Watch Onething 2013 is where you will be able to watch the Conference.  I know David’s vow and Psalm 132 is going to be featured some, if you want to brush up on that.  This weekend I think you especially want to Check out Mike Bickle’s Messages.  I love that they are kicking it off with Brian Kim.

Be sure to check out hashtag #onething2013 on twitter as everyone will be tweeting their favorite parts of the conference, I know I usually catch stuff I would have missed that way, and its great to hold on to ideas and not forget them.  It’s also my birthday so I will be spending it there and tweeting the whole conference. @mikebickle just said there are 30,000-35,000 people registered for #onething2013

“Working FOR God is very different than working WITH God.” @mikebickle #onething2013

Mike Bickle is the Steve Jobs of the prayer movement. Making prayer easy and enjoyable. @andybyrd1 #onething2013

Mike Bickle

Full Notes Here:

Watch the message here:

Mike Bickle says to read biographies to fuel your vision & faith. Here are a few to get you started:  #onething2013

The depths of our choices determine the depths of our experience. We are contending for the fullness. @mikebickle #Psalm132 #onething2013

Sign up for decades not a semester or a summer, it takes time to experience the fullness of what God has for you – Mike Bickle #onething2013

I’m not afraid of missing out on fun. I’m afraid of missing out on more of what God has for me. -Mike Bickle #onething2013 #ihopkc

Find out what God is doing in your generation, and throw yourself into in the spirit of this psalm.  Determine you’re going to be a part of a radical core of believers.

20 years ago I set my heart to do prayer meetings with fasting every Friday and Saturday Night.  Don’t be afraid of missing out on fun, be afraid of missing out on a move of God. @mikebickle #onething2013

“When I first became a pastor, I honestly didn’t expect to impact more than 500 people.” -Mike Bickle #OneThing2013

“I urge you to read biographies on Finney, Whitfield, John G. Lake!” -Mike bickle #onething2013

The depth of our choices will position us to receive more from God. –Mike Bickle #OneThing2013

Almost every move of God was started by a few radical believers who were committed to prayer for their generation! -Mike Bickle #onething2013

David’s lifework was to establish a dwelling place for God in his generation. – Mike Bickle #onething2013

Revival traced to core of radical people stirring others to contend for fullness of all God has for their generation. M Bickle #onething2013

Saying Yes means Going for it for the long term. – Mike Bickle #onething2013

This cool-laid back, chilled, rhetoric of the fullness called Christianity is not revival. #onething2013 @mikebickle @ihopkc

Don’t be seduced by a cool laid back Christianity. It has all of the rhetoric but none of the fullness. @mikebickle #onething2013

I’ve been meditating on Psalm 132-134 the last 2 days. Stunned to hear @mikebickle unpacking it at #onething2013. The Lord is shouting this!

We want to do this “King David style” not just his dedication but his confidence in God as well. @mikebickle #onething2013

“I don’t want to be the biggest, the best, or the first. I want to be faithful.” – @mikebickle #onething2013

~When I read the bible and (experience revelation), it’s like gold to me-@mikebickle #onething2013

-Some in the church have zeal for justice but not for Jesus. –@mikebickle #onething2013

-Some think the church is going out of style, but Jesus’ plans for His return are church-centric.   –@mikebickle #onething2013

Brian Kim:

“You receive the kingdom of God like a child, but you advance it by violence.” #BrianKim #OneThing2013

Let me pursue You even when no one else is. Let me live before Your gaze of flame & fire. Even when no one gets it. #BrianKim #onething2013

“Attention youth pastors: We don’t need balanced teens… Balance is over-rated.” #BrianKim #onething2013

There’s a big difference about changing your opinion about something then changing your lifestyle. –Brian Kim #onething2013

“Who cares about riches if we have lost the presence of God?” – Brian Kim #Onething2013

“I am grateful for the way God has moved in the past, but I want to see it in my lifetime.” – Brian Kim #Onething2013

“God wants to give you more than a few good tweets at a conference.” – Brian Kim #onething2013 #ihopkc

What happens when a generation’s glance turns into a gaze?! – Brian Kim #onething2013

“You will not stand before God on Judgement Day & Him tell you that you were too radical.” _ brian kim #onething2013

“One thing that is certain about moving into wholeheartedness in God is affliction…but these are wounds of love!” Brian Kim #OneThing2013

Mike Bickle 3: “Romans 6 Transforming Power”

Self-denial is not a contradiction of the grace message, it’s a dynamic part of it –MikeBickle #onething2013

Step one of sinning emotionally or physically is rehearsing that sin mentally. #onething2013 @mikebickle don’t present yourself to sin.

“Studying & meditating on the Word is not earning love. It’s expressing love.” – @mikebickle #onething2013 #boom

@mikebickle Resist sin, Satan, & sin-provoking circumstances. Sin is a king beckoning us to obey lusts & come under its reign.

