Power of a Focused Life

“Money is power. Time is life… and to squander time is to squander life. But more painfully, it is to squander destiny! …If you don’t manage time effectively, you will not enter into your destiny!”

This is from a 4 part teaching series found here file: http://mikebickle.org/resources/series/the-power-of-a-focused-life

Please listen to all of it over the course of a week or so to do this effectively.

You need these notes also;


“An aggressive approach to time management is the same thing as passion for your life destiny.

To squander hours doesn’t bother most people… but to squander their destiny in God does. But let me tell you… it is exactly the same thing!”- Mike Bickle

Some people will here on Judgment Day “Depart from me wicked and lazy servant” others will hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Of the good and faithful, we know that some get 30-fold, some 60-fold and a few 100-fold return on their works in the earth.
We don’t want regret for how we stewarded our life, and if Jesus was serious enough to make the point, there must be wisdom in following it, instead of continuing in the delusion that He doesn’t care.

Recently, God has been highlighting to me the importance of effective time management. Hours and hours I could have spent in prayer and in the Word, I’ve wasted on things with absolutely no eternal value. Not because I wanted it this way, but because of my apathy in stewarding time. Thank God He has given us the Spirit of self-discipline! (1 Tim. 1:7).


Where there is no vision, the people perish. (Proverbs 29:18, KJV)
Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint (Proverbs 29:18)


A. Overall life vision – primary purpose in life

B. Life goals – applying my life vision to each specific area of my life. Long-term goals (over 10 years) and short-term goals (3 months–3 years)

1. Spiritually (prayer time, fasting days, Bible study, etc.)
2. Relationally (family, friends, etc.)
3. Vocation (marketplace calling, etc.)
4. Ministry (in the church, outside the church, etc.)
5. Economically (spending, giving, saving, investing, etc.)
6. Physically (exercise, health, diet, etc.)
7. Rest (recreation, vacation, play, entertainment, sports, etc.)

C. Action plan – for each long and short-term goal in each area of your life.

D. Schedule – for each action plan, i.e., focuses us to prioritize. This is where our life vision most easily is derailed and lost.

The Lord says: “Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you.” 15 See then that you walk wisely, not as fools but as wise, 16 redeeming the time, because the days are evil. 17 Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is. (Ephesians 5:14–17)

Why Study the Bible?  (Notes from session 2 Power of a Focused Life)

You will spend much more time reading the Bible and talking with God through scripture and prayer with an action plan.  Without a plan, the average person will talk a good talk, but won’t walk a good walk.  We need action plans for each area of our life that we have vision for including fostering an intimate relationship with God.  Develop an action plan for personal Bible study.

Acts 20:17-32 Paul is talking to mature Christians, anointed elders and commending them to stay in the Word of God because the Word releases supernatural abilities into the soul under the anointing of the Spirit.

The Word of God has supernatural activity when the written Word of God touches the human heart under the anointing of the Spirit.  It has a supernatural dynamic when it comes into contact with the human heart in right conditions.

It will build you up and make your heart flow like a river.

This is the crucial secret to prayer:
We must seek to encounter the Living Word (Jesus) through the written word. (John 5: 39-40)

Luke 8:11 The Word of God is like a seed that has life in it.
The Word is what God uses to help get us into his inheritance.  If you get too busy to enter in the Word of God you not get the fullness of your inheritance.

So many get a vision but not an action plan and so even their action plan does not get feet to it.  They end up spending all life energies on all the wrong battles.

You will gain ground just by staying focused and having an action plan and a schedule.  The plan of God is that we encounter the Living Word through the written word and experience life, a tenderized heart John 5:39-40

Word of God is what God uses to get you into inheritance.  The Love of God, godly ministry, relationships is part of inheritance.  Train your mind in ministry, heart in passion, for many people have not entered into their inheritance.

If you’re too busy to get into the Word, too busy to enter into your inheritance, too busy to have your soul set free.  Inheritance requires that you operate in those things.

If you don’t believe the Word of God is living, it will have as power as a prayer line.  There more power in a secret history in God than a ministry line.  It will transform you.

