Father I Desire

A look at John 17

I don’t know of a passage in the word of God that I make reference to more than John chapter 17.  It’s a very significant, prophetic passage in the word of God. It’s called the high priestly prayer; it’s the prayer that Jesus prayed right before He went to the Garden of Gethsemane, just hours before the cross. The first 19 verses, he’s praying for the, for the apostles, he’s praying for the birthing of the church at Pentecost, he’s praying for the, first generation of believers that God would keep them and protect them and that He would keep their leaders, in the truth and free from the evil one. He was really praying for the birthing of the early church, in the first 19 verses.

You may only see him praying for the 12, but really it’s the purpose in the 12 that he’s praying for. Then in verse 20 for the last seven verses, He changes gears. He goes from praying for the birthing of the church at Pentecost and He begins to intercede for the church in history. Now you know, that when the Son of God receives from God the Father, direction on how to pray for the church and He prays that there’s something very, very powerful and prophetic going on. So Jesus changes directions, He says “Now Father I’m going to pray for the people that believed through the word of others.” I’m going to pray for the saints right up to the end.” And these seven verses give us, probably more prophetic insight, as to the will of God for the church and what God’s going to do in the church before he’s finished with it in any other passage in the word of God.

I mean it doesn’t get much higher than the Son of God praying for His bride while still in the flesh and has been recorded perfectly by the Holy Spirit. You know people talk a lot about prayer, and I would encourage you, to find as much of your theology, rooted in these seven verses. And significant amounts of New Testament theology, for prayer and intercession, you could find the seeds of it right here in these seven verses. I spent the last number of years looking over, praying over, discussing with people, reading other people’s insights on these seven verses, I tell you that, every single phrase is filled with several levels of meaning. At a casual you know, reading superficial it may not seem like much. But I want to encourage you, those of you who are unfamiliar with this passage, ask the Lord in the next 12 to 18 months, to cause these seven verses to explode in your heart. You’re going to see prophetic promises, because Jesus was not praying a myth, He was praying exactly according to the will of God the Father.

We find prophetic promises, we find the revelation of God’s heart, we find the purpose of God in a way we don’t find it in any other place so convinced, as these seven verses. So, when I have a chance to go, to another city, I normally start from John 17, because almost every major truth that is touching my heart, has got its foundations and the Son of God praying he’s seeing prophetically His church through history. He’s praying for the bride, he’s praying for his, His eternal heir, His eternal companion throughout the ages. Because Father even before I leave my days in the flesh. I want to ask you one more time, for this glorious bride and He praised it. And I believe that God the Father answered him yes, yes, yes to every single phrase that He prayed and I believed that He would’ve added to it yes, I’m the one that gave you these things, I’m the one that put these things in your heart. These are my purposes that I will accomplish on your behalf.
Now we’re not going to really develop a whole lot, but let, I just want a say it one more time even in the simplest phrases that seem like their just a little transitional phrase, and not significant, I’ve hardly found a word, let alone a phrase that doesn’t have several levels meaning if you meditate on it. I just encourage some of you, to take these seven verses for the next 20 years, and make it something  something in your life that you refer to regularly. I can’t get out of John 17, I haven’t for years, and I don’t , I hope, I’m, I’m ,it’s, it’s, it’s incurable. I hope to be in it from now to the end. I’m only going to touch a point or two. One of my favorite points, I’m going, just going to kind of cheat on because it really has nothing to do with tonight is in verse 24, I just love this phrase so much but I’m just going to throw it in, then it has nothing to do with you know tonight. He says in verse 24, and I’m reading from the new King James, He says
“Father I desire, that they also whom you gave me, may be with me” John 17:24
Just that phrase, I desire. I mean here’s the eternal Son of God, He says Abba my heart has holy cravings and longings for something I don’t have .He says I desire and when the Son of God cries out with earnestness and passion, I desire something you want to pay the attention, to what it is the desires. And you know what it is, it’s and He goes Abba, I desire…. and He finishes the sentence.

I love the fact that we have a God that’s consumed with passion in His own personality. You know why you have emotions and affections, because He does. Sometimes we get it mixed up; we think it’s the other way around. We were made in His image, we have extravagant feelings and passions and affections, because the one that made us, made us in His own image. One of my favorite themes in the word of God is the passions and the pleasures in God’s personality and I’m going to develop that theme a little bit this week. He has extravagant pass… passions He has exuberant pleasures, in His personality. And my cry is that I want to see and feel the things that things that God sees and feels. How many of you know that God sees and feels, with incredible depth and passion and power? I mean the very depths of God’s vain, see and feel proves. I want to see and feel what the Father sees and feels when He looks at His dear son. You know that the verse in 2nd Corinthians 4:6, that says talking about the light of the glory of the gospel, it talks about the glory of God that’s seen in the face of Jesus.

The glory, the personality of God, the likeness of God, every time that God the Father has looked at His dear Son that He loves with intense passion, every time the Fathers looked at His Son from all of eternity He is seeing in His dear son’s face, the very glory of His own image. He looks at His Son and He sees His own heart, His own personality, shining radiantly out of the face of Christ Jesus. I believe that God the Father looked at him like He said several times in, in His earthly ministry He just leaned over the balcony of heaven and He shouted out I am well pleased, Oh I love you my son, I’m well pleased!