God: “I take it personally that you love me when you resist sin.” @mikebickle #onething2013

@mikebickle “Until you say no to the sin, God will not deliver you. Romans 6:12” #onething2013 Great truths coming out today. I’m stirred.

@mikebickle “People are shouting ‘live by grace’ so they can live a life of compromise.That’s the complete opposite of grace!” #onething2013

“Weak love is still real. Love is not only real when it is mature, but it is real when it is sincere.” – @mikebickle #Onething2013

Grace is not our power to sin… Grace is our power over sin! #ihopkc #onething2013 #mikebickle #truth

“Jesus sees and values the genuineness of our weak love and our flawed desires to obey Him.” @mikebickle #onething2013

To be under grace is the same as being alive to God. – @mikebickle #Onething2013

Romans 6 is the most important chapter in the Bible for transformation in our lives. – @mikebickle #onething2013

“We access the Spirit’s fruits simply by acknowledging His presence in our spirit & thanking Him for them!” @mikebickle

#onething2013 acknowledge the peace in your spirit and it will be released to your soul. @mikebickle

“Man is a spirit who has a soul and lives in a body.” @mikebickle #onething2013

As we receive training for our body (gym) & soul (university) we must receive training for our soul (the Word) @mikebickle #onething2013

“Your legal position in Christ is different than your living condition (actually experiencing Jesus daily).” @mikebickle #onething2013

Transformation in our lives begins by knowing who we are in Christ. We are transformed by changing how we think.@mikebickle #onething2013

@mikebickle: We must define love based on God’s terms, not by a culture that seeks love without obedience to God’s Word. #Onething2013

“The Holy Spirit has a FIERCE loyalty to the the God Man, Jesus Christ.” – @mikebickle #onething2013

“If you’ve received the love of God, you’re one of the most successful people in all of human history.” @mikebickle #OneThing2013

Banning Lib:

“How well known we are is irrelevant. Did you do what God asked you to do, did you love well, that’s success.” @thebanning #onething2013

“It’s not impressive if you get married. It’s impressive if you stay married.” –@thebanning #onething2013

“The mandate on your life is to be a fruit-bearing tree. Bear fruit that lasts.” – Banning Liebscher #onething2013

#onething2013 what impressed me about IHOP is not that they started prayer but they sustained prayer. @thebanning

“God is more interested in developing you than your vision.” #root2fruit #onething2013

Listening to Brian Kim‘s message from last night at #onething2013 . Miss a session? Watch archives here:

Bickle II

If we are not intentional about scheduling prayer we think we pray on the go, but the reality is we don’t. Prioritize prayer! @mikebickle

“The essence of how God thinks and feels is wholehearted love.” – Mike Bickle #onething2013

“Our all is frail, but that’s all God wants.” -Mike Bickle #onething2013

“We will never love others more than we love ourselves” @mikebickle #onething2013

The most miserable people in the world are Christians trying to live in sin. #mikebickle #onething2013

The Spirit’s first agenda is to establish the first commandment in first place in the church. #onething2013

“God doesn’t want to to wish you were someone else, He wants you to be thankful you are you.” @mikebickle #onething2013

“God doesn’t delight in us so that we can be careless&sin, but so that we can be confident in wholehearted love.” @mikebickle

“I can love you much better when I feel my worth in His eyes” @mikebickle #onething2013

False humility minimizes how much God enjoys us. He wants us to enjoy being enjoyed by him. #onething2013

When I feel the worth that I have in Jesus’ eyes then I can love others with the fullness He loves me @mikebickle #onething2013

Jesus is never bored in His relationship w/ His Father & He is not bored in His relationship w/you @mikebickle #onething2013

To abide in that love – live in it – stay focused in it- pray it – speak it John 15:9

“Salvation is being called into the fellowship of the burning hearts.” @mikebickle #onething2013

Don’t wait for some revival to abide in love, do it now. That’s the whole point of revival anyway. #onething2013

Abiding in love is the main exhortation of the Bible. #onething2013

“We must love God on His terms, according to how He defines love. A core end times issue is how we define ‘love.'” Mike Bickle #onething2013

“Your greatest calling isn’t what you’re supposed to do…it’s what you’re supposed to be.” #MikeBickle #onething2013

What you fill your mind with affects your emotions @mikebickle #onething2013

 Self-hatred damages our ability to love & receive love. God desires to liberate our heart fully @mikebickle #onething2013

If you change your mind your emotions will catch up to you #onething #onething2013 #mikebickle

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  1. Awesome! Thank you for your awesome job…your posts are great! I hope you’ll have a blessed time at the conference.

    Happy birthday Brandon! I pray that He shall be revealed to you in a new way at this One Thing Conference 🙂 and that You may feel His presence and love for you more and more!


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