Prayer on Your Ipod/Iphone

is a great app from the Kansas City House of Prayer which has prayer and worship non-stop 24/7, alternating worship and intercession for the nations every two hours.  Go live, or be linked to the archives.  It also links to great teachings on intimacy with God from Mike Bickle.  If you don’t have a ipod, i have a link to the internet version here.

Just by agreeing with the intercession prayers, you are connecting with the Father, releasing the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to the nations and bring revival.  Many are awakening to their calling as an intercessor, in addition to their other work/callings, and committing to a set a day or more.

The worship sets explore connecting with God through Scriptures and Song, seeking to minister to Jesus and move His heart, and feed our hearts on His affection.  Scriptures are living and active and singing them anoints our hearts and renews our minds, transforming us into the image of Christ.  Without this experience we are unrenewed and in desperate need of the continual ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Here’s the new schedule of two hour worship/intercession sets

This is Mike Bickle’s app for understanding the Book of Revelation.


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