There is an infinite pleasure in the heart of God when He looks at the face of Jesus. I want to see and feel what God sees and feels when He looks at His son. Because the Lord wants to give His heart to us; I don’t want just His heart for the lost, certainly I want that, I want His heart that He has for His own dear son. The heart of God pulsates with pleasure and passion when He looks at His own dear son, and He wants to give His heart to us. Anyway I just love that verse, I can’t get, I’m trying to get down to verse 26 but I can’t bypass that phrase.
I desire…we have a God that desires intensely. There is holy cravings in His own heart for His own people. And I believe that to the degree, that we can begin to see and feel what God sees and feels, it will radically transform us from the inside out. There’s nothing more dynamic than to gaze into the reality of the personality of God, even just glimpses, dim glimpses and it radically changes the inner man when we see it.

Anyway verse 26, there’s probably 15 powerful phrases in these seven verses, and I’m going to look just even for a moment at two or three of them and that’s not even the major theme in you know in itself but I’m going to build on it, tonight and then later on into the week. Verse 26 He makes four very, very significant statements, first He gives a commentary on His ministry. If He was to sum His entire ministry up with one sentence which I think it’s kind of impossible to do it thoroughly, but if He was to sum His ministry up with one sentence, and He does it about himself.

How does He do it? He says Father I have declared your name. He said when it’s all said bottom line, He said I came to the earth and I made known what you are like to people. I revealed the personality of God to the human race. And it was recorded for all the generations after him. In one sentence Jesus describes His own ministry; He revealed the heart of God to the people.
I don’t think there is anything that He loves more than reflecting the infinite splendor and the awesome beauty and the loveliness of His Father to people, so that people see the works of Jesus, they see His ministry and they see a reflection of the indescribable loveliness of Abba, a Father. And they go through Jesus they have, have…oh Father I want to be only yours, and Jesus goes yeah …I made the Father known, I reflected indescribable beauty of my Father through my ministry.

You we know we talk a lot about the ministry Jesus, and a lot of people I hear them talk about the ministry of Jesus a lot of times they talk about specifically the gifts of the Spirit in physical healing or emotional healing .And I love that, and I’m deeply committed to that and I’m involved in that. But I just want to say that the ministry of Jesus is not confined to just healing the sick, the ministry of Jesus is not confined to winning the lost, the ministry of Jesus is not just defined in teaching significant important systematic doctrine to new believers or old believers. The ministry of Jesus is reflecting the infinite glory and splendor of the personality of God the Father and it’s done in all these subcategories.
But when Jesus talked about His own ministry and described it, He describe it in one sentence, I declared what you are like to people, when they saw my ministry ,my words my lifestyle when they saw me in secret in prayer they got a glimpse as to the splendor and the beauty of what Father was like, because it is my glory to reveal my Father.

2nd Corinthians 2:15 talks about the, the spirit of God is going to lead us into triumph and lead us in the victory, why? So, that we manifest the sweet aroma of the knowledge of God everywhere that we go. The desire on the heart of God is that we would be, we would experience the Holy Spirit, we would be transformed through meekness and all the other dimensions of the Christian life, we would be transformed led into victory from the inside out, from our heart our affections, our mind our emotions touched and the point of it is, is that where we go we manifest and here’s the phrase the wonderful phrase, the sweet aroma of the knowledge of God is what we make known when we pray for people , when we talk to people when we interact with people. Our private life, our public life, our ministry our, casual interaction, we manifest a sweet aroma. And it’s called the knowledge of God the Father. That’s what Jesus did, He loved it.

There is a sweet aroma that is irreversibly linked to God being manifest. When people see God, another person, regardless whether its words or deeds or action or just the quietness, when they see God, there’s a sweetness that touches the spirit. And Paul says when you’re led into triumph, in your secret life in God, in your secret history in God, when you break a bondage and you overcome an addiction, or you overcome a weakness, or a habit and you come to a place of victory it releases more of the sweetness of a person ,whose name is God the Father. So the first phrase talks about Jesus, describes His ministry. Now my goal is to get us to think of ministry not just in something that happens in meetings, or not just something that happens when you pray for somebody, but ministry is at its most basic, it’s most basic definition the sweet manifestation of the knowledge of God for lives. That was the ministry of Jesus, Yes He raised the dead, but that’s not the sum total of how He revealed the Father .

And it says in 2nd Corinthians 2:15, to some people the sweet aroma brings them from one degree of life and then encourages them to another degree of maturity in life. But to other people, they go from the death to death, they go from one degree of rebellion to a greater degree, they grit their teeth, and they say no! I will not yield myself to God, no. So some get harder and harder when they confront the ministry of Jesus and some get softer and softer. But this sweet aroma has the power it’s an invisible thing… I am not trying to be mystical. Because sometimes it’s, its how we talk, it’s how we minister but that’s what the thing is about, the ministry of Jesus in the sense that’s revealing the Father. Certainly if our ministries are going to mature which is something that I long for the days to come, I have to know the Father, I have to know God more intimately to do the most basic thing ministry is and that’s revealing the beauty, the splendor of His personality to other people.

We can only touch a certain degree of mature ministry, through just the activities. There’s a certain degree of ministry we can only touch if our, in our secret life we’ve touched God in reality. You know one of the things that I long to be is a voice and not just an echo. I don’t want to just read a book and then communicate a Bible verse; I want to have a secret history in God hidden from the eyes of all other people that no other human being knows. Me and the Lord know it and that’s all that will ever know it, and the thing is everyone of us has a secret life in God that nobody else knows about. And it’s either strong or weak ,it’s getting better or getting worse and sometimes I’m getting worse, and sometimes I’m getting better, but that life is there. But it’s in that place that mature ministry is developed. I’m not just saying that we pray more and therefore we get a more mature ministry, it’s a little bit more complicated than that, it’s not that simple, just having longer prayer times. It’s a whole quality of heart that responds to God in a full way.

