Study End-Times the Easy Way

To stand in the end-times we need ongoing revelation of His heart by the Spirit, and we need a knowledge base formed not just by others but by the Word and Spirit.  The Spirit of Revelation is key.  The end-time mysteries are not too hard to be understood, we can attain understanding and wisdom through God’s gift of hunger and asking.  Daniel gives the example of regular prayer with fasting to receive end-time revelation.

When we want to unlock the bible, God is delighted, because He wants to allow us to unlock the deep places of His heart even more than we want them to be unlocked.  His plans of how He is returning are dear to Him, hunger through relationship is a key that many commentators miss.  He can’t wait to show His beloved answers to our questions, so He can share with us in those ‘wow’ moments that knit our heart to His.  The more frustrating our pursuit, the more satisfied we are with attaining truth.

He is after our hearts, He wants our time, affections, attention, hopes and dreams and this is His brilliant way to capture and then consume us with desire for ‘more’ revelation.  When our asking, seeking and knocking prevail, He opens the door, Living Water fills us, and we get more than revelation on our questions, we receive life in our inner man.  This is the end-time destiny and preparation of the Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom today.  There are 150 chapters on the end-times, here’s a resource on them to get started.


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  1. Posted by Denise Challenor on April 14, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Hi Brandon,
    Would you please give me the scriptures that identify and reveal “life in our inner man”. I see the change in my appearance and I want to learn more. Thanks.


  2. Sure, the big ones are, in going to the Greek, we see the Holy Spirit dwells in our Jn7:38 ‘innermost-man’, but we pray like Paul to experience Him in our Eph 3:16 inner-man, I have those and more in this post:


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