Tweets from the Onething Conference

LouEngle Lou Engle -God dreams may be chapter titles to the next scene of the divine storyline the Author is writing about you life

Spiritual hunger gets us God but its elusive when you’re filled with worldly pleasures. To be hungry, get empty 🙂

Dwayne Roberts 

I am calling a generation to detach from the gods of this age. @drobertsihop #onething11

My gifts and abilities don’t matter. “What excites me is the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord.”@drobertsihop #onething11

the message @drobertsihop spoke this morning at #onething11 was life changing. #thankyouGod  I don’t really care about my ministry anymore. I want to have tenderness in my heart towards Jesus.” —@drobertsihop #onething11

If you are wise you will adjust your life NOW… @drobertsihop #onething11″

Our earthly calling is not our reward, God and His glory is our prize. He is our reward @drobertsihop Gen 15:1 #onething11″

Detach. Get rid of. Downsize. Do whatever it takes to break your addiction to the American dream. Say “no.” @drobertsihop #onething11″

Find out who you are in God, and be diligent! @drobertsihop. #onething11″

Living for the accolades of men will leave you spiritually bankrupt @drobertsihop #onething11

The cry for eternity can not be answered by the American dream. @drobertsihop #onething11″

Say no to the American Dream-find out your mandate from heaven and be diligent. #dwayneroberts #onething11″

Wes hall

You cannot love Jesus unless you are in agreement His purpose and His plan; not just His personality. #onething11 #WesHall

Jesus says, if you want to deliver men from sin, you have to first let me deliver you from yourself and your ambitions. #onething11#WesHall

A preacher can deliver a message, but a voice can deliver a soul. #onething11 #WesHall”

 Jesus will have a bride who will look like Jesus in power, character and wisdom (His glory) @wesleymhall #onething11


davidsliker David Sliker -Endeavoring to be like Christ is more than a function of obedience; it’s encountering Him, being moved by who He is, and loving His way.

davidsliker David Sliker  – Protesters fight in vain against that which they are powerless to change; intercessors fight for the eternal alongside the Omnipotent One.

Shelley Hundley – The Judge 

Mind mouth heart formula. To get the truths of the Word into your heart fill your mind with them then speak them to Jesus -@ShelleyHundley

You can forget what happened, because I never will @ShelleyHundley speaking on God as Judge at #onething11 @ihopkc”

Jesus is our Righteous Judge who looks at us and says “You are worth fighting for.” @ShelleyHundley #onething11

Allen Hood – 24/7 Prayer 

Since99 24/7 worship/prayer teams minister nonstop at ihop-kc This reality is moving to all cities, see: 

@allenhoodihop: God is gathering a global upper room of prayer – where every tribe, tongue and nation lift their voice in intercession.

“@allenhoodihop: Every Nation will be given a Revelation of the God of Revelation 4 and the Christ of Revelation 5.”#onething11

“We are a part of the generation that hastens the Day of the Lord.” @allenhoodihop #onething11”

This generation has been ruined by night & day worship & will never go back to Sunday-only Christianity. -@allenhoodihop #onething11 #viral”

Do you know the ecstasy of exploring a God who is unsearchable? @allenhoodihop #onething11”

Our image of God is so boring; He’s more glorious & breathtaking than anything that Hollywood could ever produce. @allenhoodihop

God makes living creatures that have such a big hard drive, to see how fast he can fill it up! @allenhoodihop #onething11”

We who have the Holy Spirit possess the revelation & fortitude to do what our OT fathers could not: 24/7 worship @allenhoodihop #onething11”

The very question on why we should worship night and day only reflects our poverty in the knowledge of God. @allenhoodihop #onething11

God’s greatness has gone viral and there is a generation caught up that is never going back. @allenhoodihop #onething11

 “24/7 is not our obligation – it’s our constraint. He’s worth more.” – @allenhoodihop / THAT is good.

