Facination with God

The living creatures are gazing on Him with fascination. Night and day they are fascinated with God. They peer into the mysteries of God. These four living creatures are right near God’s throne, they are nearest to God’s throne, they are seraphim.  Isaiah witnessed them, look at what Isaiah records of their experience. He actually tells us what they encountered, or what he saw, their response to the majesty of God. He said I saw the Lord, sitting on a throne.  He is looking at Jesus. John 12 tells us that he is actually looking at Jesus. Jesus says in John 12:40-42, Isaiah saw My glory and talks about the time when he appeared to Isaiah.  So Isaiah sees Jesus on a throne and he sees the robe or just the train, the end of the robe, the end of Jesus’ robe is in the temple. And above it, that is the temple, are seraphim.

Those are heavenly beings, there are cherubim and seraphim; the seraphim are the highest. The seraphim each have six wings and the point that Isaiah wanted to tell us is that with two of the wings they covered their face.  When they gaze onto God’s beauty, His majesty, His jasper-like glory, it overwhelms them and they cover their eyes because they are overwhelmed with what they see.  They cover their eyes because they are ‘short-circuited’, so to speak, they are overwhelmed and undone, like Isaiah is in chap 6 verse 5. They are undone. Those nearest, the jasper-like glory of God, those nearest are completely undone.

They cannot gaze on it and they are at God’s throne for billions and billions of years. They never grow accustomed and they never exhaust the transcendent splendor and glory that God reveals to those that are near him.  And when they see God’s glory they cover their eyes and then they open their mouths; those are the two things that they do. When they open their mouths they are not just saying anything.  They are consumed with one thing, holy, holy, they have to give expression to what is burning inside of their being. They close their eyes because their spirit is being moved powerfully.  And then they give expression, they have to express the burning fire that is imparted to them when they look on God’s glory. And the phrase holy, holy, holy, you could say it differently.

You could say “transcendent beauty, transcendent beauty, transcendent beauty,” infinitely superior, holy other than, holy other than, completely in another realm is what they are saying.  They are not saying, purity, purity, purity, they are saying, you are wholly of another category of life, of another realm from everything else that is created, you are different, in a category of your own, you are transcendent.  You are wholly, other than. And when we see glimpses, I mean just faint glimpses; we need to be grateful for faint glimpses. Somebody said I want to see God face to face.

20:11 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

It says in Rev. 20:11 when God’s face is unveiled with nothing protecting it the heavens and the earth flee. When God’s face is unveiled with nothing protecting it; the heavens and the earth, they flee from His presence.  I do not know that we want to see His face just yet. But when we see glimpses of His glory, our eyes our closed, meaning our spirit is moved powerfully.  Powerfully moved, the fire of God touches our spirit, the presence of God touches us and our mouth utters clean things and not just truth, we are consumed with God, our being is consumed with God.

They are not just speaking truths about God, they are consumed with God. That is all they can say, God you are holy, God you are beautiful, God, oh God, you are glorious.  This encounter, these kinds of even dim glimpses make our being God centered. The reason I am saying all this is because people want to know how to get their life more focused and they want to know how their heart can be more moved.  I can tell you that the model is right here in Isa. 6.

You want your spirit moved like the seraphim, they had to close their eyes, that means their spirit was deeply moved. You want your being to become God centered. When they cried holy, holy, holy, they could not talk about anything else. All they could say, in essence, was you are God, God has consumed me. In essence, that is really what they are saying.  Transcendent beauty. Some people try to become God centered, they try to move their heart by the force of their own determination. I tell you, our spirit is moved and our being is God centered by touching God.

By encountering a little bit of who He is and we do that a little bit by filling our mind with it. I try to do what David has done.  I want to be consumed with God so I have to study about God and I have to think about God. I have to take these revelations of the scripture and say them back to Him so that seed grows in my spirit.  See what God says about God and let’s give ourselves to it. I do not mean a little bit on the run, I mean hours at a time, consume our life with this pursuit. That is why we are just kind of slowly working through these phrases here in Rev. 4. I want to take time on them.


The fascinating God created us with a need to be fascinated. Beloved, we have a need, we have to be fascinated. If we are not fascinated we are bored. And if we are bored, we open, we are very vulnerable to Satan in a far greater way.  We were never ever made to live properly except that we are fascinated. And they only possible way the human spirit can be fascinated in any deep and sustaining way, and that is the key idea, deep and sustaining way, is by God.

Because the fascinating God created us with a need to be fascinated. The church in the west is as bored with God, as bored in their spirit, as any time in history. The church in the west is bored with God and are spiritually bored. That’s why most of the church is spiritually boring.  Most of the church is boring. Its boring to unbelievers for sure and they are boring to one another because they are bored. Bored believers are boring. That is true. They wouldn’t hang out with them. It is not good enough to just share who we are in the natural, in our human dimension. To bond people, to fascinate people. We were created to be fascinated.

We cannot be right, spiritually, except for fascinated, and the only possibly way is to fill our mind with long and loving meditation on God Himself. I have said for years that the most neglected subject in the Kingdom of God is God. God is the most neglected subject in the Kingdom of God.  The being of God, Himself. It is not enough to preach on it. I want to talk to God about God. I want to take what God says in His word and I want to say it back to Him.  I do not mean just declare what He says, I want to do that too, but to declare it with a ‘thank you’ and to ask Him to reveal it, to meditate and to wait, and to have my pen and journal thoughts and to say them back to Him. Say back to God what God says about Himself.  Rewriting the code of your heart and mind and connecting with Holy Spirit.