Well anyway the first phrase He said Father in one sentence, I want to say what I’ve done for three and a half years on the earth, I declared you. Second sentence, He gives us insight as to what he’s going to do from right the right hand of God the Father. You know… when He died and rose again He exalted to right hand the Father, Acts 2:33 says He was sitting right at the right hand of God the Father , what’s He going to do now? He says there’s a next phrase, He said I have declared you and I’m going to in the future, continue to make you known. So Jesus at the right hand of God the Father, through you and through me and through the others His greatest passion is to continue to reveal the Father. We want to really tap into the ministry of Jesus, we need to tap into what Jesus sees and feels when He interacts with the Father. Oh Lord Jesus I want you to, to declare the Father to me.

In Psalm 22, one of the great messianic Psalms that describes the crucifixion in part. Psalm 22 is probably one the most significant messianic Psalms. He says in verse 22 as quoted in Hebrew 2 v12 talking about Jesus Christ, Jesus said I will declare my God, to the people and that’s what he’s going to do. I don’t even believe just till He returns but through all of eternity when it is most delightful ministries is to continue the unfolding of the knowledge of God to people. So I know what’s on His agenda right now, he’s going to save the lost, he’s going to heal, he’s going to bless, he’s going to do lots of things but I noticed something that’s really major on His agenda that’s to reveal the personality of God to His people. Because you can’t see God without being dynamically changed, you know unless you’re, your heart is set against God.

When we see him it deeply touches us, but so much of the church is not even thinking that way. All they’re thinking about is a way to get more blessings and bigger numbers listening to them.  They’re completely out of sync with what Jesus said He was going to do. He says I’m going to go and I’m going to continue do one major thing, reveal Abba to people’s hearts. When they really touch the ministry of Jesus, they’re going to be captured with the loveliness and the beauty and the splendor of God’s personality and His vein. And I believe it is easy in our activities to lose sight of what our activities need to ultimately release. And, and God is released, the knowledge of impure activities in part. Look at the third phrase, He said, Father, He says I’m going to declare your name to them, I’m going to, I’m going to continue through the Holy Spirit, through the church, I’m going to introduce people to the depths of God’s heart and what’s it’s going to do, it’s going to awaken the people to love Jesus like the Father loves Jesus. He says so that ,the love where with You loved me may be in them He says in every soul when I reveal You to them you’re going to capture their hearts for Me.

Jesus is praying to His Father, He says that You told me to pray this. I ask You that the body of Christ would love me the way you love me. That’s a pretty awesome prayer that we would love the Son in the way that the Father loves the son. So here’s what it looks like, Jesus is going to reveal the Father and the Father is going to capture your heart for the son. There’s a significant dynamic taking place in the Godhead right here. But the thing that I believe is beating on the heart of God in this hole in the world before His Son comes back again, he’s going to have a people and I don’t know how to define this I mean it blows my mind, I don’t even know what it fully means but I know thatHe’s going to have a people that loves the Son of God like He loves the Son of God. He’s going to have a people that are awakened in their affections and their passions for Jesus, by His own heart, is filled with passion.

We’re going to, to some degree, I can’t fully understand how this happens we are some degree, are going to see and feel in part what He sees and feels when He looks at His own son. It’s called a passionate church. Yes the church is going to be filled with activities and all kinds of ministries, but I believe the single most distinctly issue in the heart of God, is to capture the church with passion and affection for His dear son. That is what the Holy Spirit, I believe is filled with zeal and he’s jealous to do in this hour. And all of our beginnings and all our requirings let the choir passion for God.

I feel sometimes the insecurities and I feel sometimes that the distractions and temptations for preachers to try to and make things bigger and better and grander in all this and that and I get distracted from the single mission that’s on the heart of God the Father, to capture hearts for His son. And I have to stop and you know do some spring cleaning and go wait a second, what am I doing I’m not called here to be a spiritual politician, I’m supposed to be a man with holy passion and extravagant affections for the Son of God, and that’s what I’m supposed to minister out of, and that’ what I’m supposed to produce in people. I so easily get distracted from that, I suppose many of you do as well. But I love ,that’s why I love preaching on it cause I have to go like effort cause yeah I remember that my bite and take listen to that because this stuff is preaches easier than it’s lived ,you all know that it’s easy to say these words and it’s more difficult to live them consistently under the pressures of life.

I’ve made is the determining purpose of my life through the years to do this. I can’t say I’ve done a phenomenal job but I’m staying with it and that’s pretty good because I’m sticking with it. I’m not claiming how far I got, but I am claiming I’m sticking with this purpose. So here’s the Son, I mean here’s His last uttered words in this great awesome prophetic prayer, He goes Abba I’m going to continue declare you and I can see the Father saying Son, you love to to declare me don’t you?

Abba you’re so infinitely beautiful, you’re splendor is beyond their understanding I want to make you known, He says I know Father you’re going to capture them for me. They’re going to feel for me like you feel for me, my beloved bride, my eternal companion, my partner forever, the one that you ordained would rule with me as a co heir. You’re going to make sure she loves me, like you love me and Abba, because you’re right. She will love you like I love you will be equally yoked to, to your eternal companion, because I the Father have chosen your bride for you and I am filled with wisdom and power and goodness when I choose my Son’s bride and He said that there’ something that she’s going to have extravagant passion for you. She’s going to have eyes for only you my son.

