Daily P.R.A.Y.E.R.

What happens in our inner man is what determines the quality of our fellowship with God and is the only that thing we bring from this life after we die, and are Judged by Jesus.  Our inner man is our most important aspect of life, yet it usually is the most neglected prayer focus.  These prayers requests are based God’s promises that require the work of the Spirit on our heart.

I recommend all to schedule prayer times and to establish prayer lists to provide focus to their prayer time. Most will pray ten times more with a schedule that establishes when they pray and a prayer list that focuses them on what to pray.  Many who love Jesus never develop a prayer life because they lack the practical aspects of scheduling prayer time and having a prayer list.

I take liberty to leave my prayer list or omit parts of it as the “winds of inspiration” touch me.  This is my list for my current season:

Daily P.R.A.Y.E.R.   What Im asking for in this season.

I ask for:

Power to heal/deliver/anoint/setonfire in praying for others

Revelation of Your overflowing Father’s Heart more, and Your plans for me.

Affections of Jesus’ love on my Heart, love back to Him awakened (Sos 1:2, 1Jn4:19).

Your beauty to be unveiled to me (Isa 33:17, Rev 4).

Experiences in the Holy Spirit, might in my inner man for more(2 Cor 13:14,Eph 3:16)

Revelation on the End-times, open up the scriptures, heavens (Jer 23:20,24, Jn1:51)


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