My House will be a House of Prayer

I think to whatever degree the church may be powerless or ineffective it is to the degree we lack prayer, actual connectedness with Jesus.

Satan’s kingdom decreases when we pray. When we pray weak words and Jesus responds His kingdom increases and the enemy loses ground. So the devils attack on the church in America is to get us so consumed with the world that we do not pray.

Jesus said that His house is to be a house of prayer (Luke 19:46) and not a house of evangelism or missions or fellowship because He wants prayer to be the center focus of the church, that all activity of works would flow from the place of our connectivity with the power and authority of heaven. Power and authority which comes from friendship with Jesus and is released through our intercession.

The closer we get to Jesus the more authority we have to tear down the enemies kingdom so the enemy has us lured in a culture where all our free time is spent on media and tv and on the computer, and it all keeps us from prayer.

The more obedience we have especially in the area of speech the more we can get closer in prayer so He attacks us in our relationships, causing us to stumble in anger. He attacks us also with what we give our eyes to, media which puts lust or fantasy in our heart.

Now, i know prayer is boring for so many… But there is enjoyable prayer, and there are posts to that end on this site but just get a hold of this, God is not boring, you just can’t see Him right now. You have to labor in prayer, dialouge with the firey Holy Spirit within, and day by day prayer by prayer the veil lifts and He reveals a little more of Himself. The Word opens up to you and there begins to be life and enjoyment on the weak words on our heart. It’s a laborous journey as we rewrite the code of our heart from agreement for the reality of the earth to the reality of heaven.

But this is our duty to lose our life on the earth, that we would save it. We save it by becoming more connected to heaven and to the seeing of it established on the earth, His Kingdom coming, His will being done.

Let’s not sell our inheritance for a bowl of soup. Let’s not be so caught up in the culture and values of the world, or the computer stuff, the tv programs, the fellowship… that we don’t enter into what we were called and created to do.


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