And then He makes the final report phrase and He says “And I will be in them” which is kind of the cycle goes all the way around, because what happens when Jesus manifests His ministry in the ,in the people we’re going to declare God and make God known ,it just all starts all over again and then when declare God make God known, the people they touch with the knowledge of God are going to be awakened with passion ,because when you see God you fall in love with even through imperfect vessels. And so we’re, we’re going to be filled with the ministry of Jesus,He’s going to be in us, he’s going to be performing His ministry in us. Now those are the final sentences of this awesome prophetic prayer, I mean I can’t tell you and from my estimation how significant I believe, he’s ended now His earthly ministry besides going to the cross. I mean the three and a half years of communicating and pinching, He ends it with that sentence, He says said Abba, last sentence and then I’m ending the record and then He goes and He makes prayers on the cross but there’re not prayers for the body and for the bride. He goes final sentences I will make you known. They will love me; like you love it because you put that prayer in my heart and Father then I’m going to live in them and continue to make you known. End of earthly ministry besides the work on the cross ,he’s done with His three and half years and He ends with that and I say that is a significant statement from the heart of God. And it’s a prayer that He’s going to accomplish before His Son comes back. Father is committed to this prayer, this wasn’t just a wild imagination of Jesus Abba gave him this prayer.

Now lest you think this is something that just starts happening in eternity, all you’ve got to do is read verse 21 and 23 and this 7 verse prayer takes place in the midst of unbelievers watching it and then getting converted. This is not something that happened in heaven ,the community and the glory and the heart of God and all the difference, the different things that manifest the 10 or 15 key points here, these things happened in time and space because unbelievers look at it and they know Jesus is real, when they see it embodied in us. It’s for this is age, it’s not for the, I’m sure some of us for days to come because it just continues, but these are the things are going to happen before His Son comes back and reports all over. But this is wonderful.

Now we all know the verse in Revelation chapter 3 v14 – 21 about the lay of the seen church. It’s the church, it’s the, you know the seven churches of Asia. It’s the church with the worst description, Revealtion 3 v14- 21 has the worst description but listen to this, it has the greatest promises, now that’s interesting. Of the seven churches no church is described more pathetically He said I will vomit you out of my mouth if you don’t change your, the attitude of your heart. That’s pretty heavy language from the Son of God, because He doesn’t exaggerate when He talks He means what He says. The church with the worst description is the church with the greatest promises. There’s no promises in the seven churches that equal what He said to the church in the Lay of the Sea and the whole thing, I believe the power of it is summed up in Revelation 3:20 the verse we’ve used for years for unbelievers, which is fine, I’ll, I’ll still do it’s really written the church but we’ll use it for unbelievers the Lord doesn’t mind. He says:
“Behold I stand at the door and knock” Revelation 3:20

Jesus Christ is going to sovereignly knock on the door of the church, and the church is going to hear it. He has an invitation that they would come and dine with him in intimacy. Revelation 3:20. And we are going to dine with them before it’s over but there is going to come a knock and I’m prophesying here right now, there’s going to be a sovereign knocking at the door that the Son of God is going to initiate and it’s going to be power of the knock that’s going to awaken our hearts. When I see John 17 l go God these things are out of our reach and I believe the Lord’s answer is yeah you haven’t seen the power of my knock yet. I going to release a display of glory and power that the weakest church in history the in time church, is going to become the greatest church in history.

The weakest hour of history, the most pathetic with more information, more knowledge , and more compromise than any time in history, possibly compared to the knowledge and all that we have available to us probably we’re in the worst compromise ever. Because the weakest can feels it is the strongest, because when it’s said and done, when the thing is said and done, it’s the fact thatHe’s a good teacher, not that we’re good learners. I’m not a very good learner but he’s an excellent teacher, I’m not a very good follower but he’s an awesome leader. It’s going to be the in power of His leadership, it’s going to be the power of His teaching gift, it’s going to be the power of the not, that’s going to awaken weak people like you and me. We all have a hope, because of the power of the not that’s going that’s going to come to the nations. You look at the state of Israel when the early church was birthed; they were in pathetic position personally.
But He came of His own will, out of His own good pleasure He came.

And let me tell you the same zeal that kindled in the heart of God to send Jesus the first time is the same zeal that’s going to kindle of His own will, of His own pleasure he’s going to knock again. And when it’s all said and done the church that has the most glory would have been the church that has the testimony of the greatest compromise and when it’s said and done, when all the saints are in eternity and they’ll look at what happened at the end time church, they’re look at us they’re going to say wow, but they’re going to see the whole records and there is going to be only one trophy case of heaven that’s going to have the name Jesus on it. I think of Luke 15, you know the lost sheep, the ninety nine and one, He went after the one and He put that one on His neck, and He came back, but here’s the great thing He was rejoicing, I mean look at His heart and He was telling His friends, He was telling His friends about it. I don’t know who His friends are the, I mean He told them, you know in John 15, His friends were the apostles and His you know the saints. So this parable talks about going after this pathetically lost sheep, who’s out in the mud doing all these crazy things.

He goes after the sheep, the sheep didn’t have enough sense to come back and if it did, didn’t know how to get back He went after the sheep put it on His strong shoulders and came back not complaining, not wailing, not judging, rejoicing out of pleasure of His own heart and he’s telling His friends, He says I’ve captured the lost broken sheep and I believe thatHe’s going to say to His friends with a heart of extravagant rejoicing. I have captured the compromising end time church and I’m going to make them my own. AndHe’s going to fulfill John 17 that was neither, not an idle prayer it’s going to take place.

