The Power of Revelation


There’s no aspect in the grace of God that more powerfully transforms the human emotions than when God reveals God to the human spirit. When God reveals God to our spirit, when the knowledge of God touches us, it shifts our emotions.  Its often little by little over months and years, but it makes a significant difference.
We should encourage people who are struggling with bondage, as they’re trying to get free, gritting their teeth to resist and break free from that bondage, rather than trying harder to resist the bondage, to put their focus and their attention on going deeper; gaining new understanding about God. Its good to encourage them to go deeper and focus on that instead of trying harder. Because you can’t grit your teeth and just by resolve free your emotions. However, you can go after information about God, and when the Holy Spirit touches our heart with it, it liberates our emotions, little by little.

Now many people think about Jesus mostly in terms of a savior. He forgives us of our sin and rescues us from hell. I like that but there’s so much more! It’s part of His ministry to us. They only think about Him as One who heals, who directs, who provides, and who blesses circumstances. And that’s true! That’s what He does for us, but there’s so much more about Jesus than the benefits that He loves to give us and that we love to receive. There’s so much more about Him than the fact of what He does for us to enrich our life.

Now the witness to this truth is found around the throne of God in Revelation 4. The seraphim, the high-ranking angels, who are known as living creatures, cry day and night, offering unending, unceasing adoration and worship—not because they were forgiven; not because they were given financial provision or prophetic direction; not because the Lord healed them; for none of those reasons, but because they saw the glory and
magnificence of God. And the glory of God, His magnificence, always provokes a response in those that see it.
And this is the Jesus who forgives and saves, heals, directs, provides, and protects, but He’s so much more. And as we see Him, it provokes a response in us; it moves us on the inside like it moves the seraphim around the throne.

Philippians 3.

Paul is the premier example of this truth of how the knowledge of God changes people’s emotions and their emotional makeup and the way they think and feel. Paul gave testimony of this: he said, “I count all things as loss” (Phil. 3:8, paraphrased). He said, “I gladly give up everything.”
Now why? What would motivate Paul to give up everything? He said, “I’ve had a glimpse of the excellence, the magnificence of the Man Christ Jesus.” And as I grasp who He is even a little, it moves my heart in the deepest way.


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