Ask the Spirit to come and illuminate it and throw in some fasting, and have a spirit of obedience, and take long hours to do this. Beloved, it is our right, our birthright in God to live fascinated.  At the end of the day, living fascinated is the only way people will sustain a life of holiness. You can threaten people with hell and if it is anointed it will get their attention but more times than not that does not hold peoples heart. Although, when God anoints it, it does. You can tell people if not, you are not going to be anointed, well, they will stay with dedication for a few weeks because they want to get anointed.  If you are not dedicated you are going to get found out, put to shame. That works a little bit. But at the end of the day people will only live in dedication because they’ve touched a little bit of fascination and they want more of it.  At the end of the day, that is what sustains a person. The only way to fascination is God Himself. We have to take on this subject called God. And we have to talk to God about what God about Himself in the written Word.

A satisfied, fascinated believer is strong. Fascinated in God I am talking about. One reason people think they do not have time for prayer; most believers think they do not have time for prayer.  Even in the IHOP world they do not have time to pray. The real reason they do not have time for prayer is because they have not experienced anything that has fascinated them.  When it fascinates us a little bit we will do anything, we will move mountains to make time for it. What they are thinking, their paradigm of prayer and the Word is wrong.

Their paradigm of prayer and the Word is that they have to endure God to prove to God that they are sincere. To prove to You that I am sincere if you will finally anoint me.  will even put up with You if You will anoint me, finally.  And that God would see our sincerity because we are enduring Him and then He will go, well in that case you have hung in there so long with boring Me, I guess will anoint you.  They have this bizarre paradigm of what they are doing in prayer like they are earning something or proving they are dedicated. And the reason they are proving it is because it iss so hard to be dedicated because God is so, He is not that exciting to be dedicated to.

Away with all of that. We do not do those things to prove our dedication. We give time to the Word and prayer because we have touched a little fascination and our hearts expand and that’s how we enter into more of God.  I hear people say, I have had people tell me this over the years and I do not mind it.  I am not paying any price or hanging in there for some cause. I am hungry for fascination. I am in it for another reason. And God uses that very thing of prayer and fasting to release the power of His Kingdom but He motivates us not kind of enduring it so we can finally get power; its God Himself that will make our hearts alive.  The greatest secret in the body of Christ is God and how beautiful He is when He is encountered a little bit. A little bit of this; I tell you I have encountered a very small portion of the revelation of God but the little I have, I am dying, I am craving more of it.  I do not go to IHOP just so I can get revival going, I want to see revival. I want my spirit alive with God, that’s why I want this lifestyle.

The beauty of God, what God looks like. That is a really heavy sentence. I tremble before the angels who are in these buildings; the little guy thinks he knows what God looks like. Where is he coming from?  That very sentence scares me. To have it in print. It says, He who sat there was like a jasper. He wanted us to know that He had a diamond-like glory that emanates out of His being.  It is like a jasper and a jasper in the modern, in the ancient world is different than a jasper of today. It is diamond-like, it is radiant. He wants us to know of the descriptions that He gives of himself in verse 3.

And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.

The first point He makes is His diamond-like translucent glory. The fact the He has that bright, crystal color emanating out of His being that fascinates all that is around Him. He wants us to know this.  This is God revealing God; this is not a new age thing. God wants us to know this about God. I have jasper-like glory.  I have color that emanates out of My being. I have fascinating colors. When you see it or behold it your spirit will tremble, you will marvel, you will be awestruck by the color and the light and the beauty.  It is beyond anything we could imagine. God is indescribably beautiful and His jasper-like glory is about His beauty. As we are going to see next week sardius is about His emotions, what God feels like.

And the emerald rainbow is about His mercy. It is what He acts like; it is how He acts. He acts in mercy. Even in His justice He is revealing mercy. This is very significant.  This is one of the most important sentences in the human race. That God talked to us about God. This little sentence that John wrote down. It is like, thank you God.  You could not get that sentence out of God’s hands for all the wealth in the earth except for God wanted to give you that sentence. I have jasper-like glory.  Implied in that sentence is that if you talk to me about it I will unveil more of it to you and if I unveil more of it to you it will fascinate your spirit. I want to know about this. It is in the Bible, God wants me to know about this.

I want to be fascinated; I need to know what God says about God and not just God’s wisdom and God’s power. I want to know about God’s glory; His beauty. What He actually looks like, not just what He thinks and what He does. I want to know that stuff too. I want to know what He looks like, even in the faintest, million of one percent. I want to know the faintest. It is enough to me that He put this in the Word, for me to go after this.

God’s beauty is seen in His royal court. Ps. 96; Honor and majesty are before Him. Strength and beauty are in His sanctuary; its talking about His heavenly sanctuary. Beauty is in God’s heavenly sanctuary.  The psalmist said I have seen the consummation of all perfection. The consummation of all perfection is the throne of God. It is Revelation four. That is where beauty is revealed at its highest pinnacle the Word of God, is around the throne of God.

It says in Ps. 50:2, out of Zion the perfection of beauty God will shine forth. Out of the presence of His throne the perfection of beauty shines and the subject of beauty and the subject of His shining go together.  The jasper-like qualities of God reveal His beauty. His beauty is manifest in His shining. And again, without the help of the Holy Spirit we can only go so far with this; we can just get a little picture in our mind but the little picture in our mind is a jumpstart.

If we say these things back to God we declare to God, thank you for your jasper glory, show it to me. We begin to meditate on the God who shines with a brilliance far beyond the sun and all the diamonds that we could imagine, with supernatural dimensions to these diamonds, crystal.  We begin to think about this, we begin to fix our mind on it because it is in the Word of God. It is not just ok to fix out minds on it, we are commanded to fix out minds on it. All scripture is profitable for equipping us and it is biblical and profitable for us.


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