God’s Eternal Purpose

A New Series

Mike Bickle has starting a another series at IHOP-KC called Studies in the Bride of Christ.  It will probably be a lot of session, with this post I want to examine some of the themes with the purpose of inspiring you to challenge yourself to dive into some of them.

The bride of Christ is right at the center of God’s eternal purpose.  This is a very big statement. God’s ultimate purpose for creation was to provide a family for Himself and to provide a bride for His Son.

He ordained that He would give His Son an eternal companion that would be equally yoked to Him in love (2 Cor 6:14 – If God want’s us to have equally yoked brides/partners, wouldn’t he want Christ to have the same?  Through grace He will).  God wills that she would reign with Him forever and forever on the earth.

When God first established the plan of creation, to create the heavens and the earth, the natural realm, and then to create a human race to live in the natural realm, His idea is that He would join together the natural realm and the supernatural realm together on the earth.

His plan was that human beings would be the vessels, or would be those that He ordained this for, and He wanted these people to be His Son’s eternal companion. They would rule with His Son forever on the earth.

An Aggressive Plan

Just think about it. Go back ages past. To involve human beings, to create a race, a brand new race of beings; there were angels, there were demons, but a whole new race of created beings that would be made in God’s image so that they could fellowship with God and connect with God at a heart level in a way that angels cannot. Then God would invite these human beings into the fellowship of the Trinity, the fellowship of the Godhead, and He would invite them into the government of the Trinity.

They would participate with Jesus in ruling the earth with His authority forever and forever. Again, this is aggressive. This is big. I mean, this must have shocked the angels when the plan was unveiled the first time.

They probably had no way to comprehend what was happening. That a new race of beings, higher than them, that would be made in God’s image so they could actually connect with God in love at the heart level, at the spirit level.

They would have capacities that the angels would not have. Then they would be invited into the government of the Godhead. Not just into the fellowship of the Godhead, but the government of it, in ruling this new natural realm.

This heaven and earth realm of which the supernatural dimension would be joined to it in God’s timing, Rev. 19:7, is one of the key points for which God has orchestrated all of human history. We see it written at the end, but it was the plan in His heart from the beginning. For the marriage of the Lamb has come, that the Son of God would have a marriage and have a wife.

It is more than this. God would orchestrate history in such a way that the wife would voluntarily be ready and prepared. He would not force her, but He would orchestrate history in a way, and woo her, to where she would say yes of her own accord.

She would make herself ready. Of course, under the anointing of the grace of God, but the point in this verse is that she willingly responded. A willing bride, she said yes of her own accord. God did not violate her freewill. That was part of the great eternal plan. Father God set His heart and His plan in motion. He created the heavens and the earth, created the human race.

Then He began to train her so that she would willingly say yes, so she would be worthy for the worthy Son, a prepared bride for a worthy Son. That was the genius of the Father, a prepared bride for a worthy Son.

Rev 3:21 To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.

Rev. 3:21, she would sit with Me, Jesus said. She would sit with Me on My throne. That statement is so big. That statement is so without any precedent in human imagination that humans would sit with Jesus on His throne in partnership, in government, forever.

Rev. 5:10, she would reign on the earth in the earth realm, the natural realm. Again, in the perfect timing of God, the natural and the supernatural will come together on the earth at the time of the Second Coming.

The Father promised the Son an inheritance. Ps. 2:8, “I will give you the nations as your inheritance. I will give you the ends of the earth as your possession.” The Father ordained that Jesus would have an inheritance, but the inheritance would be in the natural realm.

It would not be just a heavenly inheritance up in heaven, but it would be an inheritance that would involve the earth realm, the natural realm. It would be a full possession of the nations and that Jesus would not just govern them partially, He would fully possess them. That is a key phrase. That He would possess them. They would be His.

They would be totally His; the land as well as the people. As a matter of fact, it is clear from Scripture that the inheritance is more about the people, but it does include the land itself. The title deed of the earth is given to the man Christ Jesus.

He owns all the property of the earth. It is His. More important are the people that dwell on the land and the property that He owns. They would be fully His. Jesus’ inheritance involves two distinct realities. Number one, His inheritance involves the mandatory obedience of all creation.

It says in Phil. 2 that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess the Lordship of Jesus, every knee and every tongue in heaven and earth and under the earth, which is where those who are being held captive now until they go to the lake of fire at the end of the Millennial Kingdom.

