Secular Music

What could be wrong with Secular Music

You were made to be led by the Spirit and you were made to have your spirit-man be the dominant lead in the relationship. Your soul was meant to follow your spirit. And your body was meant to follow suit in terms of sanctification and holiness.

But what happens with us all is we are fallen and follow our emotions. So you see, part of the reason we live such unsanctified and unholy lives at times is because we allow our emotions to dominate our body.

Your whole ability to obey in love or disobey in sin starts with your thought life. Your thought-life feeds your emotions. Emotions with your thought-life feeds your words. And if we can get those three areas in order we’ll end up far more obedient over time. Because people tend to be religious they focus on their actions and they try to curb their unholy actions and don’t actually cut off the fountains that feed those actions.

Secular Music

Secular music isn’t bad because it is secular or non-Christian. It’s bad because secular songwriters are unrighteous people disconnected from God, glorifying their immoral lifestyle and loves. They have an absolutely vain worldview of fantasy having no true future, hope or dreams that are connected to reality in God. And they’re singing about that. So you listen to it and disconnect from the Holy Spirit and connect with this person as a soul to soul connection. And this is now feeding and fueling your thoughts. Its forming in shaping what you think about and therefore forming what you talk about. Slowly but surely they pull you off the narrow way into the way of the world and the spirit of the age.

This is why you read someone’s Facebook and they’re always talking about nothing it’s because they’re feeding themselves on and so they have nothing to say. And they are not about anything. There’s a whole book the Bible on the subject it’s called Ecclesiastes.

And so it’s more than unrighteous men and women with no future no hope and no worldview worth your time shaping your emotions and thoughts. Its that over the years the whole course of your life is shaped by the music that you listen to. God made us so driven and susceptible to music because of the role of music in God’s plan. You were designed a certain way and when you function according to divine design you will run in optimum condition. When we change up the order we end up in disorder. We end up with our minds jacked up and our thoughts jacked up. And biggest of all our emotions are a mess and we wonder why we can’t stop sinning or get in the joy and stay there. We would have to repent a lot less if we listened to different music had different conversations and asked the Lord to transform our thoughts and emotions with the Word of God.

***So what do you imagine happens when you immerse yourself in the word of God in singing and worship? ***

You end up feeding your spirit which ends up transforming your thoughts. Which end up touching your emotions which ends up changing what you talk about which ends up drastically reducing your sin life and empowering your prayer life. Your thoughts speech and emotions is the realm that you want the word of God to transform. You want the word of God to transform your thoughts; what you think about. You want the word of God to transform your emotions; how you feel.

The devil gets a hold on our emotions by secular music. Feed your soul on the Word of God not the wine of the world in secular music.  God put His Spirit in your spirit, but the voice of the Spirit gets drowned out by the voice of your flesh, (bitterness, complaining, depression, lust) but if you saturate your mind and spirit with the Word and prayer and praying in tongues, the voice of the Spirit will be louder and your will will be stronger to walk in the Spirit (see Gal 5:16).

But the worst is to repent for secular music for cultural reasons which end up being religious reasons which end up having no power down the road. The truth that you free when the “why” behind it connects. That’s why Paul talk so much about legalism because legalism talks about the “What”without ever understanding the why. you cause relationship isn’t really a part of the equation.


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  1. Awesome!!! My dad taught us these truths when we were kids and I never wanted and desired to listen to secular music, because there are sooo many Christian songs…every genre, if somebody really wants to listen to one genre… I also experienced a Christian family who listened to secular music and then the children went into the world! So for me, it was not just a theoretical lesson, but a practical one, too. I had the opportunity to see it with my own eyes.

    Thanks for this post and I know almost all American Christians listen to secular music and I don’t really understand why…because the best Christian music originates from the US.


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