Hebrews 4:12 The Word of God is living.  It will awaken joy and strength and might in your Spirit.  It will help you to love righteousness and hate the things of long ago

James 1:21 The Word is able to deliver your soul from pain, hurt, addiction and an un-renewed mind.  We need to get a vision that Word is living and powerful!  Lay aside wickedness, receive the implanted Word which is able to deliver your souls

Let the Word take root in your heart, deliver you from really negative emotions

It will set you free from harassing emotions, supernatural power in it.

Need a vision that it really living and powerful.

1 Thessalonians 2:13
The Word effectively works in you that believe
Supernaturally works in you, really delivers you.

Ppl like Mike Bickle aren’t just different than us.  They’re radically committed to reading Word of God and praying it.

Matthew 13 the parable is Jesus using the human heart as soil and the Word of God as seed.  4 types of heart responses that come into contact with the Word of God.

1. Has no root system in the Word of God, growing in understanding.  Word doesn’t really make sense, in the environment, but beat up.

If you feed it an hour a day, your soul will demand more!  Something will come alive in your heart.  With a root system your heart stay alive.

2. Cares of the world, deceitfulness of riches(even poor are covetousness.) what your desire and long for.  Will choke the vitality of the Word in you. 

Mrk 4:19 “desires for other things.
Luke adds “The pleasures of life.” 

Surface encounter with it, never transform you, hindering forces and the values of this world.

If you water and weed, read it devotionally!, take out the cares, desires for things that are hindering your heart, blocking the vitality of the Word.  Personal time in the Word.  You will have understanding, Spirit of revelation will produce something of substance in your life.

5-10 years goes by they regress.  Get too busy for the Word of God, heart will grow dead in it.

Mat 13:4-8 4, 18-23 types of seeds (heart responses that came into contact with the Word of God)

V.21 refers to Christians that do not develop a root system in the Word.  No one can develop a root system for you.  YOU have to do it.  Start small, like 30 minutes a day, and the hunger will grow to the point you will find all kind of ways to increase the time.  The root system of depth of Godly emotion will begin and will allow you to stay steady during stormy seasons.

V. 22 The cares of the world choke the Word.  The deceitfulness of riches is not about what you have it is about what you long for.  Mark 4:19 says ‘desires for other things’.  Those ‘things’ will choke the vitality of the Word in you.  You can’t get the list of those ‘things’ from anyone other than God.  Luke 8:14 calls it the ‘pleasures of life.’  If you are tied up in these things you will choked off from the Word of God.  Ask God what areas of your life need to be weeded so that the Word of God will produce something of substance in your life.

I. Goals Related to Knowing the Bible
A. To study books of the Bible – with commentaries (see instructions below)

Express devotion in the midst of study. It is so crucial, to have a devotional spirit, say I love you, and focus on Him.  Talk to the Lord about what you read.  Fast with it.

B. To pray-read books of the Bible – 10 chapters a day (covers the NT each month: 235 chapters of NT = 10 chapters a day x 6 days/week = 240 chapters a month). Journal as you pray-read through each book. File your journals in the same place.

II. The Action Plan for Bible Study

A. Pick your top 10 “most wanted to study” books. Study one book at a time.

B. Select the specific times in the week that you will dedicate for study and pray over the Word. Pick 5-8 times and LOCK IT IN or a year from now you will still be a wannabe wanting to study the Word.

C. How to study a book of the Bible – 5 simple steps
1. Highlight – select two commentaries, read each one, highlighting the key sentences. Do this for one biblical      paragraph at a time. Go slow.
2. Title – in your own words each paragraph in the Bible book that you study.
3. Study Notes – write insights from the commentary for the key verses from each paragraph (sometimes write word for word, other times paraphrase).
4. Journal – write your personal meditations and observations.
5. Prayer – write a brief prayer from the passage when applicable.

NOTE – if you first write your notes on paper, then seek to type it into your computer. Store a hard copy of your final notes in your Bible Study Notebook.

III. materials and supplies
A. Computer, Bible Study Notebook, two commentaries for each Bible book you study. Bible Study Briefcase – pen, paper, highlighters, notebook, commentaries.
B. Internet resources, i.e., download commentaries – http://www.soniclight.com (click on study aids), http://www.ccel.org (old commentaries), http://www.otgateway.com, http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk/tyndale/links_biblical.htm#anchortools http://www.crosswalk.com, http://www.christiansunite.com (click on bible study aids).


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