It is talking about the unbelievers and demons, those who are under the earth or down in the middle of the earth somewhere. That demons and angels, believers and unbelievers, everybody would obey Jesus.

There is no option to that. Obedience is mandatory. Even when He sends them to the lake of fire, they go in obedience to Jesus’ word. They cannot disobey Him. Beloved, obedience is inevitable. Even the enemies of Jesus will obey Him. There is absolutely no wisdom is prolonging obedience because obedience is inevitable. Everyone will fully obey Jesus before it is over.

If we do it now, we have a relationship of love. If we do it then, it is judgment, but it will happen either way it goes. Sin is a bankrupt system. John said in 1 Jn. 2:16 that the lust of this age, they are passing away.

It is a bankrupt system. Lust will pass away. The Father had something more in His heart, something more in His heart than mandatory obedience. He wanted a people that would be voluntary lovers.

They would choose, not only to obey, but they would choose to give themselves fully to Him. It says in Ezek. 36, “I will give them a new heart, a new spirit. I will give them a new ability to love you if they say yes.”

That Jesus’ inheritance would involve a people who are supernaturally enabled to love Him. Because they said yes, they wanted to. They voluntarily chose. In Ps. 110:3, king David saw that they would volunteer freely to love God.

Deut. 30, the Lord spoke to Moses. He prophesied to Moses. He said that at the end of the age, he goes, “God will circumcise their hearts. They will love God and their decedents will love God with all of their heart.” It is going to happen.

God will have a people that are supernaturally enabled to love Him, but only on the basis that they say yes of their own freewill. Then the Lord will give the power and the grace and the mercy.

It is not just that they will love God; they will be equally yoked to Jesus in love. That is a staggering statement that we would be equally yoked to Jesus in love. We would love Him with our all in the way that He loves us with His all. His all is bigger than our all, but it is still our all that we bring to the relationship.

Jesus loves us to the degree that the Father loves Him. Jn. 15:9, “As the Father loved Me, that is the same intensity of which I love you.” Beloved, we cannot be loved of Jesus more. Because Jesus loves us to the full intensity that the Father loves Him and that can never be improved upon, ever.

Jesus spoke this to the disciples on the night they betrayed them. He actually told them after this, “You will betray Me tonight.” Jesus spoke this to weak and broken people, knowing they would betray Him.

His love was bigger than that, because they would return and say yes to Him again. The idea is that Jesus loves us in the intensity that the Father loves Him. Beloved, we have it made.

This is already a reality right now. No matter what else happens, this is true. In Jn. 17:26, Jesus is praying and He says, “Father, the love that You love Me with, that same intensity You love Me, put it in them, that they would love Me in the intensity You love Me.

I will love them in the intensity that You love Me with, and they will love Me in return, in the intensity of which You love Me.” Equally yoked in love. It challenges our holy imagination, but it is in the Word of God and it is true.

We will love Jesus like the Father loves Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit through eternity. Beloved, that is exciting. I always offer Jn. 17:26 as a life verse.

A Life Verse

Not that you need one verse. You can pick a hundred of them. If you are looking for one verse to make it your number one verse in your life, I recommend Jn. 17:26. I always throw it out there. That the Father would give love to you that is in His heart, that you would love Jesus in that same intensity, same abandonment.

Eph. 4:13. Paul said it. Paul spoke of being equally yoked in love. He used different language, that we would all come, that we would all attain to be a perfect man. This means being mature.

Mature in love. Mature in righteousness. Mature in holiness. That we will have a maturity, the body of Christ in the age to come, that equals the measure of the stature of Jesus’ maturity as a man. That Jesus will have a people that have the same maturity level in their humanity that He had in His humanity when He walked the earth. I cannot fathom this.

It is what the Word of God says, equally yoked in love.

2 Cor. 6, the Word of God commands we are not to be unequally yoked. It is unthinkable that Jesus would be unequally yoked to His bride.

It is unthinkable that He would violate the Word of God in His own marriage. The good news, He will be equally yoked. He will be with a partner that will love Him with all of her heart and all of her strength in the way the He loves her with all of His heart and all of His strength.

Our currency in the age to come, the only currency we will bring with us from this age. The only thing we will bring with us to the age to come is the love that we cultivated for the Lord in this life.