Psalms chap 2,
I’m really just saying God loves you, you love him that’s basically, there’s a God with extravagant passions with exuberant pleasures, with an infinite splendor and majesty in His personality and it’s that God that’s going to get you and I over the finish line. When I look at me when I look at my family , and my church like gee Lord, we don’t have a chance except but God being rich in mercy.
There’s nobody that’s passionate for God because they were better than other people. If it is God let them see dimly little glimpses of the glory of who He was and awaken something in them. Our passion always comes from seeing something; it’s never derived in and of ourselves. It always comes from encountering even just a brief dimmed lens of who He is. And there’s an infinite diverse spectrum of the aspects God’s personality. And the, each one of them has a different impact when we see them.

And Jesus said I’m going to declare Abba, before it’s over and they’re going to be absolutely filled with passion for me when I’m done. Because to see God is to yield to him, when you see him, when you deal with His sincere heart. Psalm chap. 2, just a little overview of this Psalm, it’s talking about the inheritance of Jesus has. Now I described the inheritance real, real briefly in John 17:26.We are going to love Jesus like the Father does. And we’re going to manifest him to other people. That’s His inheritance in a sentence. He is going to have people, filled with extravagant passion for him. And these people are going to reflect His glory and they’re going to reflect the Father’s nature, like Jesus loves to do to other people.
There’s nothing He wants more than a bride that’s going to what He does for others. I mean He wants His bride to do the passion of His heart, let’s make the Father known to other people, even to the bride itself, sharing one with another through all the eternal ages. The Son is captured with the splendor of His Father He wants to constantly unveil him. He can’t get away from it and He wants a bride that does it with him forever. So that’s His inheritance.

You know there’s a lot teaching in the body of Christ about our inheritance in him and it’s absolutely significant that we’re grounded in that .I don’t think we could go forward without a solid foundation in what our inheritance in Christ is, but let me tell you this the whole gospel, doesn’t end with the message of our inheritance and him. He has an inheritance in us. Keeping something that brings pleasure and blessing, but we become the thing that brings him pleasure and blessings before it’s over. We have an inheritance in him but that’s only half the truth. That’s only half the gospel. If the only part of the gospel you know is we have an inheritance in him, you’re almost sure to get off the track and in some bunny trail somewhere. It’s not the whole truth, we have an inheritance in him.
He has an inheritance in us and you will never ever, understand your life. You will never understand your perils, your problems, you’ll never understand the difficulties that’s your history etc. without looking at history, you’ll like through the lens that God has the inheritance in you, you don’t have just have one in him. If it was all about something we did and that was the end of story, things may be different, but Father has already committed His Son an inheritance and guess who the inheritance is you and some of the things going on in your life can only be understood when you understand that there’s another inheritance that Father is working on, it’s His son’s inheritance in you.
You know God has a wonderful plan for your life but you know what, He has a wonderful plan for His son’s life too.

And you’re a part of that plan. I used to be much more confused about things in my life. When I began to understand there’s something else is going on, that I’m not the centre of the universe even in my own world, there’s another person who gets an inheritance out of who I am. It shed a whole different light on the issues of my life. I said oh…you’re working on two issues here, my inheritance and His yeah…. Well that makes a little different angle on what its happening yeah…you’re getting it. We’re so and naturally and I don’t say this as a condemnation we’re so eager in censoring our whole world and our whole theology and our whole perspective revolves around our blessing and our happiness but there’s another one that God wants blessed and happy and it’s His dear Son through what He does in us. And the whole gospel cannot be perceived without knowledge of both inheritances, the twofold inheritance, our inheritance in him, His inheritance in us.
Well Psalms 2, is about that inheritance, and the inheritance is John 17:26 the people that are extravagantly filled with love for His Son .And its people that reflect His son’s ministry to others. Well Psalms 2 is a again like Psalm 23, very, very powerful prophetic passage. Now if Psalm 23 I said was the messianic passage, this is you know, I haven’t read all the, studied all the Psalms in depth but certainly a bunch of them and I don’t know of a Psalm more powerful in terms of prophetic implications for the end of the ages than Psalms chapter 2. The theme of the Psalm is in verse 8, the theme of the Psalm is in verse 8 when Jesus is speaking, well the Father said to him, ask of me and I will give you the nations for your inheritance. The theme of the Psalm is Jesus has an inheritance and God the Father is committed to him getting it. Again remember what the inheritance is. It’s our hearts; it’s our affections wholly the Lord’s. Every single knee is going to bow and every tongue will confess, that’s a part of Jesus’ inheritance, whether there is devils in hell or the damned and the evil ones who say no to God or the ones that say Yes to God, every single knee is going to bow, every tongue will confess, but it doesn’t end there.

For the saints it’s going to be more than bowing and confessing, it’s going to be more than obedience, we’re going to be consumed with affection for him, it’s not going to be just bare old obedience, it’s going be an extravagant emotion along with our obedience. It’s going to be an abandonment with all the springs of life and emotions consumed in Christ Jesus. That’s the inheritance because it describes it in the next phrase it says this. For, for he’s going to give the nations to Jesus, They’re going to be His possession; He is going to possess the nations. What does it mean for him to possess the nations, well there’s three or four definitions that I could think of. But let me say this. When Jesus met Satan in the Gar…I mean in the wilderness in Luke 4:6.Satan came and said. Hey Jesus I can give you the glory of the nations. And I’ve thought on that what is it? What is the glory of the nations? You know I think that the Glory of the nations. I don’t thinks it the money, I think it’s a little bit of it, that’s not the strength of it, I don’t think it’s the land, I don’t think it’s the possessions, I think it’s the affection of the people.

