Emotions of God

    It’s vital that we become students of the emotions of God. The revelation of the heart of God is what will equip us to bear Christ. The longer we sit before the fire of God’s emotions to encounter them and to gaze upon them, the more our hearts will be equipped in love righteousness and holiness. We become by beholding, there is no other way.
    All of God’s emotions are deep and transcendent expressions of His divine being and essence i.e. love, wrath, jealousy, joy, delight, pleasure. The emotions of God can be powerfully experience in the soul of the born again believer.
    To make time for this is such a noble pursuit.  I use the aid of Worship with the Word sets at ihopkc.org, but more than any thing the key is focusing on the one who is moved by the sound of your voice.  Also the awareness of the Holy Spirit that wants to reveal Christ to you.  You can go through the gospels, and ask, what were you thinking there, what were you feeling.  It helps to journal revelation.
    In each section consider the emotions of God and the Spirit can give you entrance into experiencing and knowing Him there.  It helps to remember that even His judgment is mercy.  He never stops being merciful when He judges, and the wake up calls he gives are to judge sin, keep it from spreading, in hopes of turning hearts toward Him.
    His wrath is not toward the sincere believer, we must repent and walk in full wholeheartness, but we are His Beloved and His delight.

A man or woman after God’s heart is in reference to a person whose single focus, passion and vision is to pursue and understand the emotions of God. God is not a stale stoic. He is the author of the realm of emotions because He possesses powerful transcendent emotions within Himself.

A people after God’s own heart are a people who pursue and encounter the emotions of God that fuel abandonment in their spirit and soul.

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