The Power of Meditation on the Word

Oh that the church would arise in passion for Jesus!!  Sadly, neglecting prayer time in favor of media, tv film in overindulgence, is giving us what Jesus called ‘dull hearts and ears that don’t hear‘ in Matt 13:15.  Technology has taken a generation away from God into delusion. The world and the devil has us convinced that God is boring and Scripture is too hard. So we gorge ourselves on secular music, secular/social media, and the 1Cor 2:12 “spirit of this age,” which keeps us from abiding in Christ like John 15 says. We look just like the world because we fill our heart with their secular sentiments.

Jesus wants to FASCINATE us with the Eph 1:17 Spirit of Revelation and open up the Word to us, that we would delight in it with joy and passion, that John 15:7 His words would be abiding in us. John starts in John 1 with the revelation of Jesus as the Word of God, then John 5:39 Jesus rebukes the Pharisees that the Word was not abiding in them. That the Scriptures are supposed to take us to Him by prayer and the Spirit.

Then in John 14:23 He says He wants us to tend His words.  I believe this relates to the promise of John 15:7 and that He will manifest His presence related to the degree we have His Word abiding in us. But it takes hunger, time and pursuit, rewriting the code of our heart by meditation and talking to God on the Scriptures, that He would write the Word on our heart. Turn of a few things and let boredom take you to hunger, He says blessed are the hungry! Jesus is building His church on this rock, the Spirit of Revelation of Christ, that He is revealed to us by the Word and Spirit, if we like Proverbs 2 says cry out for the knowledge of God! Take one verse to work and meditate on it all day, asking for revelation and then come home and meet with Jesus. The call of the hour is to get OIL, and buy GOLD, Make the Holy Spirit your best friend get revelation!! (Rev 3:18, Mat 25)

Jesus commands about His words abiding in us and also getting fascinated with the beauty of God. Redeeming the work day is cool too!

I’m convinced where Hebrews 8:10 defines our New Covenant it is defining it as meditating on the Word, Ministering it to God (Acts14:2), so the Holy Spirit can write it on our heart, so that we can be Jn 14:23 dwelling places for God and His Words would abide in us. If we get that, John 15:7 says we will have more authority in prayer.

I should add how Heb 10:16 talks about the New Covenant involving the Holy Spirit writing the Scriptures on our hearts.

“This is the covenant (promise) that I will make with them… “I will put My laws (Word) into their hearts (emotions) and in their minds (understanding) I will write them…” (Heb. 10:16)

MIND: God promises to release the spirit of revelation to our mind as we progressively gain living understanding of His Word.

HEART: God promises to empower our emotions until we feel the power of His Word with new holy desires. God promises to write His Word on our heart and mind (2 Cor 3:3) as He wrote the ten commandments on tablets of stone (Ex. 31:18)

              Our joy is to abide in the Vine and to meditate on His Word day and night. His joy is to respond by bringing forth fruit and to make us as trees by streams (Jn15; Ps1) Living Water!

Daily Meditation

Just to give example for those doing this daily with me. Let’s use “Jn 14:23 If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home.”

There’s no wrong way here, we are just asking God that like John 15:7,John 5:38, His Word would abide in us. He promised in Heb 8:10 to write His Word on our heart by the Spirit. A common way is the “Speak it, pray it, sing it, write it method.” So I make it prayers, ‘Make Your home with Me, Father.’ ‘Release the Eph 1:17 Spirit of Revelation on this verse.’ “Dwell in me God.”

Then there’s also asking for power to obey; “Help me to keep Your Word, show me what it means to keep Your Word.” “Empower me to love You even more.” Thanking Him for the truth of the verse is good too. Slow meditation as you’re working is good. I make declarations often too, to minister the Word to God, “You are the God who loves to dwell with His children.”

The Spirit often reveals other verses that open up the one your using. You might get impressions of meaning, like keeping His Word as treasuring it, or David loving the laws and singing about them (Psa 119).

It’s good to sprinkle in a few ‘I love you’s as we meditate. 🙂 Just a note: I remember reading that the word “keep” in the Greek is like the word ‘tend,’ like tend a garden. We tend the Word like acts 6:4 “We will devote ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word.” We must first minister the Word to ourselves and to God (Acts 14:2) before we can impart life to others.

Singing the Word is so powerful too.  There’s a link on the write of some guided singing and meditation that is so anointed.  It’s the picture of the bible.

As we meditate we focus on the Indwelling Spirit, and/or the throne of God that we are spiritually seated before in heavenly places, Jesus at the right hand of the Father (Heb 4:16). He loves it when we talk to Him and praise Him and ask Him for things!! Even a sentence to Him moves His heart, especially when its His Word. This verse came to mind: “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” We keep the Word and we are sustained by the Word, the Word gives us Life. What do you think it means that the “Father will love him?” What does that look like for those keeping His Word?

Part II

Our minds and souls as we walk in our Eph 1:18 callings are supposed to be fueled by the Eph 1:17 revelation of Jesus, the Living Word. We aren’t sustained by bread alone but by the Word.

I’m liking yesterday’s  meditatation, I did in Eph 1:4, we want to make these Scriptures personal in our relationship with God as He writes them on our hearts, I’m asking the Father what was going on in His heart as He chose me in Himself before He created the world! He is moved that we would ask and moved at our desire for revelation of God

He is a good Father, He will give the Spirit to those who ask (Luke 7:11). Often growing in this is like lifting weights, not always immediate results, but over time, it gets so good!

To be clear it’s not a religious ‘i can’t stop meditating, must keep going’ haha! It’s good to eliminate distractions by writing down rabbit trails or such, but ‘taking every thought captive’ and phil 4:8’whatever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, and praiseworthy—meditate on these things” this is done by grace, spirit led and empowered, He is the One renewing our minds.

So for me it’s kind of like a screen saver. I do work and what the day demands but when that thought process is complete, the meditation screen saver comes on and I’m thanking Him for the verse, making a song of it, asking for power to do it, or it’s leading me to other verses, or I just meditate on the Father and Jesus in the Rev 4 throneroom and say I love you. There’s so much life on one verse by the Spirit

  • I loved singing this little ‘chorus’ about being adopted as a son by the Father today while meditating on today’s verse.

  • As we meditate on Jesus His nature is revealed by the Spirit, His ‘dna’ so to speak is in the Scriptures (for He is the Word – John 1). This dna becomes ours by faith (2nd Cor 3:18 reveals that by beholding the glory of the Lord with a spiritually unveiled face, we are transformed into the image of Christ by the Word and Spirit).


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