2. The Meek will Inherit the Earth


He calls the meek to inherit in Matthew 5:5. He calls us to have power over nations and to sit on Jesus’ throne. That is the most radical of them all. He says that in Revelation 3:21: “To him who overcomes, I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.” I look at that verse, and I say, “Jesus, I could not have taken that from anybody’s lips but Yours.” I believe Paul 100 percent, but if Paul had said that promise, I would have choked. I would still have taken it because it is the inspired Word of God.

REVELATION 3:21: “to he who overcomes” Jesus said, “You will sit with Me on My throne.” He does not mean that He is going to scoot over, and you are going to share the chair. That is not what He is talking about—like a million people all squeeze into one chair. He is talking about how you will participate in the delegated authority that is linked with the authority God gave Jesus. It is the authority that the Father gave the Son. It belongs to Jesus’ throne. It belongs to His dominion. Jesus says it this way, “You will be first.” He says this three or four times, and we all know it. We have reduced this to thinking that the first will be last, and the last will be first; we think this means that if you stand last in the fellowship dinner line, then you will be first next time around or something. No, He is talking about first in honor, glory, and authority—those words that we shy away from in our public conversations at least. He said, “You will be first.”

We say, “Jesus, this is intense.” He says, “Oh, but you have to do it my way, though. You really have to do it My way, or you really will be least.” I want to alert you that the church in America does not understand the calling to be great in the kingdom by serving the least in the kingdom. The lifestyle that is called radical in the church of America is so negligent of most of the Sermon on the Mount. We are so below the Sermon on the Mount in terms of our secret lives, and the Lord is not going to be impressed or intimidated by Americans when we stand before Him. He is not going to say, “Well, I guess you were an American. I guess it was a little tough down there. You had a lot of options and channels. I understand that.” No, He is going to evaluate history on one standard— the Sermon on the Mount. He says, “You must live to gain treasure in heaven and receive rewards. You will be exalted. You will be honored from the Father. My Father, Himself, will honor you.” I cannot even comprehend the implication of that one phrase.

MATTHEW 20:16: “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

He says in Matthew 20:16: “So the last will be first, and the first will be last. Many are called, but few are chosen.” You are going to be chosen.” He is talking about chosen for authority. The principle is to be chosen and honored in God’s sight. He talked about gaining crowns. He talked about gaining heavenly garments because our garments in the age to come will have different degrees of the glory of God on them. Our garments will have supernatural properties to them. Some will be far brighter than others with different colors, fabrics, and fragrances, like in the army with any President or Prime Minister—the clothing tells many things, and this will be true in God’s kingdom. They will be given to you. Everybody has the gift of righteousness—the robe of righteousness. Everybody has the basic robe of righteousness as a free gift, but I am talking about the clothing, which will manifest God’s glory. The garments will indicate your role, assignment, and all kinds of different things.

Living in light of receiving reward in heaven

Living in light of receiving reward in heaven is a major theme even in the Sermon on the Mount. It is not just that the Sermon on the Mount is the goal, though this is the hardest goal in the Bible; if you take it at face value, and you want to of course, the Sermon on the Mount is the highest call. I look at the Sermon on the Mount and say, “This is so intense. Lord, You mean this literally?” The Lord would answer, “Yes, I mean this.” I did not really have that conversation, but you know what I mean. In the Sermon on the Mount, He talks about reward over and over again. You cannot do this lifestyle if you do not know that there is a reward involved. The passage: I did not read it, but it was on the first page. Hebrews 11:6: “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for He who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” That is fundamental to the life of faith. The chapter of Hebrews 11 is considered the hall of fame. This promise is essential to the life of faith; we must believe that God is rewarding us, and that He is paying attention to our decisions now. He will reward you in the age to come. There are rewards in this age, and they are exciting. I love rewards in this age. I do not want to minimize them at all, but at the same time, I want to understand so that I do not get my heart bruised that the rewards in this age are just tokens of the main ones coming in the age to come.

Most rewards are about the age to come.

Most rewards are about the age to come. Most of them are in the New Testament. So He says here in the Sermon on the Mount inMatthew 5:5: “Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth.” To inherit the earth means to govern it. Right now out of the billions of people on the earth, the saints are not governing the earth for the most part. Most people have not given much thought to it. Most people think this promise is for this age mostly. Most of the earth, money, government, legislation, and the influence of the media are under darkness. Every now and then, the Lord will give 1 percent to a believer, and you know 1 percent of world influence is pretty big. Billy Graham got a fraction of a percent of influence of one percent of the earth. A little bit goes a whole long way, but that is not what Jesus is talking about. He is talking about inheriting and becoming the rightful heirs of all the authority structures, resources, wisdom, and the influence of the entire earth. To inherit it means to become heirs of its influence, authority, resource, and wisdom. I am going to skip these verses. You can read them on your own, but the point that strikes me is how many times He appeals to reward while giving this—what I call the “constitution of the kingdom”—which is what I call the Sermon on the Mount.

