A Prophetic Vision

Here’s a link to a prophetic vision that I think is very relevant for this hour.  Just like the vision Peter had in the book of Acts or John in the book of Revelation, Joel 2 says they will begin to happen more and more in the last days before Jesus returns.  Rick Joyner in this vision, had dreams and visions and each one would pick up where the last one left off.  Nothing in this vision contradicts Scripture and in fact, much of the text relates to Scriptures.  The Lord gives us prophesy and prophetic visions not to add to Scripture, but to emphasize certain truths so that we may give ourselves to them and that we may be excited to give ourselves to them beyond the things of the world.

The Final Quest

Just click to open it in your browser or right click to “Save Target As” onto your desktop.

Much of what you will read in this pdf is happening now and I have walked in much of it in different seasons.  If you have already read this and it’s continuation in the Call and Torch and Sword, I do suggest Joyner’s commentary on the book of Ephesians which goes through how to walk this out biblically.  It’s sad to see that many things that come from the Spirit, such as healings and visions are so hated by the enemy that he raises up religious ones to persecute them.  I believe we will see more and more of this as the devil attacks the end-time move of God.  Now there will be counterfeit miracles and prophets, but we can use discernment to find that which testifies of Jesus and Scripture.  Just because there is counterfeit money does not mean that we must stop using real money.

Joel 2 was not fulfilled at Pentecost, it was a downpayment on a prophesy that if you check the text, will be fulfilled in the generation the Lord returns to, on all flesh, not just 120 in an upper room.  It also will be accompanied by signs in the heavens which relate to events in the book of Revelation.  But that’s a post for a different day 🙂


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