I think the glory of the nations is the affection of the human beings in the nations and I believe God the Father said my dear son; you will possess them. All of them will say yes to you, even the damnedest lowest will say, but those that are yours will be consumed, you will utterly possess them.There will be none other besides you in their hearts. Jesus has an inheritance, and from eternity passed the Father has told His son, Son I’ve got a plan for your life not just my future creations, your life, I have a plan for, you will consume the heart of those that I create that I give to you, that you will redeem with your own blood, they will be utterly yours.

Now there’s a problem, the kings of the nations, they hate this thing. The leaders of the nations are in agreement with Satan, though they don’t believe in Satan, they say wait; we want the glory of the nations of the people. The people are into themselves, humanness and have been glorified and man, man is into himself. The happiness of man is the only thing they care about if man is happy everything is well, if man has rights to choose and do everything is well and they want the affection of the nations. The leaders do and the Father says no. I’ve already ordained it for my son. So this Psalm is about, it’s a prophetic Psalm that David caught the spirit of prophecy it tells what the Father’s going to do before this thing is finished. The nations are going to belong to the Son of God.

Again the disobedient will bow their knees and be subservient. But the obedient will go more than obedience. They will be consumed with passion. So what this Psalm is about David a 1000B.C. is peering into the future, He sees the time you know I think this thing is escalating. It says in Mathew 13, that the wheat and the tears they both mature together. I believe in the last hour of human history, Isaiah 16 v 2, deep darkness will cover the earth, moral darkness will cover the earth and the glory of God will arise suddenly when He knocks sovereignly on the lid of the seen churches door. But , when He knocks and the glory begins to come, it says the hour of history where deep darkness covers the nations of the earth, there’s and that’s Isaiah 16 v2, I believe there’s a moral darkness that we are only at the beginning of. I believe the dark is going to get darker in terms of evil and immorality and the breaking of God’s laws but I think the light is going to get lighter and it’s, there’s going to be what basically I believe that before it’s over the grey area is going to be removed. God is going to bring forth a conflict of passions in the nations.

There is going to be a great conflict of passion and this scenario with David prophesied 1000 years B.C. nearly three thousand years ago has been building but it’s going to culminate, in one, I believe in one hour of history where the nations will rage against the Son of God, I don’t mean a little bit, they will be in a full red hot rage against Jesus Christ before it’s over, because their rage will equal, or will at least be comparative to the passion and the thirst for the Son of God. There’s a great conflict that’s about to emerge and we’re already feeling it right now. So I just want to introduce you to it we’re not going to look at every phrase we don’t have time for that, I just want you in the flow and feel of what’s happening ,because it’s what going to happen in this area of the earth in all the earth and you’re going to be a participant in it. For the first three the kings of the earth they are mad.

They don’t think God has the right to give the affection of the nations to His side. We own the people the glory of the kingdom of the earth are ours they said, we’re the rulers. I don’t think it’s just the kings and presidents, I believe that the commercial ringleader, it’s the educational leader, it’s the leaders in the social structure it’s the leaders in economic world the kings, the leaders in society are going to come together in their humanism and they’re going to say wait a second, wait there’s no God it’s, it’s about us, it’s about our happiness we don’t like you’re intrusion upon what we’re doing. And right now we see that in our society and it’s increasing but it’s not at a rage except for just a little slivers of it here and there. It’s going to be a rage before it’s over. So the kings of the earth they get together versus the leaders of all the stratas of society and David he’s speaking prophetically about why do the nations rage? He says why do the people plot a vain thing, he calls it vanity because they’re plotting something together here now listen very carefully, the kings of the earth the prominent leaders of society are going to set themselves, it’s going to be a very, very deliberate purpose. It’s not an accident, they’re going to set themselves gives together and they’ve got one major thing on their agenda.