Of course that love overflows to people. The love we have for people is but a reflection and an overflow of the love He has for us and we have for Him. We are not going to bring our property, we are not going to bring our reputation; we are not going to bring our mailing list. We are not going to bring anything except the love we have cultivated in this life.

When I stand before the Lord on the last day, and when you do, He will only talk to me about the measure I developed in the earth. That is the only thing I will bring with me from this age.

I call it the currency in eternity. Eph. 1:18, Paul prayed that we would know the riches; we would know the wealth of what it means to be Jesus’ inheritance. This is probably the prayer most prayed at IHOP-KC.

Eph 1:17-18

It is probably the one prayed most often of all the prayers, Eph. 1:17-18. That we would know, and whenever the New Testament has the word know, it normally means experience, that we would experience. This is a prayer I want to urge you to pray for yourself. That you would experience some of the wealth of what it means to be Jesus’ inheritance.

Because when we see this even a little bit, it changes the way we view ourselves and our future. It changes the way we measure our life. Paul said, “This one thing. If you know the wealth, the riches, of how glorious it is that you are His prize, you are the prize He wants from the Father.”

The Father chose you as the inheritance Jesus wanted most. Because the Father knows Jesus very well and the Father gave Him an inheritance that suited Him. That touched His heart and He gave Jesus you as a voluntary lover of God as one that chose, under the inspiration of the grace of God, yes, but you still chose.

The Bible makes it clear we can refuse the grace of God. We can receive the grace of God in vain as believers. We can resist the inspiration of the grace of God, but when we say yes to it and we go on to full responsiveness to the Lord; that is the inheritance Jesus wants. That is the only inheritance that He wants.

It is you voluntarily saying yes to Him. Eph. 1:4, the Father chose. Even before the foundation of the world, before Gen. 1. The plan was set. There would be a people that would be holy, by the grace of God, and they would be blameless in their love for God.

To be blameless in their love, meaning there was no compromise in their love. There was no fault in their love; that before Adam and Eve were created, the blueprint was already clear.

There would be a wedding at the end of natural history, and there would be a people that would be blameless in their love for God. It was the Father’s plan. It is the ultimate purpose of His heart, to have a family for Himself and to provide an eternal companion for His Son.

A prepared bride for a worthy Son: this is the great plan for which God is orchestrating all of human history. We were predestined. We were predestined that we would love like He loves.

Rom. 8:29. We would be conformed to His image. Jesus is love incarnate. He is love fully manifest in a human vessel. He is love incarnate. The Father predestined, even before the earth was created. He said, “I will have a people who will love like He loves. It will be the overflow of His love in them and My love in them.”

Jn. 17, Jesus agrees with this plan. Even before the trauma of the cross, so traumatic that He sweats drops of blood. He understood what was before Him. This was so stressful on Him in His human frame.

In His humanity, that He sweats drops of blood. Just hours before that, He cried out to God with clarity of mind, that which He was most focused on. He said, “Father, the glory that you gave Me.

Father the glory which you gave Me, I have given to them. I have determined that I will share that which You have given Me. I desire that they also whom You gave Me, they would be with Me where I am.”

We are talking hours before He is sweating blood in the Garden of Gethsemane. This is what is preoccupying Him. He goes, “Father, I am doing this that she would be with Me forever. I understand the plan. I love Your plan. I want My eternal companion. That where I am she would be with Me. I want to be with her. I want her with Me in My glory forever and forever.

That is why I am going.” Heb. 12:2, “For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross.” The joy set before Him, part of the inheritance He received by going to the cross would be a people equally yoked to Him in love.

He said it just a few hours earlier in Jn. 14:3. This time He is not praying to the Father like in Jn. 17. He is talking to the disciples themselves, “I am coming again.” They have not fully understood that He is going to die.

He has said it, but they have not grasped it fully yet. He said, “Do not worry. I will come again. Why will I come again? So that where I am, you will be with Me. I am doing this for us. I am captured with a vision of who you are to Me. I know who you are. Do you know who you are?

I am going to the cross so I can provide a way, that I can share My glory with you, that you would be with Me forever. I am coming back the second time so that you will be with Me forever. Do you know who you are to Me? Do you know who you are in the plan of the Father? You are My inheritance. You are My eternal companion. We will be equally yoked in love together.

