Video Podcast /Life of Jesus

I wish I could say that the Christianity of our day is centered around love for Jesus. But if our passion is for a Person, the most natural thing would be to devour every detail of His life available to us. Love demands entrance into every chamber, even the smallest, that it might discover more about the object of its affection.
The Crisis of Ignorance
1. It is becoming common for people in this generation to know very little about the life of Jesus and yet call themselves followers of Him without seeing any contradiction. Christianity is increasingly being defined by belief in very basic truth-formulas, participation in activities, and allegiance to issues rather than a loving preoccupation with Christ Himself.
2. We must soberly ask hard questions about what our ‘relationship’ with Jesus is based upon and consider the possibility that we are often guilty of being more in love with the idea of Christ than with Jesus Himself. How can we relate to Jesus in authenticity if we have little regard for the story of His life – His past, His family, His friends, where He went and what He did? -Stephen Venable

I invite you to click the links here below and subscribe to this video podcast that will be helping us all dive deep into meditation on the face of God and the beauty of God, which is revealed in the life of Jesus. To stay steady in the days to come, to resist the allure of the spirit of the age that will cause the love of many to grow cold, we must feed our hearts on His life and ask Holy Spirit to fascinate us with the most fascinating thing He has to offer, the life of Jesus.


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