The rulers are going to come and take counsel together and here’s whose its going to be, it’s not against us yet but it’s going to come this. It’s going to be specifically against God the Father and against His anointed Son who gets the inheritance Right now they just don’t like some of God’s ways. Right now they think we have a right to abortion it’s not against Jesus yet it’s about liberty and freedom. But it’s going to be against the Lord the Father and His anointed one, in a very specific and deliberate way before it’s over. Right now it’s about rights and rules of morality but there’s a crescendo that’s building. It’s going to be against a person and it His Son before it’s over. They set themselves together and here’s what they say let us break the bonds of God into pieces and let us cast away God’s cords from us. What are God’s cords? and What are God’s bonds . His bonds and His cords speak of the restraints in God’s word. God is infinite wisdom and kindness put boundary lines on human life called the word of God. They said we don’t like your word .We have the discernment to choose ourselves how to rule our society and to govern our nation. We own the people they put us in office you don’t even exist and they’re going to cast aside the word of God entirely.
There’re going plan together and there’re going to plot and here’s what there’re going to come to. Let’s break the bonds of God there’re going try to. David says in verse 20 that it’s the most futile stupid, thing that any intelligent people could imagine they can break the cords of God. The eternal power and truth of God’s words, can be broken because a bunch of men and women get together and vote on it. Here’s what the kings says, the king says you don’t understand. There’s, one day there will be 10 billion people on the earth. You know I heard statistician say this once, a guy who He said He was, He studied down the South, I can’t prove it. Might not be true, but I think it is, how’s that for credibility. But any way He said there’s, He said between the years 19…what was it? 1950 and 2025. I’m not going to develop all of this; there will be more people on the earth in that 75 year period of time, than in all of human history added up together. There’ll be more people on the earth at one time in all of history together. And He gave a whole bunch of … figures and you know there wasn’t a billion people till the year 1800, total, 1 billion. And it took another, you know it took 1500 years to get a billion and another hundred years to make it 2, to 1900. But it’s going to be about 15 billion about the year or 17 or something like that by 2025 .
There’ll be, so there’s going to be an incredible number of people and the kings on the earth are going to say wait a second, we have more people collectively under us than history put together, who are you tell us how to govern them, they put us in office, we don’t want your input and they’re going add up all their money, they’re going to add up all their clout, they’re going to add up all their accumulated resource and they’re going to put it together in their own mind and they’re going to challenge the throne of God face to face. They say they belong to us, you stay out of it. Because look at the strength that we have I call it the unholy momentum that’s going to be created. And there’re going to think through the accumulation of their resource and their clout they’re going to win. They’ve never faced anybody like God the King and there’re going to come and there’re going to point the finger, and they say let us cast this cord aside, let us break the restraints of God.
There irrelevant we’ve got enough power we can do it. And there’re going to have evil in their hearts and unparalleled level. And they’re going to be against the person and against another person His son, a third person, the Holy Spirit and guess who’s going to get caught in the middle of it , but anyways, but Gods going capture us entirely in that hour. I think this could be our greatest hour of existence, the glory of God is going to be revealed in our hearts. The great thunderous knock on the door of the churches that account and we’re going to be more in love with God and the glory of His splendor, all the days of our life .There’s a verse I love in Psalm 145 verse 5, Psalm 145 verse 5, it says this, the Psalmist says
“I meditate on the majestic splendor of God” Psalm 145 verse 5
Oh how I love that verse and we’re going to Psalm 145verse 5, we will meditate
on the majestic splendor of our God in an unparalleled way in history, we’re going to see it, we’re going to be intoxicated with His beauty and we’re going to be so in love with him, we’re going to look at those poor fools and our hearts are going to break with compassion over them, but it’s vanity what they’re doing. Okay the scene closes, okay it opens again the curtain, God the Father comes on the scene he’s going to speak, he’s going to answer their charge. They’ve declared war on God because they’ve got a lot clout. They got more people under them than any other leadership in history. He said verse 5,
“He that sits in heavens laughs”
Not clear 43:46 called it the most terrifying laugh through the corridors of history. He said it’s the most horrible, terrifying mockery that God ever made to the human race. He laughs at them that by their accumulated power and clout they could overthrow the will of God. They could overthrow the eternal counsel of the Godhead because they got together and said something in their mind. He looks at them and He laughs, it’s a terrifying laugh. It’s, it’s, it gives me chills or shivers you’re like oh my goodness, when God laughs with anger undergirding it is terrible when He does it. He looks at the kings and He laughs at them, He said the Lord shall hold them in derision, He shall speak to them in His wrath, He shall distress them in His deep displeasure oh, oh… should be with His deep displeasure, He will distress the nations.
All you do is read the book of Revelation. The book of Revelation is about what Satan does you know people read the book of Revelation oh my goodness; it’s going to be so hard. No, the book of Revelation is our greatest hour it’s what God does, to the people that say no to the great revival… It’s not what God does to us, I mean the devil only gets about two, about a percent, or two or three of the book Revelation it’s the glory of the Father and it says in Revelation 19, 4 times,4 different groups in a row they said, the 24 elders shouted Hallelujah, all the angels shouted Hallelujah ,all the saints shouted Hallelujah, and then the next group was, I forgot who the other group was, it was the four living creatures they shouted Hallelujah..The
only time in the New Testament you find Hallelujah; you find it four times in a row, in Revelation 19 after they witnessed that terrifying judgment of God against the rebellion of the nations that said no to the great revival the knocking of the Son of God. The book of Revelation is our greatest hour, it’s when Abba shakes the foundations of the earth when He distresses the nations in His deep displeasure, because they get overthrow His counsel, to capture the hearts of people for His son, the inheritance He bound to His Son from eternity passed. No way, no way will they, will they prevail. In His deep displeasure He will distress the nations.
I read the book Revelation and I go whooo… that’s my Papa. It’s terrifying but it’s awesome. The Saints in heaven, the holy apostles rejoice when they saw the things on the earth. They didn’t intercede and tell God to stop, they rejoiced and they all said Hallelujah. Finally the zeal of God has been manifested against the works of darkness and the rebellion of people. But I believe we’re going to see it a billion times first, before that happens. I believe that judgments’ going to be because they say no. I believe that judgments’ going to be because the Holy Spirit is going to bring Jesus His possessions in our hearts and the nations will rise up to get in the way of it and say, We want the heart, we don’t want these fanatical, radical people to this invisible they’re not cooperating with our agenda anymore. There’re loyal to this invisible person, we hate him because they, they’ll lose their life before they will deny him and they won’t cooperate with our evil, idiots in command, they’re messing things up have a rage against Jesus because of us before it’s over.
We will not love our life even to the death. We’ll say take it. We are so absolutely intoxicated with the beauty of the Son of God, we don’t even care, take our lives Lord do it. We’re going to a holding him face-to-face and by the, you know who knows what the marginal count will I don’t know that, I don’t know if it will be great or small. But I know one thing,it won’t matter to us, we will be so, you know we will be so filled with the Holy Spirit and joy that isn’t going to matter. But the nations will hate us, because we won’t corporate. He laughs, He will distress them in His deep displeasure and He announces His last thing, His last of the three verses and then the scene closes He said Oh by the way I’ve already chosen my king, and I’ve already set him on the on the holy hill” He says, all your accumulated power means thing nothing, nothing to me,zero. It says in Isaiah 40 that nations are a drop in the bucket and what that means is that in their power to prevail against God, it is insignificant, when God has something on His heart. You know David, a real man wrote this, what you think David felt when he was getting this by the Holy Spirit? What, what do you think the song was like, when he first sang this song on His heart. I mean, do you think He felt the heart of God in verse four when God. He said you think you could prevail against me, I bet He did., you think it was this heart that David caught when he stood before Goliath, you know on one side of Valley and all of Israel on the side and all of Israel trembling in their booths and Goliath comes down in the Valley and he says I’m the champion of the Philistines give me your best and David this uncircumcised Philistine, this nobody in name of God, is taunting us, forget it! And I believe that David felt the wrath of God. He said I’ll take him, I don’t care about His sword versus my sling, I don’t care about Saul’s armor. I’m going to go there in the name of the Lord, because he can’t stand in the way of my God. And I tell you there are, in the church, here is my application, in the church pastors and leaders are coming under the sway of this unholy momentum, to disregard the standards, in the precepts of God’s work.
We are embarrassed to tell the people to deny themselves take up the cross, that’s the only kind of Christianity that’s real. It’s the only kind of Christianity that works, it’s the only kind that gives Jesus His inheritance, it’s the only kind that satisfies our spirit, but we have got this major self-help thing, we are buying into the unholy momentum ,the confidence of the evil society around us. We are scared to death to take our carnal people and tell them the truth about the love of God and what it requires of them in the light of His love. He requires abandonment to him. He is the glory of the church, its abandoned people that sees the heart of God and run fully, not counting the cost into him because He is the king from all eternity in infinite glory and splendor .That’s who He is.