We are looking at the big picture again of redemptive history, starting in the Garden of Eden, right up to the time of the Second Coming. Six thousand years, plus or minus a few years, of redemptive history from the Garden of Eden to the Second Coming of Christ. History was planned around preparing a bride for the Son.

A prepared bride for a worthy Son; you can see the blueprint throughout history. You can see the intentionality the Father had in the way that He even began human history. It began in a garden, the Garden of Eden. With Adam and Eve joined as a bride and a bridegroom.

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve were a picture of Jesus and the church. Even in what happened with Adam and Eve, in the way God brought forth Eve was a picture of the cross. A picture of what happened to Jesus. God said, “It is not good that man should be alone.” The Father said to the Son, “It is not good that you should rule the earth alone.

I will make You a helper comparable to You.” The NAS and the NIV says, “One that is suitable to You. One that works well with Your heart and Your way, one that is built according to Your image so You can connect at every level.”

The Father caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and a deep sleep fell upon Jesus on the cross, the sleep of death. The Father took one of the ribs from Adam’s side. We know from Jn. 19:34, that after Jesus fell asleep in the sleep of death, His side was pierced.

He was wounded in His side. Out of that wound, out of that sacrificial death came forth a bride, came forth a people purchased by His death. Verse 22, “And the rib which the Lord had taken from man, He made into a woman.”

The Father, through the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus, made a way for the righteousness of God to be given, the Spirit to be poured out, that a people could be made worthy for the Lord, suitable for the Lord.

Then the Father brought Eve to Adam. At the end of natural history, there will be a great wedding feast. The Father has arranged a wedding. He is going to bring this corporate woman to the man.

All of created order will celebrate, all the righteous created order and all the angels. Verse 24, “Therefore a man should leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife.” There would be a union.

Paul the apostle, 1500 years later, because Moses is the one who recorded this story in Genesis by divine revelation. 1500 years after Moses, Paul the apostle gives an interpretation to that passage that I am assuming Moses did not understand.

By apostolic revelation he adds to that passage the higher intension that was upon God’s heart. Yes, it was about Adam and Eve, but it was not mostly about Adam and Eve. There was a higher meaning. Paul interprets it as speaking of the relationship of Jesus and the church. He wrote in Eph. 5:31-32, “A man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife.”

He is quoting Gen. 2. They will be one flesh. Verse 32, Paul says, “But let me tell you, there is more than meets the eye. There is a bigger drama going on in Gen. 2 that Adam and Eve undoubtedly did not understand.

When Moses recorded the event by revelation he did not understand. Let me tell you the great mystery, the great secret plan in God’s heart. This is talking about Jesus and His bride.” This joining together, this leaving father and mother and cleaving together, is talking about more than Adam and Eve. It is talking about Jesus and His eternal companion.

A Garden

Not only did natural history begin in a garden with a bride and a bridegroom. Natural history ends in a garden city, the New Jerusalem, the eternal Eden. Natural history began in a garden with a bride and a bridegroom and natural history ends in a garden with a bride and a bridegroom, a garden city.

That which began in a garden 6000 years ago in Eden is going to end in the New Jerusalem at a great wedding feast, and the New Jerusalem will descend down to the earth.

Natural history ends with the church in her bridal identity. This is one of the great prophecies and one of the most informative and significant prophecies that describes the work of the Spirit in the end-time church. Right here in Rev. 22:17. There are more implications to this one verse.

I remember once, some years ago, I gave a message on the fifteen different implications of this verse. There are fifteen. There are probably 100, but I just pointed out fifteen. There are so many points that are implied by this one statement. I am talking about descriptions of how the Spirit is going to work in the end time church.

My purpose is to take one of our sessions in this class and really develop this passage here. There is more than meets the eye here. The Spirit and the bride say come. It is the most informative, or at least one of the most, if not the most informative prophecies describing the work of the Spirit in the end-time church.

This prophecy describes the church in deep unity with the Spirit. Because it is the Spirit and the bride, they are saying and doing the same thing in unity. What the Spirit is saying the bride is saying. What the Spirit is doing, the bride is doing.

There has never been a time in history where the body of Christ, worldwide, has been in unity with the Holy Spirit at this level. Yes, for a brief moment after the day of Pentecost, the whole church was in unity with the Spirit, but it did not last that long.