You will only lose your way if you think the reward is mostly in this age. You will lose your way in two ways. You will misinterpret the passage, and secondly, you will end up offended at God because He is not giving you enough, and He is not giving it to you soon enough. Many, many believers who I know after ten to twenty years in the Lord, they feel that they have not gotten enough, nor gotten it fast enough, and they have pockets of offense in their spirits against God.  They know God has treated them well, but they are bugged because somewhere they do not think they have been treated well by God. Somewhere God has not been true to His Word. They do not have language for it, but there are pockets of offense in so many believers who have stayed steady for ten, or twenty years. That is because they have interpreted this wrongly where they have no idea the grandeur that is coming to them.


Our rewards are on the earth. Heaven is coming down to the earth. Heaven is the New Jerusalem. Heaven is coming down to the earth. When it talks about our reward is in heaven, it is talking about the New Jerusalem, which is where our residence will be, but the New Jerusalem is descending to the earth at the second coming of Christ. We will rule on a physical earth with a physical body. Beloved, the body you have will be as physical and material as the body you have now. You will live on a physical, material, solid earth; you will operate in a real ministry with real people learning and interacting. You will function with real anointing and wisdom that increases with real decision-making. There is real infrastructure on the earth that has to get built; you will really be called to do it. You will really interface with Jesus. Imagine what Jesus did in His three and a half years at His first coming, and just put a glorious multiplication factor on the anointing. Jesus will come to establish things.

Jesus the Man is coming as a Jewish Man, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He will be human, and He will be Jewish forever. He is not coming as kind of a spirit being. We have this idea that we are just floating spirits on some cloud somewhere playing a harp in heaven.

The New Jerusalem

Beloved, we are real people with real bodies. We are really going to talk to Him. We are going to talk with people. We are going to know each other. We are going to remember each other. We are going to eat food. We are going to have ministries. We will have everything like now materially, but with a component of the supernatural realm. We will function in the supernatural, but there will still be the material component. People hate to die. Death is coming. Many say, “No.” These are believers and unbelievers. Believers are supposed to say, “Yes.” Some really do; but a whole bunch of believers resist death with such energy. There is something in their spirit that does not want death. We say, “You get to go be with the Lord!” They say, “You go tell yourself that when you are dying.” I have never really found that overly comforting. Every now and then, it is. I do not say that to many people, but I hear others say, “Well, you are going to be with the Lord,” and the person is dying of a terminal disease. You look at the guy who just said it and say, “You know, maybe we should come up with some better encouragement right now.” There is an aversion to death. Why? We were created from the dust. Genesis 2: we were made from the dust. In our DNA is a longing for the material realm.

God wants it to be that way, and God built us that way. God wants to bring heaven and earth together and not keep them separate. Beloved, we are really going to be on the earth. Kansas City will really still be Kansas City. In corporate terms, many of the highways will be there, and many of the buildings will be there. A lot of them will be destroyed in the end-time judgments, but some will not. It will still be the building there.

“Well, what do you know? There is Sam’s Club. I did not know that there would be Sam’s Club in the Millennium!” I would ask them, “What did you think? What did you think that the day Jesus came, He waved His hand, and every building collapsed? He is coming to the earth.” They might respond, “I do not know, I never thought about it. I just thought that we would all be on clouds, or we would go somewhere. I do not know. I did not think that there would really be an earth.” I answer, “No wonder you are so addicted to this world because you do not really believe that you are going to be in the world to come. You do not think it is a going to be a real world.” Beloved, when you get connected to the fact that you are going to be involved in a material world with a natural realm with a supernatural component that has the fullness of the anointing, you can make really hard choices in this age. You can make smart choices if you really believe you are going to be on the earth again. It changes everything. Well, that is why Jesus taught it.

The necessity of understanding Jesus’ earthly reign over all nations.

The necessity of understanding Jesus’ earthly reign over all nations. What we call the millennial kingdom is an idea that most Christians are vaguely familiar with. “Yeah, I know that 1,000-year deal.” It has not really touched their spirit. Though people believe it, it has not touched their spirit. It does not really change the way that they live because it has not really touched them by revelation. Many believers kind of heard of it, but they do not really know much about it. They ask, “Do not all the theologians debate about it? Do they even know if it is real anyways? So why think about it?” That is a disaster. That prayer, “Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven” is the most prayed prayer in history. The reason why it is the most prayed prayer in history is because the Lord wants it. The kingdom is coming on the earth like it is in heaven. It really is.

