Fear of the Lord

Prov 9:10 the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Rom 11:22 Behold the Kindness of God, and also Behold the Harshness of God

The Prophetic Spirit speaks that GOD IS ALIVE! This Spirit keeps us from just having religiosity and ideas about God and connects us Him in real time. It destroys unbelief that we may not have realized we even had. Jesus is alive and He is watching over your life and He has thoughts! He is your biggest fan, He is so desiring your success and has a place in His heart that is just for you, that is consumed with you. Misty Edwards has a song about how we are always on His mind and we are. Psa 139:18 suggests that God has as many thoughts about one of us as there are grains of sand on the beach.

Shelley Hundley had a encounter with Jesus and He said He His looking for two things to be burning in the hearts of church which is “the fear of the Lord” and the 1st Commandment (that we love Him with all of our heart soul and mind). He said at the time that they were foreign to a majority of the church even IHOP. The idea was that there was radically more available to walk in. The fear of the Lord is related to the idea that God sees everything!! The one who, if we saw Him more fully, we would tremble and shake in awe of His glory, He has thoughts on how we should live! Though He loves us more than we could ever know, He has a fearsome zeal that we would walk in holiness and pursue Him for the grace to do it.

The fear of the Lord is good, Psa 19 calls it ‘clean’. It is being connected to that fact that we will have to give account for the way we live our lives. And that there is great reward for obedience and even in heaven great regret for missing the mark. We tend to live oblivious to the fact that God’s ways our not our ways. He has built a Kingdom on meekness and selflessness. Jesus said “I do not of my own accord, but that which I see that Father do.” That is the ultimate model of maturity as exemplified in connectedness to what the Father is doing. I know people that whenever they go places and meet people they pray, “Father, what are you doing in this person, in this place, how can I partner with you in it.”

With the Fear of the Lord we need to be awakened to God’s gaze on us and the consequences therein. He is committed to bringing us forth in love and it is His Spirit in us that does the work, as we surrender and obey. The natural response to conviction is to try to obey in the flesh. But so many of the things He is doing in us are ‘fruit’ of the Spirit. By communing with Him, abiding in Him and seeking Him, experiencing His presence we ‘walk in the Spirit.’ By choosing Him and focusing on Him, kindness, joy and love flow out as fruit of the Spirit. It’s not something that is done by gritting our teeth and doing it in the flesh.


-being awakened to God’s gaze on us
-consequences therin
-He’s zealous and committed to bringing us forth in love

The Lord does not see as man sees
-evaluates based on inner position of of heart, not just externals
-’the LIVING GOD who rebukes

But on this one will I look: On him who is poor and of a contrite spirit, And who trembles at My word. Isaiah 66:5

He will grant us the fear of the Lord, it is wisdom to ask for it continually.


One response to this post.

  1. Thank you for your “download” on the Love & Fear of GOD!
    Imagine what the first century church had burning in them – Wow!

    I am replying, because I just visited a church last Sunday – where I experienced the
    “Fear of God from the beginning until after the service”

    I told a Spirit-filled friend about it – she looked me straight in the face
    and straight up – she did not believe me that there could be a tangible
    manifestation in me or a Christian? – that was the of Fear of God.

    The “Fear of God” is extremely rare in the American church!
    I pray it returns like a huge tidal wave so there will be a larger remnant.

    I guess, I shouldn’t add: that I also experienced God’s anger &
    another time much more than that because of Disobedience.

    I’ll put it to you this way, He must love me a LOT. Because I am closer
    than ever, while so many other Christians have walked away.


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