There was disruption and there was sin. Things broke in and broke that level of unity that was there on the day of Pentecost and for a little bit longer than that as well.

Beloved, that unity is coming back again. The Spirit and the bride will be saying the same thing. They will be doing the same thing. What is the Spirit saying? The Spirit is crying out through the bride, “Come Lord Jesus.”

The Spirit will be speaking to the church her bridal identity. He will be emphasizing, by the Word of God, by the revelation of the Spirit, He will be telling the church who she is in that hour.

This will be the first time in history where the body of Christ, universally, is emphasizing who they are as the bride of Christ. The only time in history that will happen is in the generation the Lord returns.

As a matter of fact, the fact that there is a new interest, just even in the last ten years or so, it is growing rapidly. It is still not the majority of the body of Christ, but millions and millions of believers, even in the last ten or twenty years, have been captured by the reality of Jesus as a Bridegroom and who they are as a cherished bride.

A Sign of the Times

That is, in itself, a sign of the times. Never in 2000 years of church history has the Holy Spirit universally emphasized this. One time in history He will emphasize this reality; the reality of Jesus as a Bridegroom and the people of God as a cherished bride. Notice it does not say, “The Spirit and the family of God say come Lord Jesus.” It does not say the Spirit and the army.

It does not say the Spirit and the kingdom. It does not say the Spirit and the body, the Spirit and the temple, the Spirit and priesthood. It says the Spirit and the bride say come. We are the body of Christ forever. We are the kingdom. We are the army of God. We are the priesthood. We are the temple.

All of these are descriptions of our spiritual identity. They are part of who we are before God. There is one premier, universal emphasis in that hour right before the Lord returns. He is going to unveil to the body of Christ worldwide who she is before Jesus as a Bridegroom God.

Yes, a family, yes a kingdom, yes a body, yes a temple, yes a priesthood, but there is a new revelation. It is old in the Bible from the biblical point of view, but it will be new in emphasis.

The Holy Spirit will cause the church right before Jesus returns to come to a crescendo, a universal emphasis of this reality. Why? Because it is part of the vast blueprint of the Father for human history.

This is very strategic because in the generation that the Lord returns, it will be the most emotionally broken generation in human history. The Scripture describes the generation the Lord returns, the negative side, the negative emotions.

Because the positive emotions, this will be the time where the first commandment is restored to first place in the body of Christ worldwide. The church will be deeper in love and unity than ever before.

They will have a more mature love for God and therefore for people, and greater unity with God and therefore with people. On the other side, there will be great anger, fear, lawlessness, betrayal, hatred, perversion, occult bondage like no time in history.

Daniel describes the generation returns, Dan. 8:23, and he says this, “That will be the time when the transgressors, or sinners, they will reach their fullness compared to any time in history.”

There is a time coming where sin will reach its fullness, far beyond what it is even right now. What is the Lord going to do in the context of such emotional brokenness and occult activity and murder and fear and bondage and perversion?

That is the very hour in human history where the church will be the most mature in love. How could this be? Number three is the Holy Spirit’s emphasis of Jesus as a Bridegroom God and therefore the church as a cherished bride.

A Cherished Bride

We cannot see ourselves as a cherished bride until we see Him as a Bridegroom God. Some people, they put time and energy thinking and studying about who they are before Him.

I think first we want to focus on who He is as a Bridegroom God. Then it makes much more sense to see who we are before Him. When we change the way we see Him, it will change the way we see ourselves.

The Holy Spirit has been strategically reserving this dynamic revelation of Jesus. Yes, it has been in the Bible for thousands of years. From the Old Testament prophets on, the revelation of the Messiah as the Bridegroom God; it is an Old Testament revelation. Jesus said it clearly, 2000 years ago.

The apostles made it clear, but the Spirit has never emphasized it in 2000 years. That is why today, it kind of throws some people off. They cannot argue with it because it is in the Old Testament, it is in the lips of Jesus, it is in the teaching of the apostles.

They go, “It is there. My church never taught it.” So there is a struggle, but only for a moment. The Holy Spirit has reserved this glorious truth of who Jesus is as a Bridegroom God and who we are as a cherished bride for the generation will be most broken.

