Lou Engle 1st Timothy 2 Revolution

Lou Engle: “Ideologies get promoted, when the unrighteous get promoted to the top, and release their demonic agendas into the nation.

But also Ideologies and thought-systems are shifted, when people pray for those in authority.  God either removes them or converts them, and then raises up the Daniels who will get into the high places.  The right people, right voices, can shout to the nations.  The infleunce shaping the nation can be directed, shaped and changed by movements just like the rebellion movement of the 60s did in a negative way.”

Lou had a dream they were gathered 50 feet into the ground.  Jason upton was there speaking to university students have to explain to them why heads of their professors were being cut off,  then the Lord spoke 1st timothy 2, underground prayer revolution.

The 60s Berkley revolution students are now the professors, promoting their ideologies.

The Lord saying to us, is my revolution stronger than the devil’s rebellion?

I’m going to send the Spirit of Elijah and it’s stronger than the Spirit of Jezebel.  Jezebel ruled over a nation that had godly roots, but had fallen.  Only 7000 out of 10 million had not bowed the knee to Baal, such darkness, b/c ideologies out of high places.

But out of the darkness comes spirit of elijah, turns the hearts of the children to the fathers, and it comes so strong, it breaks the curse off of a nation.  Not talking about a revolution that is rebelling against authority, but a undergound prayer revolution that is praying for authority.  God is going to respond and give dreams and revelation to haunt the unrighteous and remove them if they don’t respond.

This dream could revolutionize American university.  The Lord has spoken to me, release a 1st Timothy 2 Revolution.  The cutting off of the head doesn’t mean killing the professors, no we are praying for them, but removing the ideological authority that they are releasing through their ideologies and through their positions.  God convert them with dreams.  The Spirit of prophesy on all flesh.

1st Tim 2: Paul is writing to Timothy, wants to pass on everything to him.  I exhort you first of all that all prayer for all man.  The first priority of the church is the prayer for all.  The prayer movement.  First of everything: My house shall be called a house of prayer.   Secondly, (first order of prayer) prayer for kings and all order of authority that we all may lead lives of peace and godliness.  God’s government is established when we pray according to the rule of God.”

When we at Ihop prayer for dreams, and for the Eph 1:17 Spirit of Revelation of the knowledge of God to be given to leaders of nations and universities we are establishing the Kingdom and Government of God in the earth.  Fulfilling “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.”  We must not look with unbelief at things as they are, but ask God what He is doing in the prayer movement he is raising up, and how we can be a part of it.

Many of us lead busy lives, but many are starting out with a commitment to pray and agree with daily intercessions, watching at the Ihop 24-7 Prayer room webstream, which has intercession sets almost every other two hours.


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