Renewed mind, Renewed man

And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him. Col. 3:10

Here Paul is exhorting the church to experience renewal. What he’s talking about is a renewal of their hearts. He talking about being motivated in righteousness. He’s encouraging them to put off the spirit of slumber, the spirit of accusation, the spirit of despair that is undermining their love for God.

So many of God’s people find themselves demotivated.  They remember the good old days when they felt the freshness of God on their souls. Serving God seems like a burden. Obeying God seems difficult. Persevering in hardships just seems to much to bear. The Word of God is boring, for they need renewal. It’s a very common need in the midst of the people of God through the course of their history with the Lord.

My heart needs renewal. There’s times when I really need it more than other times.  If you’ve been being renewed in these last weeks and months, know God’s strategy for keeping renewal perpetuated in your life. Col. 3:10, it’s not comprehensive, but it gives the two primary renewing truths. He lays out the two things that will renew our heart like nothing else in the grace of God.

He says, “We’re renewed according to the knowledge of the image of God.” Paul was describing to the saints in Colosse. He said, “When you receive the knowledge of the image,” you can put the word ‘personality’ there. “When you receive the knowledge of the personality of God,” the truth of who God is by virtue of the way that your heart has been created. By virtue of the way that your heart has been designed and created by God, when you receive a revelation or a knowledge of what God is like because you’ve been designed in a certain way it renews you. It invigorates you. It empowers you emotionally.

It’s not an accident that satan continually accuses the truth of God inside the understanding of believers and unbelievers alike. Satan’s main strategy is to accuse in our thinking what God’s heart is like. If we come into the truth of what God’s like by virtue of how we’re designed something awakens in us. It’s powerful.

The second thing that Paul says in Col. 3:10 is it’s not only the image of God that renews us. It’s not only the knowledge of the image of God. The second thing that renews us is the knowledge of the one that God created in Christ. It’s the believers spiritual identity in Jesus Christ. When we come into a revelation.

When we come into a progressive knowledge of what we look like to God in Jesus, again, the way we’ve been created.  When we come into the knowledge of what we look like to God because of Jesus and because of how God fashioned our hearts something is just empowered in us.  That we are clothed in robes of righteouesness as we come to Him (Isa 61:10).  We are to God the fragrance of Christ (2 Cor 2:15).

Something deep inside resonates. Something comes alive on the inside. We cannot be healthy without a fresh knowledge, a fresh contact, awareness, consciousness of what God’s like and what we’re like to God. What God looks like and what we look like to God.

That, of course, is revealed through the Word of God. When God the Spirit reveals what God is like to us, God the Father and God the Son, “Yes!” Something says deep within us, “Yes!” Something comes alive. We get empowered for righteousness. We desire to worship. We desire the Word of God.  Obedience seems reasonable. When God the Holy Spirit reveals to us what we look like to God and it’s so opposite of what our natural mind tells us. Again, there’s that resounding “yes” deep in our spirit.

This is especially powerful when we pray Scripture and ask for revelation on it (John 5:39-40, Eph 1:17).

Lord thank you that you see me as clothed in robes of righteouesness because of the cross, reveal this more to me. (Isa 61:10).

Thank you that I am the fragrance of Christ to you Father, reveal this more to my heart.  (2 Cor 2:15)  Open my eyes, to see you clearer and make this real in my heart.


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