Dealing With Boredom

Hunger is a double edged sword, we need it to really connect with the Holy Spirit in prayer, and it the wound and ache and longing for God is hard to bear, once we have really engaged with God and then our ‘tanks’ become empty.  This can worsen over the years.

But it is worth it.  This is what we will be rewarded for in heaven.  Gal 6:8: “but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.”  We get life now, but also are storing up treasures in heaven.  But happens to many around us, is the ache is too much to bare and discipline too hard, and we pacify the longing in our hearts with entertainment, games, season one of this show, surfing for this, collecting that, general preoccupation with that which wastes time and serves only to pacify the thing inside us that we made by God, to long for us.

Boredom is a gift, for it can be turned into longing which then is the hunger required to encounter God.  Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.  How can the friends of the bridegroom mourn while He is with them, but a day shall come when He is taken from then and Then they shall fast.  Things like hunger and fasting are ‘voluntary weakness,’ which is a form of meekness and humility.  He gives grace to the humble.  His power is perfected in our weakness.  By our decrease, He increases.  If we embrace the cross we will receive resurrection life.  In this we rejoice in trials, for this momentary light affliction works in us the eternal weight of glory, which cannot be taken from us.

In heaven it will be too late to prove our love for Jesus, for to see Him face to face with a resurrected body we will irresistable.  But in this life our faith demonstrated in action is what our eternal destiny will be built upon.

It takes God to get Godly things, ask for the Word to be opened to you, for your joy to be in the Word, and for Him to awaken hunger in your heart.  Make time and schedule time to meet with Him and encounter the Holy Spirit.


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