The Humility of God- Mike Bickle

SarahSunKim Sarah Sun Kim  -A mere glimpse of the beauty&humility of Jesus compels unceasing worship frm lovesick hearts. Thanks @mikebickle @allenhoodihop #onething11

The miracle is what He didn’t do with the power He had @mikebickle #onething11

“The very fact that God loves us and so zealously wants our love expresses His deep humility.” @mikebickle #onething11”

Daniel 7… a premiere prophecy that we have got to get down! @mikebickle #onething11”

“When I meet God will I tell him something that is interesting? Yes! Because it’s an idea in your heart & He loves you.” @mikebickle”

You move Him so much not b/c you’re so brilliant but b/c He is so humble & loves you so much. @mikebickle #onething11”

“Beloved you have it made forever” @mikebickle #onething11”

 Jesus had made the trees He got the wood from to make tables when He was a carpenter. Yet told no one @mikebickle #onething11 #humility

“John saw the father in his jasper-like glory. Jesus has this same glory. He came to earth to win us in the mystery of humility. @mikebickle

mistydedwards misty edwards -Mike Bickle’s message on the humility of Jesus moved me deeply. I want to love and imitate Jesus to a much greater level this year.

If we don’t accept Jesus as the humble servant, we can’t abide in all that He is. @mikebickle #onething11

Jesus will be the most honored, discussed, valued Man on the earth in the age to come – stirred by Rev5 and @mikebickle #onething11

Stuart Greaves on the Humility of God

We cannot grasp how low He came: the beautiful Son of God became flesh and dwelt quietly, anonymously amongst the arrogant and ignorant.

“The Greatest amongst you will be your Servant.” Jesus was laring an eternal & immutable truth about Himself: thank you @stuartgreaves 

“The greatest expression of godliness is to live in love.”- @stuartgreaves #onething11″

Humility is expressed when we patiently embrace the hiding of God & the resistance of man.-@stuartgreaves #onething11

Humility is rooted in the knowing of who we are in God, not denying who we are. @stuartgreaves #onething11″

Jesus will wash your feet before you go to the cross just like Mary did for Him – @stuartgreaves

 Meditation on my position (in Christ) changes my condition -@brotherrussell

If you have not yet heard @zacharysimms new EP go do so now, and then purchase it shortly there after

Praying Isa 33:17 for the eyes of the youth at onething to see the King in His beauty and be ruined for lesser things

drobertsihop Dwayne Roberts  David cried “one thing” I want is to see God! We r praying for a generation in the nations with this cry! #onething11 

“We imagine that hearing a message of preparedness makes us prepared.”// – @davidsliker

Misty Edwards – Thurs 7pm

“If you’ve accepted Jesus and ided to follow him, then you’re only at the BEGINNING- thats it. Theres SO much more!” -@mistydedwards

Without vision, without purpose, people perish. @mistydedwards #onething11

If you say what you want from me is love, then I am going to give you all my love @mistydedwards #onething11

My purpose has to be found in God and eternity because this life is vanity n the chasing of the wind. @mistydedwards #onething11

“God did not create you so he can have a workforce. He wants you!” – @mistydedwards #impact #love #relationship #satisfaction

The only way to figure out what the Lord wants is through His word. @mistydedwards #onething11″

I want the very depth of Jesus, I want more then the introductions of my faith @mistydedwards #onething11

You shall love me with all your mind. Matthew 22:37 @mistydedwards #onething11

‘The entire story of God hangs on LOVE’ @mistydedwards #onething11

‘You SHALL love the Lord your God..’ -Jesus and @mistydedwards 🙂 #onething11

Your mind is designed for God. For intimacy with Him. Love God with your mind! – @mistydedwards #onething11

We have criminally underestimated the power of our mind. @mistydedwards #onething11

Your mind was designed for prayer! Fill your mind with Scripture and allow it to continually talk with God! -@mistydedwards #onething11

“Get rid of everything that gets in the way of constant conversation with Him” – @mistydedwards #onething11

“Turn off entertainment & embrace prayer and fasting because you were made for it.” @mistydedwards

“This is love: take up your cross and follow me.” — Jesus said THIS is love. We don’t get to redefine love! @mistydedwards #onething11

You will never find what you are looking for until you find what He is looking for– @mistydedwards @ihopkc #onething11

You will never be fully satisfied until you find what will satisfy the Lord. @mistydedwards #onething11

You’ll never be fully ALIVE you learn to DIE! @mistydedwards #onething11″

Fasting and Prayer is a form of self denial. But here’s the thing @mistydedwards says, you were made for it. #onething11

Life is battle,but You are made for it,You are made to fight for something,You are made for someone bigger! @mistydedwards #onething11

I want to be one with that holy pulsating heart that has been pulsating from eternity past. – @mistydedwards #onething11

He’s fashioning you into love. -@mistydedwards #onething11

You were created to be one with the Holy Heart” – @mistydedwards #onething11

God says “I love you.” Misty- “Fine I love you too!” God says “Are you satisfied with My LOVE!? @mistydedwards #onething11

