Fear of the Lord

The Holy Spirit is working for two torches burning in the hearts of believers today related to pursuing Jesus.  “The fear of the Lord and the First Commandment (wholeheartedness).

One of the rarest and most precious things to God on the earth right now is a heart that trembles at His word.  The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord, followed by the mercy of God – or we do not grasp mercy.  We desire wisdom, yet quickly flee from its starting point: the fear of the Lord. To “graduate” from it and move on means we still lack it. 

Unbelief = Thinking that God will not really hold me accountable for every deed in me life and for every word that I spoke without repentance.  The fear of the Lord and the awareness of His gaze upon every area and intent of our heart is clean and glorious, enduring forever.  What’s terrifying about Jesus: He sees more than “what” I am doing, He sees the “why” in my heart – it’s motivation to pray for new motives. 

There is a false grace message emerging anew from different, unrelated streams of the body of Christ, empowering complacency and passivity.  True grace produces freedom to live radically before God, knowing He a God who rewards on Judgment Day.  The fear of the Lord is clean – we are in great need of so much more of it.  Radical abandonment pressing for the fullness of God in breakthrough is the only logical response to the grace of God.  How can you tell if you’re hearing a true grace message? Its impact on your heart makes you want to live like Paul, the bondslave of love. 

“What is your plan to keep reaching and laboring for radical abandonment to Jesus in lifestyle and understanding for the long-term?”  How deep can the free heart go in God?  Love ignites a wholehearted striving to lay aside even the permissible for the cause of experiencing and enjoying all that is ours in Christ.   His love is unyielding, fervently and wholeheartedly pursuing until my heart, wholly unlocked and undone, relents – and all I want is Him. 

Matthew 24/25

Jesus talked about three kinds of believers in Matt24/25 – wicked, foolish, and wise; each had very different approaches to His Second Coming

The wicked servant did not think about or believe in the Second Coming, had no fear of the Lord, thus was blatantly sinful towards others.
The foolish believer even has revelation of Jesus as Bridgegroom, measure of oil on the inside, responsive to call to rise – yet still unprepared.
The wise believers have the end in view in a manner that informs and impacts their lifestyle in righteousness and responsiveness/tenderness towards God with deep pursuit in the here and now.

Bridal Paradigm

There are forerunners emerging to prepare many in the church to stand (Mal 3:1, Isa 40), and forerunners emerging to prepare many in the church to fall away (2nd Thes 2).
The people cry, “where is the God of justice?” and the true forerunner answers, “He’s coming, but you’re not ready; prepare.” (Malachi 2:17-3:5)
Wait on God and He’ll make you into a flame of fire, Heb. 1:7. He’ll ignite you with His passions and inflame you with zeal for His face.

The premiere issue of the Forerunner ministry is to prepare the church for the controversy of Jesus, the Coming King & Righteous Judge.  He is a King we are subject to, and a Judge we are accountable to; He is also a Bridegroom, which disarms our objections to the first two.  The revelation of Jesus the Bridegroom sets believers into their primary identity, rooted and grounded in confident love – unshakable in Him. The revelation of Jesus the Bridegroom sets the Bride into active participation with His mission as King and Judge versus passive resistance. 
We can bring the body into understanding their role living through God’s Tribulation by bringing their hearts into the reality that He is kicking out the props keeping His bride from wholeheartedness.
The people of America are fueled by emotion, which is why we must connect them to the overwhelming emotions of a passionate Bridegroom.
The bridal paradigm is about the longing of the bridegroom and bride to receive wholehearted, abandoned, committed love from one another.
How do we get Lovesick?
You can have a bridal paradigm and never get lovesick.
Eph 5 reveals that the garden of the heart of the bride flourishes best when it is cherished, treasured, and enjoyed wholly by her bridegroom, forerunners functioning as friends of the bridegroom, teach the bride how be to washed by the water of His Word unto feeling nourished and cherished, unto pure and spotlessness. 

_Dave Sliker_

Is. 29:13, “And their fear toward Me is taught by the commandment of men.” Human rules do not produce the true fear of the Lord.
I fear losing the value of the fear of the Lord. I submit that it is not possible to wholeheartedly love Jesus if we do not truly fear Him. I need revelation and understanding of the knowledge of God at another level to fear Him, honor Him, and love Him the way He deserves.
Here’s how to know if the fear of the Lord is vibrantly alive within someone: They are aggressively departing from all evil and disobedience.  Partial disobedience is still disobedience and must be treated as such.  Prov. 16:6 says those who lack the fear of the Lord will allow compromises in their lives to go unchallenged. 
“The fear of the LORD is His treasure” (Isa. 33:6). The fear of the Lord is a jewel with which God rewards the righteous.  The wise get all they can! 


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