Rev 4 Beauty Realm pt 2

In Rev. 4, there are 15 “doors” that open our understanding into the revelation of the beauty of God. There are 5 main subjects that each have 3 dimensions. In other words, there are 15 distinct hints or doorways into God’s beauty. If one of these doorways interests you, then knock on that door and the Holy Spirit will open your understanding to that dimension of God’s beauty.


A. Rev. 4:1-7, describes the 15 “doorways” into understanding God’s beauty as seen in His governmental center. There are 5 main subjects that gives us a dynamic picture of God’s beauty.

1. The ultimate reality: God’s life, Throne, and Person (Rev. 4:2)

2. The beauty of God: what He looks like, feels like, and acts like (Rev. 4:3).

3. The beauty of God’s partner: the Church enthroned, robed, and crowned (Rev. 4:4).

4. God and His people in unity: manifestations of power (lightning, thunder, sounds; Rev. 4:5a).

5. The Spirit’s fire: on the Throne, the seraphim and the saints (Rev. 4:5b-7; 15:2)

B. Rev. 4:8-10, describes the foundational song or the ultimate song of the heavenly symphony as the seraphim cry, “Holy, holy, holy.” It is the song of which all the other songs flow out of. The word “holy” means transcendent beauty. Those nearest the throne are the seraphim who are awestruck. This is the inevitable response that is produced by gazing on God’s beauty. The revelation of God’s beauty always produces fascination which produces happy holiness.

C. Rev. 4:11 is the first “worthy” song. The elders cry, “You are worth it God! You deserve it! This is how much you are worth to me.” After the Father’s beauty had been revealed and His worth declared, then His plan for His Son and created order comes into light (Rev. 5). The two main dimensions in worship are God’s beauty and worth, which will be declared continually forever  The two doors we knock on are beauty and worthy. These are two sides of one coin.

D. The worth of Jesus becomes the main focus in Rev. 5:9 and 12. These are the only two songs specifically declaring Jesus’ “worth” in Scripture. Why? What it costs Him to be slain is revealed in knowing the beauty He possessed before He was slain. We see the transcendent beauty of the second person of the Trinity, who became man. The worthy one of Rev. 5:9 and 12 is seen as the innocent man becomes a slain lamb. He became a criminal under God’s judgment so you and I could be exalted into the glory of God. We understand that the innocent man was in such weakness compared to His former glory, in the fullness of the Godhead. He died for us, thus we cry, “You are worth it! To know where Jesus descended from and where He is exalting us to changes the way we cry out, “worthy is the Lamb.”


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