Highlights from Onething 2017

Mike Bickle

There isn’t a better way forward than the plan of Jesus.

“I don’t want to get seduced into a humanistic view of justice & end up offended at God when He doesn’t do it like I thought He would.”

“Jesus restores an impossible, broken life. He heals it.”

“Isaiah 42 is the great justice chapter in the Bible.”

“The Father Himself has given His plan to bring justice to the ends of the earth to His Son.”

“Even though the power of the Spirit is moving globally, injustice is going to intensify.”


Benji Nunez

Now we have the privilege of standing with Israel as God has stood for us”

I want to be a mature Christian, one who is in pain when God is in pain & who rejoices when God rejoices”

Dana Candler
“The Lord wants to wreck us with His love.”

“I believe the most unshakable people alive are the people who’ve been most wrecked by the love of Christ.”

“The Lord wants to match the trembling of trouble with the sweetness of His love.”

“The Lord chose marriage as a picture of our relationship with Him. Marriage is a 100% love relationship that gives all. He is ours. We are His. It’s time to give more than 98% to Him as His bride. It’s time to give ALL to Him.”

Marriage is invasive.

“When our treasure is Christ, our heart is steadfast.”

“When we understand the revelation of the Bridegroom, we being to understand that He has deep passion for weak and broken people.”

“Do you believe that your words move the heart of God? When we realize that the Lord is moved by our words, we will open our mouth. We will pour out our heart to Him — a God who cherishes out tears and hears our prayers.” – Dana Candler

“There is no such thing as our God being stoic and indifferent—He’s moved by His people.”

You don’t ever have to lose your first love … there is a grace to remain steadfast!

“Forever and ever we will look at the Lamb slain and say, oh how He loved me.”


David Sliker

Don’t confuse people’s reactions to your immature, insecure, ungodly zeal with persecution… but truly reflecting the beauty of Jesus will bring real persecution.

The day that all nations take the Church seriously enough to hate us for His sake (Matt 24:9) is a glorious day for the Church because it means we’re doing something right and demonstrating real power that threatens the powers of this age.

The Joel 2 outpouring is about way more than the indwelling Holy Spirit being available to all. We’re talking massive global REVIVAL with mass supernatural repentance unto salvation, signs & wonders, ALL the Church anointed and engaged in the harvest.

A true revivalist will pay the price in prayer to prepare for revival, and will pay the price for revival when it comes. It’s a popular term right now, which is great, but it’s not a trivial thing.

True unity is not about making a Baptist look like a charismatic, but making all of us look like Jesus. We will all be preaching the same message with the same heart for the glory of the same Man.

No one looks at the book of Acts and summaries it as a scary book full of persecution and oppression, and yet that’s common to say about Revelation. God is going to do the book of Acts on a global level right before Jesus comes back.

When an individual gets saved, it’s easy to dismiss: “How nice that they found religion.” But when tens of thousands get saved, it affects government, economics, etc, and people get angry. This is the power and cost of revival.

The more likeable the church is the more like the nations of the world it is.

“There’s a day coming on earth when every man, woman & child will believe the God of Israel is real. Atheism is going away.”

God’s not coming like an angry father, He’s just coming to tell the truth. And those who respond to that truth will be saved.”

Revelation is the same story as the book of Acts, just on a global level: the Church is victorious!”


Francis Chan

“My prayers are a part of the incense (in heaven) which is a collective of the prayers of all the saints”

Did you like the worship? Nah Did it ever occur to you that we weren’t worshipping…you?

“We live in a time where Christians will flock to hear certain speakers, (yet) sometimes we’re so in love with the delivery & not with the Word itself”

Sometimes we can be so in love with the delivery but not with the Word itself. –

What more do we want in worship than to be in the presence of God? It is insulting to God do desire any more than just that.

God looks down at me all the way from heaven and calls me his inheritance, not the angels.

Sometimes we’re good at taking God’s commands seriously, but not so good at taking his promises seriously.”

Church wasn’t a place where he (Paul) went for an hour a week, it was his/their identity. You don’t go to gang… you don’t go to church. It’s your my identity. Francis Chan

The cross is evidence that God wants/desires/loves you.

We could be the generation that kills this whole consumer mindset in church.


Issac Bennett 2pm
“The only way to expose the counterfeit is to KNOW the authentic.” Deception will mark the end time generation; yet God will humble the proud and glorify His Son.

“The greatest cause of trouble and shaking in the last days isn’t sin, it’s God; He’s shaking the nations to bring them to the Desire of All Nations.”