It is when the church will walk in the greatest victory, in the deepest love. It will not be because of our revelation of being the army of God, but it will be because we see how dear we are to His heart. When we see how dear we are to Him, and the plans that He has made to involve us with Himself forever, then there will be no cost, no price too great in the light of that revelation.

Natural history ends with a bride made ready for a marriage, for a wedding. The bride is made ready for a wedding. Jesus began His public ministry at a wedding.

He ended His public ministry, His final public teaching, the last one was Mt. 22. Jesus stood up; this is His final public teaching. He said, “The kingdom of God is like a great king, my Father, arranging a marriage for his son.”

That was His final public utterance to the nation of Israel. He began His ministry at a wedding, Cana of Galilee. His first miracle was at a wedding and His final teaching was about the wedding.

Jesus began His ministry to the apostles, back at the very beginning in Mt. 9. He said, “I am the Bridegroom and you are friends of the Bridegroom.” They were a little bit, undoubtedly, mystified by that.

They go, “What do you mean you are the Bridegroom and we are friends of the Bridegroom. How does this work?” Jesus, at the very beginning of His earthly ministry to the apostles, He revealed Himself as a Bridegroom to them privately.

Well actually, some of the disciples of John were there as well. He ended His ministry to them, Mt. 25. He was only teaching the apostles in private. He said, “It is important that you understand. You must get oil in your lamp before Me as the Bridegroom God.”

His final exhortation before the Upper Room Discourse, before the Last Supper in the Upper Room, He tells them again that He is the Bridegroom and it is vital that they maintain a connection with Him as the Bridegroom God by the Holy Spirit.

Oil in their Lamp

It is called oil in their lamp. Jesus’ ministry was first introduced by John the Baptist. John spoke of seeing the Bridegroom and hearing the voice of the Bridegroom. The first one to introduce Jesus publically in the Scripture was John the Baptist. He spoke of Jesus as the Bridegroom. He said, “I have heard the voice of the Bridegroom,” Jn. 3:29.

Then as Jesus appeared to John the apostle on the island of Patmos and gave him the book of Revelation which was the revelation of Himself. It ends with Jesus revealed, the bride and the Bridegroom come together.

My point is this. All of this was intentional in the Father’s plan. The plan was always clear. He has never deviated from His grand intension of providing an eternal companion for His Son. All things work together for God’s eternal plan.

1 Cor. 2, Paul the apostle said, “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, it has never even entered into the holy imagination of any man, what God has prepared for the people that love Him, for the bride.”

God has prepared something for the bride, so dynamic it has never, ever entered into the holy imagination, even of God’s people even just portions of it. It is bigger than anyone can imagine what God has planned for His bride.

Paul goes on. Just a couple verses later actually. He is still in 1 Corinthians. 1 Cor. 3, he is in the same dialogue so to speak. He looks at them, he says, “Everything is yours.” Everything was made for the body of Christ, for the bride of Christ. “Whether life or death, this present, this to come, this world, the world after, everything was made for you.

God made it with you in mind.” God made created order, established it, and He has organized history to prepare, to select, and to train a bride that would be worthy for His Son. He always had the plan in mind to draw individuals from history to Himself and then prepare them. It is more than they would receive the forgiveness of sin as a free gift.

There would be more to the plan. They would voluntarily respond to the Lord in such abandonment because they saw who Jesus was as a Bridegroom and they saw who they were to Him and that no price was too great for them to obey Him in love.

It did not matter how much it cost. When we see who He is and who we are to Him, we are not a workforce. We are not just laborers in the field that He is willing to sacrifice for the great cause of world evangelization.

Yes, the martyrs will die in the cause, but we are not just a workforce. We are His bride. We are those with Him forever. Even though there is trouble and resistance, it is all preparing the bride in love.

Some people, when they think of the body of Christ, they think of a workforce. Jesus thought of an eternal companion. The Father says, “I am orchestrating history to prepare her, that she would be prepared on that day through history.”

Each generation is working for the next generation. For 2000 years, there has been a continuum. The Lord has been building one generation after the other. That it would make an impact on the future generations, that there would be one generation prepared.

I am talking about on the earth; people on the earth saying yes, worldwide, at a level never known before in history. A prepared bride and not just prepared because they have a resurrection body and then they are prepared. No. They are prepared by their choices in this age.

