Bundle of Myrrh

  • If you aren’t familiar with the Bridal Paradigm, I encourage you to read the tab above first.  John 5:39-40 says all Scripture testifies of Jesus even Song of Solomon, in a very holy way.  I am aware that some commentaries take it too far, but the Holy Spirit is highlighting the Bridegroom face of Jesus as a way for the church to become pure and spotless by (Eph 5) being nourished and cherished as His bride.  When Jesus comes back, it will be to take the bride/church to the marriage supper of the lamb and at the time Rev 22:17 shows that by then the church will be rooted and grounded in a bridal identity.  Jesus is called Savior in the Bible as many times and He is called Bridegroom, yet we have mostly focused on the Savior face of Jesus, and rightly so.  But many of the prophesies and Scriptures that talk about the Bridegroom face of Jesus link that face of Him to the End-times.

Song of Songs1:13A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me; he shall lie all night between my breasts. 

  • I’ve heard different voices in the American church having problems with why God He put Song of Solomon in the bible.  Words like the one above bug us, but think of the how less offensive the word was at the think, and how juvinile people can be.  It’s better to think of it as “The myrhh that is dear to my heart.”
  • Myrhh was made into a burial oil, that Mary of bethany poured on Jesus feet, so the fragrance of our love would comfort Him on the way to the cross.  The wise men brought Jesus myrrh, for He was born for the cross.  Myrhh speaks of the cross in Scripture.
  • This verse speaks of a place where we are getting ahold of what it really means that Christ chose to the cross for us individually to bring us close to Him because He cares so much about us and wants us to live close to Him.   Her revelation of the cross; suffering and and the beauty of it grows.  Jesus didn’t consider equality with God something to be hold on to, He gave it up to take on flesh to go to the cross and redeem us.   It’s dear to her, that’s why it lies all night.  What it bought back for her is communion with God.  The night speaks of her trials and temptation.

Through the difficulty  Heb 12:2 says to Consider Him…

               who endured such opposition from awful men 

                              so you will not grow weary and lose heart.”

I read this and I think So I will not lose this struggle against sin I must consider Him.  I need to consider Him who went to the cross, and shed real blood, we have not yet resisted to the point to shedding blood.  Jesus has the very nature of God in man, and He will give to you!

  • He conquered the cross, the grave, for us.  When we consider the cross when we battle the night, when we battle temptation.  It gives us the grace to say no to these things.  By the blood of the lamb we can break free.  It easy to think we can’t break free but we can, He shares His grace freely with us!
  • We will forever marvel at the lamb slain for our sins, we will carry Him as a bundle myrrh in our hearts.  He isn’t like someone who lived perfectly and now expects us to do it b/c He did.  He lived perfectly and yet is patient and merciful toward us, and we are to meditate on the Word each day, letting the written word take us to the Living Word, beholding Him and being transformed, and renewing our minds.
  • The most obedient and worshipful saints think the most on the cross. It is their constant meditation and confession.

“Jesus help me to focus and keep you as a bundle of myrhh to my heart.  I ask for greatever revelation of the cross and what you went through for me, and also what it has given to me and given to me to walk in.”


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