in believers being ravished with courageous love in encountering Jesus as the Bridegroom God (Rev. 22:17; Hos. 2:16; Mt. 25:8).

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” (Rev. 22:17)

E. The worship and prayer movement will operate in great authority (Lk. 18:7-8; Rev. 5:8; 8:3-5; 22:17, 20; Isa. 62:6-7; 24:14-16; 25:9; 26:8-9; 27:2-5, 13; 30:18-19; 42:10-13; Joel 2:12-17).

F. Supernatural provision of food and water, etc. God will manifest His provision like He did in Exodus. God miraculously provided all the needs of His people as they journeyed through the wilderness. He caused food to fall from the sky and He brought water from a rock.

As in the days when you came out of…Egypt, I will show them wonders. (Mic. 7:15)

Other Principles

A. One of the greatest and most prominent themes in Scripture is Jesus’ Second Coming to establish God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. We must have the right perspective (paradigm) to understand these truths. Jesus will rule the earth with the natural human processes not suspended, yet significantly enhanced by the supernatural dimension of the Spirit. We see aspects of this when Jesus appeared with His resurrected body (Jn. 20-21; Acts 1).

B. The centerpiece of God’s eternal purpose is for Jesus to come back to fully establish His Kingdom rule over all the earth as He joins the heavenly and earthly realms together.

Having made known…the mystery (hidden plan) of His will… 10 that He might gather together in one ALL things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth. (Eph. 1:9-10)

C. Heaven speaks of the supernatural realm where God’s power and presence are fully manifest. Earth speaks of the material physical realm as the place where human process, emotions and physical sensation reach their fullest expression.

D.  Jesus’ coming is a procession because He comes from heaven with all the saints (1 Thes. 3:13) and all the angels (Mt. 25:31). He will travel on the clouds across the whole earth until every individual sees Him (Mt. 24:30). He will come with the Father’s glory (Mt. 16:27; 24:27-31), with great power (Mk. 13:26) and flaming fire (2 Thes. 1:8) and with the brightness and energy of lightning (Mt. 24:27). He will be announced with a shout, the voice of an archangel and with the trumpet of God as He raises the dead. (1 Thes. 4:14-17). Jesus will come as King of kings and will kill the rebellious armies of the earth (Rev. 19:11-16). The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken (Mt. 24:29).

E.  The Marriage supper of the Lamb and the rewards for each believer occurs in context to the Second Coming and the Rapture (Rev. 19:7-10). The Second Coming describes what Jesus does when He comes back to earth as the Rapture describes what happens to the Church when Jesus appears in the sky. The Second Coming and the Rapture occur in the same time frame.

F.  The 144,000 sealed Jewish believers (Rev. 7:4-8; 14:1-5) are prophetic singers who preach the gospel in power during last 31/2 years. They will be divinely sealed or protected by the power of God in the midst of God’s judgments. Other believers (Gentiles) are sealed by God for protection (Rev 9:4; Ezek 9:6). The Goshen Principle (Ex. 8:22-23; 9:4, 6, 26; Zeph. 2:3; Ps. 91).

G. The salvation of Israel (Rom. 11:12-15, 25-26) occur as the Church provokes Israel to jealousy by standing with them in affliction and by operating in the power of God (Matt. 25:32-46).

H. Jesus’ victory in the Armageddon Campaign (continues for a 31/2 year period) destroys the worldwide-empire of the Antichrist and False Prophet along with their armies (Rev. 16:16; 19:11-21; Mt. 25:31- 32). The final military conflict will be between Jesus and the Antichrist. Blood is spilled for over 200 miles throughout Israel (Rev. 14:20; Joel 3:2-15; Zech. 14:1-5; Zeph. 3:8).

I. God’s judgment on the Great Harlot Babylon (Rev. 17) – is a judgment on this worldwide demonic economic and religious network that seduces many to follow evil and to persecute the saints. God’s wrath will come on Babylon in two stages. The angel proclaimed a double fall of Babylon (Rev. 14:8).

Rev. 17-18 describes the two falls of Babylon. The first phrase of fall of Babylon (Rev. 17) relates to worldwide religion system of toleration and syncretism. This will fall in middle of the 7 year period at the hands of the ten kings (Rev. 17:16). The 10 kings burned the Harlot religious system and replaced it with the Antichrist’s religious system that will be based in part of the city of Babylon. Babylon will be established as one of the Antichrist’s headquarters. This second phase of judgment (Rev. 18) will be the collapse of the Antichrist’s worldwide economic system at the end of the 7 year period at the hands of God (Rev. 18:8).


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