The Revelation of Intercession Pt. II


The Spirit moves whenever we speak the Word, in whatever sphere the Word (Scriptures) it is spoken. Whether it is Jesus speaking about the heavens and the earth, and the Spirit is moving, or whether we are speaking at a prayer meeting or worshipping.  It’s power, whether we’re speaking the word to the devil who’s attacking, and the power of God drives back the work of darkness, or whether we’re speaking the Word of God in our heart.  When we’re speaking it to a friend, we call that fellowship and then that friend changes their mind from depression and discouragement, but really there is a strengthening of divine life in their heart.  We might just call it encouragement but the word went forth and then the Spirit touched their heart a little.

The point I want you to get is that God’s government is through the speaking of the Word, and that’s really what intercession is. It’s simply saying what God says to say.  1 Timothy 2 talks about the church being established in the priority of praying for legislation and elected officials.  What would happen if we did that?  Jesus said of the church before He returns, ‘it will be called a house of prayer.’  The church will value prayer as part of its identity and calling.

Jesus speaks what He already knows the Father is thinking. It wasn’t a new idea: “Let there be light.” Jesus knew that that was what was on the Father’s heart, but here there is actually a process in the government of God that is necessary; the Word needs to be spoken.

We have such power but we tend not to use it.

We all know this passage well, and we’ve red it, and we love it, but what does it mean? “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was with God” (Jn. 1:1). The Word is Jesus. All things were made through this Person, who is the Word. When Jesus articulates the Father’s thoughts, He is functioning as the living Word of God. One reason Jesus is called the Word is because He brings the Father’s private ideas into existence in the natural realm through Jesus speaking them, or through the Body of Christ related to Jesus speaking, so that God’s purposes are released into the natural realm. Things that God wants to do that are not being done yet happen when Jesus or His people speak under the Father’s authority, and the Spirit is more than willing to move. Now we don’t speak one time, and it’s done, somethings require multiple requests. There’s a whole Body of Christ worldwide prayer movement that is being raised up, that is in unity with the Head. That’s where it’s going. It’s not that unified with the Head right now, but it’s going to be.


—Jesus releases God’s justice in response to intercession.  “Shall not God avenge His elect?” the NKJV says (Luke 18:8). The NASB says this, and I like this: “Shall not God bring about justice for the people who cry out night and day?” You can call it vengeance or justice; it’s the same thing.  The 24/7 prayer movement is restoring night and day prayer movement with prayer teams releasing revival working towards every city.


Jesus taught here that justice would be established through night-and-day prayer. Think about what night-and-day prayer is: It’s speaking the Word of God. We are not coming up with new ideas; we are speaking the ideas that God the Father has in His heart. We are simply telling God what He tells us to tell Him, because there are a number of dynamic realities that happen when we simply tell God what He tells us to tell Him. As simple as that is, it is profound in its impact on the human spirit.


There are two sides to justice. There is a judgment side to justice, when the rebels are punished and there is salvation; there is a deliverance side to justice when the redeemed are vindicated and delivered. Justice has two sides: Night-and-day prayer releases justice in this age, and even in the age to come, in the Millennial kingdom. A very simple definition of justice is God making wrong things right. The way that God makes wrong things right is when people cry out night and day. It’s justice in small measures, but still it’s justice released. Every time we have a prayer meeting, every time we speak the Word over someone in sin in prayer, or someone who has sickness, we lay hands on them, or maybe they’re not even in the room, but every time we do it, there’s a small, incremental measure of justice released. Prayer releases justice. It stops the negative and releases the positive in terms of God’s salvation and God’s judgment.


Examples of God’s justice.: Healing is God’s judgment on sickness. Revival is God’s judgment on compromise in the Church. Evangelism is God’s judgment upon blindness and darkness in the hearts of unbelievers. God is judging darkness when evangelism takes place. Every one of these positive things are expressions of the justice of God.


Jesus requires night-and-day prayer for the release of justice. I want to encourage you intercessors, and most of us are called to be intercessors, whether as your primary or secondary part of your calling.  It may not be your primary calling, but it is part of your diverse calling in God.  You can release the will of God in your life, your family’s and city’s and beyond.  We have the divine promises to pray to release power; Eph 1:17-19 and eph 3:16-20.


There’s a lot more prayer going on in the cities of the earth than we can put on our organizational ministry chart. It’s still happening. God does require it, and the reason I’m telling you is because people will say to you, “Man, you are using all this time and energy.” It’s biblical; Jesus requires it. The Church doesn’t yet have a revelation of that, but He still requires it. So stay steady; there is wisdom in this thing called intercession.


The prayer movement before Jesus returns will be powerful.This prayer movement will release the greatest revival at the end of the age, and it’s going to be the power of God stopping and bringing deliverance, where great judgments and great shakings are taking place as well as the rage of Satan.

In the way that Moses extended His rod before Pharaoh, the end-time Church will extend its rod before the Antichrist, of whom Pharaoh was a type, and the power of God will go forth as described in the book of Revelation, through the rod that is extended which is called “the Body of Christ in intercession.” The Bible calls it the rod of Jesus’ mouth. The rod of His mouth goes forth from Him directly, but the rod of His mouth also goes forth through His people. The end-time Church will be in the same role altogether, collectively, that Moses had before Pharaoh. What if Moses had gotten raptured before he went to Egypt? He looked at the Jews in slavery and said, “Sorry guys, I prepared forty years in the wilderness so that I could get taken out before the drama.” We don’t want to be taken out before the drama. We want to extend the rod of God in the midst of it, and we want to make the difference in the will of God. Not that we get to vote on it anyway. One guy says, “I don’t want to be in the drama.” I tell him, “It’s all good to say so, and we call it fellowship, but you don’t get to vote. They like you up there in heaven, but you don’t get to vote on this. It’s called the Word of God, and it’s already settled.”


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