Paul says, “All things are yours.” 1 Cor. 3, “Whether the world, life or death, things present or things to come, everything is yours. You belong to Jesus and Jesus belongs to the Father. This is how it works.” The guiding principle of God’s activity through creation and through God’s leadership of history is to use His power and to use His wisdom to select, train and prepare a bride for that hour of history.

Of course the bride is made up of all the saints through history. There will be a group, a billion, I do not know the number, but it is more than a few thousand on some hillside. It is a worldwide body in a generation will say yes to the anointing of the Spirit in the midst of the greatest conflict and the great temptation and perversion in the nations, and they will walk in purity never, ever surpassed in history.

They will be made up of all the tribes and streams of the body of Christ worldwide. Paul said, “Life, death, things present, all of these dynamics are contributing to creating a context to prepare the bride to say yes in love.”

Life itself, the reason God gave life was to prepare the bride. The reason there is even death; the reality of death actually helps prepare the bride. God uses every one of these dynamics things present, hard things as well as positive things. Even the future dynamics of the end times, the end of the age, the New Jerusalem, all of those things contribute the motivating the bride.

All of them do. The reason, number five, that God did all this is because you belong to Jesus. You are His inheritance. He wants a prepared bride for a worthy Son.

All these work together for her benefit. Paul said, “We know everything works together.” God will overrule the negative. He will overrule even our bad choices if we repent of them.

He will overrule everything if we set our heart to love Him. It will work to the grand purpose which we see in that blueprint of God. There is a wedding feast at the end of history and a prepared bride for a worthy Son.

God orchestrated history so that people would find Jesus. Acts 17:26-27, Paul says, “God has made from one blood every nation of man.” All the different types of nationalities and ethnic and groups, they all came from Adam and then from Noah.

God has determined the pre-appointed times and the pre-appointed boundaries for the dwellings of every nation. Why did God do it? God moved boundary lines in order to cause the population of that nation to grope for the Lord to ask deep questions and to find God.

Because when a boundary line moves, even if it moves ten miles, that means there is a big war. When a boundary line moves a mile or a hundred miles, there are a lot of people dying when a boundary line moves.

The Lord says, “I allow the boundary lines to shift and that causes great disturbance. I give the pre-appointed times.” Meaning the times when nations would have prosperity and power and the times they would not.

He says, “I oversee all of that process.” He does it with an interaction of man’s freewill. He does not violate the freewill of man. He has a master plan. He is shaking up nations and for what reason?

That the populations of those nations would grope. They would be disoriented and they would not believe in their normal belief system just by their religious thinking. They would ask deep questions about God.

The net result is they would find Him, they would find Jesus. To find Him does not just mean they were forgiven of their sins. It means they find Him, they lay hold of Him. He is raising up a people in the earth who connect with Jesus at a deep level.

Paul just gave us his interpretation of history. God is orchestrating history, again, bringing into account the freewill of men. Sinful men are making real decisions that God let’s them make. God is overseeing them all.

He is wanting to raise up a people in the earth who find God. Again to find God means more than just pray the sinners prayer. They connect deeply with Jesus.

History is often interpreted through the lens of significant events like scientific breakthroughs or military crisis or political developments, economic trends. Typically when the story of history is told it is around the invention of electricity or the steam engine or whatever.

That is how history is told or a new political development, the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the wars; that is how people normally interpret history. Though the moving of kings and evil men and conflicts or economic crisis or prosperity.

Paul says, “That is only a secondary way to interpret history. There is bigger storyline. God is preparing a bride for His Son that is going to end in a wedding. Natural history will end at a wedding.

History will not end because we will go on forever and ever, but natural history will end. The Father is moving boundary lines that people would connect with Jesus because the Father has an inheritance for His Son. It would be a people who would rule with Him forever. Many people cannot see where history is going.

They do not know the master plan, the blueprint God is operating from for history. They look at history and it seems accidental, it seems pointless. It does not seem to be going anywhere. Nations are colliding. It seems like good things fall apart and we start all over again.

Many are hopeless and in despair when they look at history. Beloved, let me tell you something. God is guiding history according to a divine blueprint. He is raising up a wedding feast.

He is planning a wedding and He will have a people who have said yes from every tribe and every nation, and they will belong to His Son. That is the story of history from God’s point of view. Amen.

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