Going Deep into the Beauty of God

God has invited us to seek Him for the deep things of His beauty.

1 Cor. 2:10-12, “For the Spirit searches all things, yes, even the deep things of God.” Beloved, the Spirit is pictured as searching the deep things of God the Father’s heart.  We know the Holy Spirit is fully God as well, but they have different roles within the fellowship of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit discerns the deep things of the Father’s heart. What He does, it says in verse 11, “Nobody knows the things of God—the things of the Father’s heart.”

Nobody has access to the Father’s heart—the angels do not, the cherubim, the seraphim, the hierarchy and high ranking angels. The only ones who have access to the Father’s heart are God the Son and God the Spirit. No one knows the things of the Father’s heart. No one does. Nobody does except the Holy Spirit.  My point is that we cannot go forward without Him. We all know that. That is really common; however, so many of us today in the church in America, we have a Christianity that is cultural.  We can get everyone around us to agreed with it, and many Pastors live it and teach it, but is not Christianity the Apostles would recognize.

We tend to live in a way that is undermining to our relationship with the Holy Spirit. Yet we say, and we mean it, sort of, “We want to go deep.”  We kind of mean it, yet we grieve the Spirit with the way we live, with the things we put our eyes to, with the way we spend our time, with the words we say. The Spirit says, “You cannot go deep without My bringing you there. You cannot do it except that you and I are in unity.”   You might say “I want to go deep.” The Spirit says, “Do not quench Me so often. Cultivate a friendship with Me. You cannot go deep. I am the only One who knows about the beauty and the knowledge of God the Father.”  You cannot get it anywhere else. You cannot get it just by reading the Bible. The Spirit breathes on the reading of the Bible and makes it living understanding in our heart.

Ephesians 4:30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God.

1 Cor. 2:11, “No one knows the things of God—the things of the Father’s heart—except for the Spirit.” We have received the Spirit. That is the grand news. We have received Him. This is magnificent—the only One who knows the Father’s heart, and obviously Jesus is the point talking about no one on the earth does. No one on the earth knows the things of the Father’s heart, except for the Spirit because He is moving on the earth.

The most dynamic thing is the only One down here who knows has been given to us, but we have to give ourselves to Him or it does not work. He has been given to us. Beloved, we have to give ourselves to Him. We have to give ourselves to Him.  Why has the Spirit been given to us? God has had something in mind when He gave us the Spirit that we would experience the things of God. God the Father gave us the Spirit with the express purpose of bringing us into knowing.

Knowing is Experiencing

Knowing in the New Testament means experiencing when we are talking about our relationship with God. Knowing and experiencing are identical. It does not mean intellectual knowledge. It means the heart enflamed with understanding. It starts as intellectual knowledge, but it does not end there. Biblical knowing is not knowing if it is purely informational. Information is important.   Beloved, you and I received the Spirit. God gave us the Spirit, and He had this intention—to usher us into the experience of the things of God. We do not want to put our eyes or to say things or to put our time in things that quench the Spirit because He is the only escort forward.

We cut ourselves off from our only way forward, but we want to intentionally cultivate our relationship with the Spirit very intentionally, not accidentally or kind of on the run but as the main objective in our lives because we want to know God, and the only way forward is the Spirit is working in us and not working against us.  The only way forward is that the Spirit is working for us and not against us, He is not striving against us, grieved, but He is leading us forward with joy over our response to Him.

Rev. 4-5—you want to know these chapters, but you do not just want to read them, you want to live them. Every phrase is filled with meaning. Mike Bickle calls it very expensive real estate in the Bible. Every phrase is loaded with gold. If you read it fast, do not think that you have it. It is ok to read it fast, but we will be reading Rev. 4 for eternity—for years, for millions of years and say, “Oh amazing,” and be overwhelmed, even with resurrected bodies!  There is an outline below.

Only the Spirit can take these phrases and give us spiritual, living understanding on them.  He can anoint the living and active (Heb 4:12) Word and cause us to encounter God in them.  We cannot grieve Him and expect Him to do this.  But He is leading many to ‘long and loving meditation’ on these subjects.

I love to knock on the door of each one of these. Knock on the door means to ask God about them, talk to God about them, search them out, talk about it with godly friends, think on it, say it back to God, pray in the Spirit about it, knock on the door, “Lord, open up this meaning more, more, more.” More wisdom and revelation (Eph 1:17).  Enlighten my Eyes (Eph 1:18).  Isa 33:17 is a prophesy about this very realm, the rev 4 beauty realm of the Throne of God, it says your eyes (of your understanding) will see the King in His beauty.  Fasting does accelerate this process.  It does not earn us more, but in weakness, His strength is perfected in us, it takes God in order to know God.


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