Parable of the 4 Heart Soils

In Matthew 13 the parable Jesus is using is the human heart as soil and the Word of God as seed.  It reveals the four types of heart responses that come into contact with the Word of God.

1. This first one has no root system in the Word of God, there is a lack of growing in understanding.  The Scriptures dont really move them and there is no revelation or stirring of the heart, of the emotions

2. With this one the “Cares of the world,” choke the Word making it unfruitful.  Jesus also mentions the deceitfulness of riches (even the poor can struggle with covetousness.) The issue the things that we love, consume us, and they potentially could choke the vitality of the Word in us and keep it from producing life.

Mark 4:19 adds something the others don’t, which is “desires for other things.Luke adds “The pleasures of life.”  This is serious and is a hidden threat not often addressed.

This is the common surface encounter with the Word, it never transforms, its kept from getting root in our heart by hindering forces and the values of this world.

If you water and weed, read it devotionally!, take out the cares and weeds, desires for things that are hindering your heart, blocking the vitality of the Word.  Get personal time in the Word.  You will have understanding, the Spirit of revelation will produce something of substance in your life.

5-10 years goes by they regress.  Get too busy for the Word of God, heart will grow dead in it.

Mat 13:4-8 4, 18-23 types of seeds (heart responses that came into contact with the Word of God)

V.21 refers to Christians that do not develop a root system in the Word.  No one can develop a root system for you.  YOU have to do it.  Start small, like 30 minutes a day, and the hunger will grow to the point you will find all kind of ways to increase the time.  The root system of depth of Godly emotion will begin and will allow you to stay steady during stormy seasons.

V. 22 The cares of the world choke the Word.  The deceitfulness of riches is not about what you have it is about what you long for.  Mark 4:19 says ‘desires for other things’.  Those ‘things’ will choke the vitality of the Word in you.  You can’t get the list of those ‘things’ from anyone other than God.  Luke 8:14 calls it the ‘pleasures of life.’  If you are tied up in these things you will choked off from the Word of God.  Ask God what areas of your life need to be weeded so that the Word of God will produce something of substance in your life.

I think usually if you feed it an hour a day, your soul will demand more!  Something will come alive in your heart.  With a root system your heart stay alive.

This is the crucial secret to prayer:
We must seek to encounter the Living Word (Jesus) through the written word. (John 5: 39-40)

Luke 8:11 The Word of God is like a seed that has life in it.
The Word is what God uses to help get us into his inheritance.  If you get too busy to enter in the Word of God you may not get the fullness of your inheritance.

So many get a vision but not an action plan and so even their action plan does not get feet to it.  They end up spending all life energies on all the wrong battles.

Word of God is what God uses to get you into inheritance.  The Love of God, godly ministries, and relationships is part of our inheritance.  It can train your mind in ministry, heart in passion, but we have to lay hold of it, for many people have not entered into their inheritance.

If you’re too busy to get into the Word, you’re too busy to enter into your inheritance, too busy to have your soul set free.  Inheritance requires that you operate in those things.

The Word of God is living, it will have as much power as a prayer line.  There more power in a secret history in God than a ministry line.  It will transform you.

Hebrews 4:12 The Word of God is living.  It will awaken joy and strength and might in your Spirit.  It will help you to love righteousness and hate the things of long ago

James 1:21 The Word is able to deliver your soul from pain, hurt, addiction and an un-renewed mind.  We need to get a vision that Word is living and powerful!  Lay aside wickedness, receive the implanted Word which is able to deliver your souls

Let the Word take root in your heart, deliver you from really negative emotions

It will set you free from harassing emotions, supernatural power in it.

Need a vision that it really living and powerful.

1 Thessalonians 2:13
The Word effectively works in you that believe
Supernaturally works in you, really delivers you.

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