And I’m watching pastors everywhere they are shaking with such intimidation and fear of because another big thither is going to leave if I tell something about obedience or if I tell something about the reality of what God thinks. And their shaking let me tell you .God laughs at them. He will break the power of that momentum in a moment. We need to have the heart of David with all the odds against us and I mean the church is moving in that direction. But I tell you I want to say by the grace of God, there’s a company of men and women raising out of the earth, that have the same heart that David had, they feel the wrath of God against these, a formidable odds. Because God is going laugh and he’s going shape the nation and we are going to see holiness triumphed in the church again. I’m not ashamed of holiness…I love the holiness of God’s word Not clear 50:16-50:21 . So He says in verse 6, I’ve already set my king, It’s already happened kings, it’s final. Curtain closes, the next verse quickly Jesus steps on the scene, I can only declare what my Father declares. Because I have no will of my own in this matter, I will declare whatever my Father has said, I say it I stand by the will of my Father my Father declared a decree, I declare a decree. The nations will be mine and in verse 8 He says Abba give the nations now, and I believe that’s the prayer in Psalm 2:8 that Jesus picked up in John 17. He was praying in time and space in the flesh, He was praying the prayer in Psalm 2:8. He’s going, Abba remember the nations, cause them to love me like you love me. Oh cause them to be filled with me , cause my glorious bride to be consumed with me Father, and he’s asking it, that where’s His intercession is coming forth right there. David saw it prophetically a thousand years before Christ, and Jesus prayed in John 17 and that’s our prayer, that resistance in our hearts and resistance in the hearts of others that are not yet the Lord’s that are going to be the Lords, that the Lord’s by His kindness first, would come and break the resistance, by the love of God.

The rod of God can come in kindness, but if we say no to kindness, the rod of God will come in severity. But the rod first comes with kindness. The rod of God again, being His word. It’s a, it’s a judgment as well, but it’s the unveiling of His heart that breaks our hearts. It starts with His splendor and His majesty and it ends up with His displeasure if we say no. But let me tell you when Jesus Christ, prayed Abba give me by inheritance, the Father said, it’s settled. I declared it, I decreed it, you prayed it, the Holy Spirit recorded it, witnessed it, it is settled, you will get your inheritance in the nations, not just in heaven you’ll get it here.

Verse 10, The scene closes opens, opens up again David now comes on after the three scenes and he’s kind of looking around and He says whoa that was awesome, He says I think God’s going to get His inheritance and I don’t care what the momentum is, God’s going to get courage in His body again. Man I tell you my heart, not it’s not mad by and I’m broken over the leadership and the body to that’s so intimidated and fearful to preach the word of God as it says. I mean we can preach with it kindness and grace, but it’s our glory to be abandoned, it’s our glory to deny ourselves for him, it’s our glory to give all of our money, and all of our time and all of our goals and all of our rights, to an indescribably beautiful king who died for us. It’s our glory to do that. That’s not something we trying to hem haw, well I know this may be a little tough and maybe you don’t understand, but you’re suppose to obey. Forget it! It’s the glory of God to obey him; it’s the glory of church to be clean and to be holy in the Lords. So David comes and He says Oh kings, I’ll loudly, Be wise!

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