This Life is just and internship for Eternity

It just changes everything about your life because our life in this age is an internship. It really is. We have a seventy-year internship, and the most accomplished man or woman at their very highest accomplishment is still an internship. Billy Graham is only an intern compared to his next assignment, which is his primary assignment. It is far bigger than his seventy-year assignment. Well, he is in his eighties now. We will give him that. His eighty to ninety yearassignment is very small compared to his 1,000-year assignment. Then after the 1,000 years, we get another assignment on the earth. Beloved, we have a 1,000-year assignment we are going to be given based on how we do in our internship. People live like their internship is their big assignment. What they do is they disqualify themselves in their next major assignment. Nobody would think it is strange if a young man or a young woman who wants to go to medical school has to first attend undergraduate university and then graduate school, and then do their residency for ten years, etc.

No one thinks it is strange that they would do that for ten years and spend a couple hundred thousand dollars going into total debt working eighteen-hour days. I have met some of those medical school guys. I ask them, “Hello, you need to get some rest. Why are you doing this? It is costing you a couple hundred thousand dollars, you are living in poverty nearly, and you are working eighteen hours a day.” They answer, “Because I am going to have a fifty-year career based on this ten years and this big debt.” It totally makes sense. Finally, he or she makes it through, and they have their fifty years. Ten years into it, you ask them, “Hey, was it worth it?” They say, “Oh, totally it was worth it. It was well worth it.” There are many different analogies you could give to that.

Another assingment is coming in the Millenial Kingdom

Beloved, we have a seventy-year assignment in this life, but a 1,000-year assignment coming after that one. We have an internship for seventy years. It is well worth giving everything. We have a major assignment coming soon on the earth. The reason why I am hitting this subject is because the end-time battle, which this conference is about—the end times—there are many different dimensions to the end-times. However, without the conviction that we have a kingdom coming, and the conviction that we will win, beloved, we will be tossed to and fro in so many different ways. We have to understand the millennial kingdom, so we are anchored in the revelation of what is to come. We are going to have the most intense time that the earth has ever seen around the corner, and many believers will lose their life. They will be martyrs. There is nothing wiser than saying yes to martyrdom.

If the choice comes our way to not deny the Lord, to walk right into it boldly, martyrdom is absolutely the wisdom of God. It is an honor before God to be able to end our life in this age and enter into our next assignment that way. One guy says, “I am praying for it. I am going to let it take care of itself. I am just praying for the will of God. I am not praying for any particular thing. I just want to be faithful. That is what I want. I want to do the thing with all of my heart.” If you do not have a vision of a kingdom on earth, then it will trip you. Even people who view going to heaven as floating on a cloud for millions of years, they kind of lose some of their nerve when it comes right down to hard decisions because they say, “Well, what if I do not know any new songs? A million years, one guitar and a cloud? God, I love You, but do not take it personally, as a million years is the beginning. That sounds like torture.” No, most people’s view of their eternity is that they do not think about it much because it is torture to think about it. “Well, it is supposed to be gold, light, angels, and cool stuff, is it not? I hope it is.”

Beloved, it is far more substantial than most of us are thinking. We must look at what the Word of God says about what will come. We are going to be on the earth. Again, the New Jerusalem is descending. That is where our residence will be. Our work assignments will be on the earth if we are faithful to the Sermon on the Mount and obey the least commandments as a lifestyle. I do not mean that we will never blow it. We will blow it. We will blow it 1,000 times and more than that, we push delete, and we claim the grace of God. We understand the grace of God to get forgiven, to be renewed in the journey, but not the grace of God to go on a side road for ten years. We are not getting the grace to back off of obedience. We are getting grace to get a new start after we blow it with no shame. The Lord says, “I will take you right now as an absolute, fresh, first-rate citizen of the kingdom— right now. You blew it. Push delete. Now get back in the war before the day is over. Commit yourself to full obedience in the area that you just stumbled in. You can do that and still end up faithful.”


The faithful are not the ones who never stumble. There would be no one there—Paul the apostle, John the apostle—nobody would make it. What it means to be faithful is that we stay faithful in the journey of pressing for faithfulness in the least commandments. We are going to find out that the least commandments are not the least significant commandments. The least commandments are the areas of the private place of our heart. They are the areas that men call least. What Jesus is talking about is what God originally intended when He gave the commandment. Men despise, or let’s put it this way, men honor the great commandments that make great social impact; but they despise the attitudes of the heart, words, thoughts, and those kinds of things. That is what Jesus is talking about—obedience at that level. OK, let’s go a couple moments on the Millennium, and then we will end.


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