Considering Abortion?

The nice little bumper sticker that says, “Every child a wanted child” really means, “Every unwanted child a dead child.” Obviously that doesn’t look good on a bumper sticker, and nobody actually has a sticker that says that. But that is really what it means.

Ask any kid with a horrible childhood, I bet they’d say they’d rather continue to live then have never been born.

God is angry with the shed of innocent blood, this is a huge issue to Him.  I believe the 4000 abortions that happen everyday in America are going to cause serious Judgment to us, that is why I love the prayer movement, which is praying for states to make it illegal.  My friend was born, not aborted even though he was a child of rape, his father raped his mother.  The doctor told my mother to have a d/c when she was pregnant, and she did and then a few days later she was like ‘I’m still pregnant,’ I survived by miracle.

If a mother might die in the pregnancy what’s better to say to God, I killed my child so I could live longer, or I died so my child could live?

Life begins at conception, by having sex without precautions you put yourself in a place to recieve a child. A precious soul, loved by God is entrusted to you.  It’s a real person with a destiny planned by God (Jer 23:11).  Satan wants to kill the children who have destinies in God, just like Herod tried to kill Jesus as a baby, by making a decree to kill all male babies.  Same for Moses.

If you have had an abortion there is forgiveness for you, you can plead the blood of Jesus over your sin, you have a testimony you can warn others of the loss and reality of what’s being done.

Christians are called to function as priests, praying for their land.  We ask for righteous legislation 1 Timothy 2:1-2:4 and mercy.  We plead the blood of Jesus over then sin in our land, standing in the gap.  In our churches we need to consider adoption and put our money where our mouth is on this issue.  The American notion of such selfishness is to our demise, we cannot continue to sacrifice our children at the alter of convience.

This is a pamphlet form 1952 for Planned parenthood

What happened to Planned Parenthood?! They admit that 1.) Abortion kills a baby. 2.) Abortion is dangerous to your health 3.) Abortion is dangerous to your life.

Many time we pro-lifers feel that when it comes to when life begins the burden of proof is upon us. But in reality that question is something that pro-aborts and pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood cannot or will not answer. The burden of proof is on them to explain how life doesn’t being at conception!


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