 I want to be one with that Holy pulsating heart that has been pulsating from eternity past. – @mistydedwards #onething11”

 If you want to be obsessed with Jesus, LOOK AT HIM. @mistydedwards #onething11

 You will either die to your sin or die to yourself. Therefore live! @mistydedwards #onething11

 We were designed for God and by God. Until we connect with that purpose we will never be satisfied @mistydedwards #onething11

If you’re at #onething11 & want more end-times teaching check the class notes from Biblical Foundation of Eschatology @ Ihop authors table 

Mike Bickle – The Bridegroom’s War and Wedding

Our sweet Jesus is so committed to love He will cleanse the earth from evil once and for all’ – @mikebickle”

#onething11 @mikebickle says Rev  shows us how far Jesus is willing to go for the sake of love and how committed He is to justice.

I want her with me where I am on that Day #onething11

The reason His eyes are burning with fire is because His heart is burning with desire, His wedding day has come #onething11

What the body of Christ does with the nation of Israel is NOT a secondary matter. @mikebickle #onething11

Bob Jones told me 30 years ago you will be involved in mobilizing millions to pray for Israel, and now.. @mikebickle #onething11

The Israel storyline is very very important in understanding His return @mikebickle #onething11 

@MikeBickle He called the twilight vampires demons. Launch it brother. #onething11

As we mediate on the Day of Rev  and Psa 45 we get insight into His personality @mikebickle #onething11

The prophesy is being fulfilled in us Isa 33:17 we will see the King in His beauty #onething11

Don’t watch Harry potter or the like read your bible instead @mikebickle #onething11

Hollywood is trying to make demons cute never watch that stuff it is a setup for the occult that is about to explode #onething11

I believe people in this room will see the return of Jesus #onething11 @mikebickle

The sin will get more intense but the power on the church than the book of Acts @mikebickle #onething11

Why is the Day of the Lord so violent? The nations will be blaspheming God like never in history. @mikebickle #onething11

If you’re at #onething11 and want more end-times teaching check @davidsliker class notes from Biblical Foundation of Eschatology #sogood

@mikebickle is giving a commerical for the value of getting revelation on Rev 19 full notes at #onething11

Jesus isn’t just our savior from hell, He is our husband and we are His inheritance. @mikebickle #onething11

We are making choices that we will wear as garments FOREVER #onething11

 The brides voice sounds just like thunder and many waters just like the bridegrooms @mikebickle #onething11

@mikebickle just said we are now seeing the beginning of the harlot #onething11

Read more about the coming false Harlot religion at #onething11

The two main reasons for Gods Judgments will be the immorality and oppression by the Harlot on Christians @mikebickle #onething11

All the governmental power of the earth will go to Jesus @mikebickle #onething11

I am preparing you for a wedding in which you will be equally yoked for my Son @mikebickle #onething11 

the bridegroom message is about Jesus’ emotions for us! @mikebickle #onething11

Love is not something God does, it’s who He is. He is an eternal overflowing fountain of desire for His people. #onething11

JESUS is looking for more than a adoration and a free work force!He really is looking for a PARTNER! #onething11

Do not bring any sensual or romantic dimensions into the bridal paradigm #onething11

Isaiah was the first to say He is more than a King with power, He is a bridegroom with desire. Hosea next. @mikebickle #onething11

He didn’t save us to worship and work, He saved us to love Him

The Kingship relates to what Jesus does, a Bridegroom is who He is. He is the God of burning love @mikebickle #onething 11

Rev 22:17 shows that the church will move to a bridal identity at the end of the age @mikebickle #onething11

Paul showed us in Eph 5 that the creation of Eve is parallel to the bride of Jesus @mikebickle #onething11

God’s ultimate purpose is to provide a family for Himself and a Bride for His Son as His eternal companion to reign with Him. #onething11

He did so much more than save us, we are His inheritance @mikebickle #onething11

The endtimes is God preparing the optimum environment for us to get prepared, to respond in wholeheartedness @mikebickle #onething11

@mikebickle the way to understand the wedding of Rev  is to understand the war of Rev  #onething11

The judgment in the endtimes is to remove everything that hinders love, it is not contrary to love. -@mikebickle #onething11

Check out : “Ask Mike Bickle,”

@brotherrussell @stephenvenable and I discuss the power of speaking in tongues #glorywithin…


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  1. Posted by Geri Frusterio on December 31, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    Great motivation and encouragement to go deeper and not miss this important conference. Thanks for posting…. Geri


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