The Revolution

The Revolution Jesus started with the Sermon on the Mount

-There is a revolution coming that changes the earth, you have to say yes to God, mourn, and wait.  That’s what Jesus  meant when He told Pilate ‘My Kingdom is not of this world.”  Pilate says why don’t your guys pick up swords and fight for you and overthrow Rome under your leadership.  Jesus says the revolution is not going to come that way.  It’s actually going to come by poor, mourning, waiting people.  When the church does the exact opposite of what the rest of the world does, a revolution begins.  When the church lives a lifestyle of waiting on the Lord, and crying out for breakthrough, a breakthrough comes!!  When Jesus said the fields were white for harvest, he wasn’t saying send yourself and go reap them, He was saying labor in lifestyle and prayer to be sent as a laborer with power.  Like the Apostle Paul said, he was ‘approved by God to be entrusted with the Good News.’ 


1.  Blessed are the poor in Spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus calls us to present-tense ownership of the Kingdom, on earth as it is in Heaven, by first acknowledging that it currently is not here.  Many calling powerless activity ‘the Kingdom,’ but that’s not what the Apostles walked in, that’s not what Jesus walked in.  In 2nd Cor 3 Paul said the Holy Spirit covenant is to be more glorious than the last.  To be poor in Spirit is to see we have nothing unless God breaks in, and that He wants to.  We desperately need the indwelling Holy Spirit to move, reveal Jesus, and bring the Kingdom.  The way the revolution starts with acknowledging that unless we are absolutely burning, anointed and ruined we have nothing to offer.  It is to break the deception that we have everything and are in need of nothing.  Most in the church right now think that they are rich but Jesus says they are spiritually poor (Rev 3).  We start by agreeing with God that we need a spiritual breakthrough (2 Cor 3), we are blessed to connect with reality this way.   


2.  Blessed are those who Mourn for they will be Comforted.

Mourning Is to see our lack and let it pain our heart, and cause us to be radical in response.  Many stop at seeing the need for God and do not press in, they live business as usual.  To mourn over our lack is to cry out for God, to say ‘God, things have to change,’ and my life and the way I think and talk has to be different, I’m pained about this.  As we say yes to the invitation of intercession and see that it is how Jesus runs His kingdom, and we give ourselves to mourning/prayer here, God says “you, amongst the few of the earth will be comforted.”  Many will not be comforted because they are comfortable.  They see the truth, God has awakened them to the lack in their lives, family and nation, but they remain comforted and passive.  But to say yes to the invitation to cry out for revelation, for your life and family and church body and city, and mourn for breakthrough.  As you we are pained, and say yes like Daniel to intercession, where many are headed for judgment we will be comforted.


3.  Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. 

As you begin to mourn, you begin to be transformed you begin to be meek which means in the place of spiritual poverty and mourning, you stop trying in your own strength, and stop trying to apply your own intellect and talent to the solution and you become dependent on the Lord.  In the place of pain you go God help me and you fast and wait on the Lord, and those who wait on the Lord will be renewed in their strength.  Those who don’t wait and apply all their strength and it gets them no where.  In the place of meekness you wait on the Lord and you begin to feel the grace of the Lord on your weakness, as Paul said, His power is made perfect in your weakness.  When you begin to really mourn in the place of need, you begin trust God to open doors rather than trying to show God and man how awesome you are.   So many want to establish themselves rather than allow God to work through them and establish them in His own time.  There is a real promise for the meek here to inherit the earth.  He says if you’ll stop trying to establish yourself and wait and allow Me to do it My way you’ll be blessed and Actually be in a position for me to give you the earth.  Jesus wants to give leadership over the nations of the earth to those who will do it His way and trust Him and wait for Him.  


4. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

This is to come into the realization that we do not get God on our own terms, but His.  Jesus said first and foremost, we can’t ‘love Him in our own way,’ but we have to love Him with all of our hearts, minds, soul and strength.  This is to want to be righteous so bad that we physically long for it.  This happens by asking God for it.  As we behold the righteousness of Christ and say yes to taking up our cross and following Him, we begin the journey of transformation.  That Kingdom Power would come from Kingdom Lifestyle and Intimacy.


5.  Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

At this point in the journey, in the place of mourning and crying out and encountering Him mercy and tenderness strikes your heart and you become in touch with His tender mercy towards you and it flows out as mercy to others.  Having learned to wait on God makes you meek and more tenderhearted towards others.  This is not unsanctified mercy reacted to human need, but mercy that flows from abiding in Christ and knowing the will of the Father, and being in touch with His heart and His mercy.  In this we understand as we walk in meekness, if we lack mercy to others, we will reap that same lack of mercy.  This merciful meekness comes from being in touch with the will of the Father in each relationship, we serve others unto their calling, not selfishly trying to get ‘what we deserve’ from them.  


6. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

As you’ve said yes to Him and gotten desperate for Him, your life motivation is dismantled and reassembled and suddenly you see God more because you are now pure in heart, because your motivations have completely changed.   The reason you see God is because its all you want.  Right now the reason we don’t see God and we don’t don’t have visions, visitations and powerful encounters like all over the bible is because our lives, our minds and our time are filled with so many other options.   The pure in heart only have one option and place they want to go and One they want to see, they want to see God.  And so Jesus says blessed are the pure in heart, for they’ll see God.  When all you want you God, all you get is God.  When you want everything else, you’ll get everything else.    Then you become pure in heart, you become God-focused rather than self-focused and then you have encounters with God.


7.  Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Then you become a peacemaker.  And a peacemaker you become someone violent in the Spirit.  You’re one who takes ground for God.  You can reconcile relationships.  

In Prayer, preaching, prophecy, and power, you can bring the Kingdom wherever you go.  You can heal sick bodies.  You can reconcile a demonized man, you can reconcile cities that are out of order.  God is looking for a revolution to be led by peacemakers who are able to walk pure in heart, tender towards men, meek, able to wait on God so that when they speak cities shake.  Peacemakers are not peacekeepers, peacemakers are violent so that when they prophesy truth hearts are torn in two.  That’s what God’s looking for. and when they emerge, we’ll then we have the revolution.  


And when we have the revolution then we are persecuted for righteousness’ sake,

8.  Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. 12 Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

The one who emerges as a peacemaker walks with the Lord and so in time walks in prophetic.  Not all are called to the office of the Prophet, but all are called to hear His voice and all can prophesy.  The prophet’s life, gets a prophet’s reward.  Persecution amongst men, and the world hates you, but great reward in heaven.  Jesus was a peacemaker, so was Paul, so were the Apostles.  When the revolution comes, and when the true prophetic comes, and you speak words with real power on them, it really bugs people.  Because deep down the multitude hates truth.   They really hate it.  Which is why the whole journey begins with saying yes to truth.  You can’t even start the journey unless you say yes to truth because you start the journey by saying yes to truth and you end it by speaking it and great disruption comes.     

This lifestyle you lead as a peacemaker, a disruptive one, what that does is in the opinion and the eyes of man is of no concern because great is the reward in heaven.  The opportunities lost, the trouble that comes can be counted all as loss.  But you start by saying yes to the Lord, saying yes to truth, start to fight for it in your life.  Though the truth will make you mourn and the truth cause your heart deep pain. And that yes propels you into a life of prayer and waiting on God, when no one else will.

Many say yes to waiting on the Lord, but over the years many stop waiting and they never actually get to the prophetic part, to the peacemaker part.  Everybody wants the prophetic word, no one wants to live the prophetic life.  The call is to give ourselves to this, that through Kingdom Lifestyle and Kingdom Love we would have Kingdom Power.


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