Prophetic Decrees

17 God who…calls those things which do not exist as though they did… (Rom. 4:17)
God calls forth that which does not yet exist in the natural realm.   To prophesy is to give expression to prophetic impressions. We can prophesy according to our measure of faith or “our confidence in the Spirit’s way of running the Kingdom.”  Prophetic decrees focus on what God wants to release “now,”  and commands it forth by revelation.  By contrast, intercession contends for the full release of what is on God’s heart for the future. Intercession is not focused on the present small impressions, but the future fullness of God’s promises.

As we recognize the presence of the Spirit in our midst now, we must avoid the error of lacking vision to contend for the fullness. In the same way, as we contend for God’s full future promises, we must avoid the error of neglecting to give expression to the Spirit’s impressions.  For example Israel sang prophetically to a dry well, rather than crying out in intercession for water.17 Israel sang this song: “Spring up, O well! All of you sing to it.” (Num. 21:17)    The Lord told Moses to speak to the rock, rather than interceding for water.  7 The LORD spoke to Moses, 8 “…speak to the rock…it will yield its water.” (Num. 20:7-8).  I earlier decreed provision to my house to be released.  Seek God for the release of His will in your life!


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