Mike Bickle on Beauty of God pt 1

Marathon Pace

It takes a long, steady, marathon pace. I am not talking about taking three months and studying the beauty of God. I am talking about going on a treasure hunt for our entire life, for decades and then on into the age to come—forever—a long and steady treasure hunt.  We are going to spend long and loving meditation on the Word. We are going to turn aside some of the legitimate recreation and entertainment that are even within our rights in the kingdom. We are going to turn some of it away. We are going to turn down some activities. We are going to give ourselves to climbing this Mt. Everest—the knowledge of God or the beauty of God.

Lock in for a long haul. The great mountain climbers, the few ones who got to the top of Everest did not start off in June and were on the top of Everest by September. They work for decades. Some start in their twenties and they do not get there for decades. They work out very hard. How much more for the knowledge of God?  Some folks are very casual, just have a very casual spirit about God. You know, they want to get anointed, but beloved, there is something more than having a blessed ministry, although that is a good thing. That is a biblical thing. We want a blessed ministry.  That is a really important thing. It is a powerful thing. It is encountering God Himself, not just being used by God but actually connecting with His heart, and then what we can bring to people out of that place of connectedness is far more powerful.

Heavenly Symphony

Right at the very epicenter of His entire kingdom is His throne where beauty is indescribable and infinitely superior to everything that exists—His beauty. So I call it the beauty realm. It is the realm of God’s beauty at its highest where God is. It is the environment immediately around Him.  I also call Rev. 4 and 5 the heavenly symphony because it gives us such a picture of how the prayer and worship movement works around His throne or the antiphonal or the responsive singing that God has established right around His throne. Men did not invent antiphonal or responsive singing through the generations. God did.

The living creatures say one thing, the elders break in, the elders break in, the saints break in, and then the living creatures fall down. There is this symphony that is moving in concert and in unity with God’s heart. It is around the throne.  It is interesting that the heavenly, which is the leading prayer room of the universe, is Rev. 4-5. That is the IHOP of the universe. The ultimate house of prayer is the heavenly symphony where they are worshipping night and day—where they never, ever cease. Never, ever does the fire on the altar go out. Never do they stop, and never will they stop, and they never will.

It is not just a heavenly symphony. It is not just a prayer movement. It is a realm where His beauty is fueling the prayer. God’s unveiled beauty is just awakening fresh response of worship and intercession.  He reveals more of Himself and it goes like a wave throughout the governmental center of the eternal city—the throne of God—this governmental sphere of God where His throne dwells and those in highest government are nearest His throne. He shows more of Himself and it is like waves of power touch the spirit of governmental ministries of that heavenly sphere.


Rev. 4-5 give us the highest revelation of God’s beauty in scripture in two chapters. God started with a blank canvas. I do not know if that is theologically true. You know that I do not know how to really say this when you are talking about the eternal God.  My point is that He could have put anything around His throne that He wanted. He highlights fifteen different things from my point of view. You might lay it out differently, and that is fine. He put fifteen different elements that He revealed as around His throne right there in Rev. 4.

It could have been anyone of a thousand things. He picked them strategically. He picked them because they were important to Him. Again, the canvas was blank, so to speak, I am not talking theologically because I do not know eternally in the heart of God how it worked, but God could have had anything there He wanted. He chose these fifteen things.  These fifteen things in Rev. 4 I call them fifteen doors. I think of the realm of God, I call it the beauty realm of God. I name Rev. 4 and 5 the beauty realm of God. It is the realm where God’s beauty is most concentrated, if you will.

15 Doors

1. The ultimate reality: God’s life, Throne, and Person (Rev. 4:2)

2. The beauty of God: what He looks like, feels like, and acts like (Rev. 4:3).

3. The beauty of God’s partner: the Church enthroned, robed, and crowned (Rev. 4:4).

4. God and His people in unity: manifestations of power (lightning, thunder, sounds; Rev. 4:5a).

5. The Spirit’s fire: on the Throne, the seraphim and the saints (Rev. 4:5b-7; 15:2)

These are doors that open our understanding into this vast, vast revelation. Of these fifteen doors, I have broken down in my thinking into five main subjects and each of them have three points to them. There are five main topics, topics is really not the right word. It is five main somethings, and they all have three dimensions to them.   In other words, there are fifteen hints, distinct hints, doorways into God’s beauty. If you get interested in one of these fifteen, the desire of God’s heart is that we are interested in all fifteen of them, not just one. You go know on one of these door or all fifteen of them. Knock at the door that you want understanding from. Knock at the door of which area you want opened.

I have done this over the years—using these fifteen things. I will lock into one of them for awhile. I will use fasting and prayer. The reason I use fasting is not to earn anything, but fasting tenderizes your spirit. Fasting accelerates the process of receiving revelation. It absolutely does. It does not earn you anything, but it positions you to receive more, faster. It does not earn you anything.

When I want to go somewhere in God, I try to clear out more time on the schedule, I get my Bible open. Nowadays, which is a great gift, we have a computer where we can process information so fast with word studies and word searches all kinds of cut and paste and move documents around. It is fantastic because you can bring your thoughts together and put them in order and sequence and pray through them.  So when I want to go after these, I separate more time when possible. I get my computer, my open Bible, I get a jug of water, and I just go after this thing. I say, “Lord, I want my spirit, I want to lay hold of this thing.” This is how you knock at the door. You knock on the door, they will open to you if you knock on them persistently.

You just pick which of the fifteen ones you cannot go without and go after them. It is just one little word because these are just little hints. The way I picture these is that they are like the title on a door. It is like one says “jasper,” and I say, “I want to know about jasper. I want that whole room to open up called this translucent splendor of Your brilliance, Your radiance, Your light. I want to know more about this subject.”

So the Lord might say, “Well then knock on that door. Go after it. There is much about My jasper-like glory in the scripture if you want to know more about it.” The very fact that it is one of the fifteen in Rev. 4 gives me the assurance that it is very important to God.  There is not a wasted phrase in Rev. 4. Every phrase is very expensive real estate. There is not one phrase in those two chapters that is not calculated. They are the two chapters where God is presenting Himself to the human race in the scripture.  The Father there, there is nothing like it in the scripture. You have Ezek. 1 and Dan. 7 that point in that direction, but nothing is like Rev. 4-5. It is in a category of its own.

So when you get a phrase that showed up in those two chapters, you can be sure, again, that it is very expensive real estate. You can be sure that every phrase is beckoning you to more. They are saying, “Come and drink deeply if you will.”


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