Stuart Greaves

The social pressures that have mounted within America is about the “Church.” Because it is exposing where her hope really lies, does it lie in the conservative narrative or the liberal narrative? Or does it lie in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“The Lord is preparing a pure, spotless, and racially unified bride”

NO ONE has experienced more injustice that Jesus Christ Himself!! He is the only way forward. He is the pattern.

The Gospel is a story of a King and a Kingdom. It’s bigger than my individual forgiveness; it touches every aspect of society.

The deception of Matthew 24, when nation (Greek: “ethnos”=people group/ethnicity) rises against nation, is about fear leading to buying into a different story than the Gospel of the Kingdom.

The Holy Spirit is delivering the Body of Christ from political idolatry in a generation when liberal and conservative politics are slowly but surely becoming a religion. Political involvement is great, but it must NEVER have our heart.

“Love your neighbour as yourself.” “But who is my neighbour?” …the Samaritan. Love THE SAMARITAN as yourself.

Only the Cross can tear down racial hostility, when we don’t simply ignore race but honor/dignify/love each other as the Father loves the Son.

Ultimately racial conflict is an issue of worship. God is raising up a unified worship movement from every nation, tribe, and tongue. “How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity…For there the Lord has commanded the blessing.”

When racial conflict breaks out, let our first response be “LORD, how are we doing as a Church? What is our way forward?” We have to go straight to prayer, not to looking to the world’s narrative or to spouting off on social media.

Three practical steps: 1. Actively engage with God in the Word. Search it out; recognize it’s about the Gospel. 2. Actively pursue Christ-like 1 Cor 13 love toward people of other cultures. 3. Pray for understanding for yourself and your community.

Ultimately racial conflict is an issue of worship. God is raising up a unified worship movement from every nation, tribe, and tongue. “How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity…For there the Lord has commanded the blessing.”

The gospel is not just therapeutic, its grander than that.

The gospel is not merely speaking to our personal needs, but it’s also speaking to the issues of society.”

The constitution will not tear down the racial hostility within us. The constitution will not do it, the declaration of independence will not do it. Only the cross can tear down the wall of racial hostility.

“There is only one reality that will tear down racial hostility and it’s the cross of Jesus Christ. It loving one another as the Father has loved the Son and the Son had loved the Father”

The power of the cross tears down the hostility between people groups. not the constitution nor political party.

Love the Samaritan as you will love yourself.  -Jesus’ answer to racism. Jesus deals a death blow to ethnic hostility. That great, great, great adamic nature of our soul gets confronted when the gospel witness of Christ is embraced.

Addressing the issue of race is central to the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There is a narrative that transcends conservative and liberal—The Gospel. As far as heaven is concerned its ALL fake news. The church is caught in the middle of the storm being forced to choose sides.

We can have a political view that doesn’t have our heart

The church is caught in the middle of the storm forcing us to choose sides.
The only way that racism will be removed is by a people who embrace the cross.

The gospel is not merely speaking to our personal needs but also to societal needs.

Corey Russell 2pm
“I want God to raise up 1,000 men and women that, above anything else they would do, they would be burning men and women” –Corey Russell

“Jesus’ greatest impact on his disciples was his own prayer life, he taught them how to pray-he taught them to seek the Father. Jesus was moved by the will of the Father.”

Religion without the daily refreshing and washing of the revelation of Jesus is worthless. -@brotherrussell

You need to Come Up to bring it Down.. #KingdomCome #PrayerLife @brotherrussell

“I want to see a generation get equipped on how to rise above storms and lock eyes with the One on the throne”- @brotherrussell

“God is mighty, generous, and He really likes you.” @brotherrussell

“The spirit of prayer falls on the life of prayer” ~ Corey Russell @brotherrussell 
Our public life will reflect what happens in our private life of prayer! #CoreyRussell #

Prayer was not a religious activity to Jesus. It was his life. @brotherrussell _

“It was worth the trip from heaven to earth to teach men how to pray and connect with heaven.” E.M. Bounds #CoreyRussell

“I want to see a generation get equipped on how to rise above storms and lock eyes with the One on the throne” –Corey Russell,

Allen Hood Leadership Summit

Jesus is so kind that the disciples argued in front of Him about their leadership ambitions. – @allenhoodihop #leadershipsummit

Old methods of leadership will not take us where God wants to take us. @billyhumphrey1 Global Leadership Summit







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